Athletes Who've Been on 'The Bachelor'

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Athletes Who've Been on 'The Bachelor'

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    When one thinks about the long running ABC “reality” shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, sports and/or professional athletes are certainly not the first things that come to mind.

    Booze-drenched cocktail parties, but not sports.

    Increasingly self-nullifying behavior and a lost of desperation, but not sports.

    Men and women pretending to be looking for love who are actually just looking for their 15 minutes of fame, but not sports.

    Make believe journeys, tired clichés, forced conversation, and a whole lot of host hyperbole, but not sports.

    But, believe it or not, there have been a fair number of athletes who have subjected themselves to public ridicule—and their livers to possible cirrhosis—by appearing on the dating debacle over the years. Most of whom walked away with nothing but regrets.

    Here are (most) of the athletes who have appeared on The Bachelor franchise.

Ryan Hoag

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    Name, Athletic Endeavor: Ryan Hoag, Professional Football Player

    Season, Show: Season 4, The Bachelorette 

    Eliminated: Episode 2

    Stupid Bachelor Fact(s): Apparently Hoag is best remembered as the virgin on Season 4—how awesome. He also didn’t drink and didn’t swear, which bachelorette DeAnna Pappas might not have been particularly fond of. It was especially odd, considering they come just short of casting functional alcoholics almost exclusively. 

    Despite being a teetotaling virgin with a clean mouth, Hoag somehow landed a spot on ABC’s Bachelor Pad in 2012. He didn’t win any money or hook up with any trashy women, but according to the Star Tribune, he did walk away with his chastity and dignity intact. There's a first time for everything.

Harold Hersh

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    Name, Athletic Endeavor: Harold Hersh, Professional Hockey Player

    Season, Show: Season 2, The Bachelorette 

    Eliminated: Episode 2 

    Stupid Bachelor Fact(s): In speaking about bachelorette Meredith Phillips with at the time, Hersh said, “She’s really sweet and much better looking in person than on TV.” Actually, this one should be “Mean Bachelor Fact(s),” because he pretty much implied that everyone he knows who watched the show said she was ugly. 

Sean Ramey

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    Name, Athletic Endeavor: Sean Ramey, Professional Basketball Player

    Season, Show: Season 4, The Bachelorette 

    Eliminated: Episode 5

    Stupid Bachelor Fact(s): Ramey was extremely confident he’d be advancing the night he was eliminated, which is always hilarious. Apparently he was featured in Cosmopolitan in 2007 as Kentucky’s Most Eligible Bachelor, which is how he ended up on the show—producers contacted him.

    And, most importantly, he can kick a can off the head of a very short grown man, as demonstrated in this YouTube clip. Oh! And as you can tell by the photo, Ramey is still a pretty big fan of YouTube. Don't go watch his videos because they're awful. 

Damon Bowers

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    PHOTO UNAVAILABLEAP Photo/Yesikka Vivancos

    Name, Athletic Endeavor: Damon Bowers, Arena Football Player

    Season, Show: Season 2, The Bachelorette 

    Eliminated: Episode 2

    Stupid Bachelor Fact(s): Bowers never saw the show before he was cast but apparently became a “huge fan” after. As for how his friends and family reacted to his brief stint on the show? Well, they were mostly happy for him but also mocked him an awful lot—though not nearly enough.

Adam Duvendeck

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    Name, Athletic Endeavor: Adam Duvendeck, Olympic Cyclist 

    Season, Show: Season 5, The Bachelorette 

    Eliminated: Episode 1

    Stupid Bachelor Fact(s): Like so many men cast on The Bachelorette, Duvendeck had never seen the show prior to being on it. His perspective on the show after his appearance was also much the same as many other men cast. 

    Said Duvendeck, “I didn’t get a rose, which is fine by me. I’ve continued to watch, though. It’s funny having been a part of it and meeting those guys. Having watched, I’m very glad I’m not part of that show. But it’s definitely a riot to see things unfold.” 

    Yep. That sounds about right. 

Justin Sherrod

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    Name, Athletic Endeavor: Justin Sherrod, Professional Baseball Player

    Season, Show: Season 2, The Bachelorette 

    Eliminated: Episode 1

    Stupid Bachelor Fact(s): Sherrod didn’t even make it beyond the first episode of the second season of The Bachelorette back in 2004, so attempts to come up with any facts about him—stupid or otherwise—were unsuccessful. Well, besides that the former Red Sox prospect last played in 2006

Arie Luyendyk, Jr.

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    Name, Athletic Endeavor: Arie Luyenyk, Jr., Race Car Driver

    Season, Show: Season 8, The Bachelorette 

    Eliminated: Final Episode, Runner-Up 

    Stupid Bachelor Fact(s): According to his official bio for the show, Luyenyk’s personal motto is “Drive fast take chances.” How very creative for a race car driver. Is that his motto or his job description?

    Luyendyk was popular enough on the show that producers offered him the chance to become The Bachelor, which he wisely declined. Apparently he’s also passed on driving race cars a lot recently, since it’s been several years since his last race

    Then again, he is one of just three athletes in this slideshow who has pictures available of him actually being an athlete. 

Graham Bunn

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    Name, Athletic Endeavor: Graham Bunn, Professional Basketball Player 

    Season, Show: Season 4, The Bachelorette 

    Eliminated: Episode 6

    Stupid Bachelor Fact(s): Too cool for school, Bunn seemed relieved more than anything when bachelorette DeAnna Pappas finally gave him the boot. Said Bunn in an interview with RealityTVWorld, “I think that she and I suffered from a severe case of miscommunication. … I don’t think I could have fallen in love with DeAnna.” 

    Apparently during the season these two butted heads and got all kinds of frustrated with each other. There were rumors that Bunn had tried to quit during the show but was harassed by producers into staying. He denied the rumors, but he did say that he likely wouldn’t have even stuck around longer than he did had Pappas asked him. 

    As for the details of Bunn’s alleged “professional basketball career,” your guess is as good as mine. And my guess is that he played a year or two in Eastern Europe before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of dating women on television. 

Nick Sutter

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    Name, Athletic Endeavor: Nick Sutter, Professional Golfer

    Season, Show: Season 10, The Bachelorette 

    Eliminated: Episode 2

    Stupid Bachelor Fact(s): “Professional Golfer” must be a pretty broad term for Sutter, because his career earnings are zero and apparently "he's a mini-tour pro from Orlando who doubles as a clothes model for 18 Greens." That’s assuming his bills get paid. 

    According to his official show bio, Sutter isn’t afraid of animals (except a tiger in a small room—but not…like a bear or lion), his greatest achievement was playing soccer at Indiana University and the celebrity he’d most like to have lunch with is Michael Jackson. 

    Presumably before he died, but who knows? Maybe he’s really into zombies. 

Jesse Csincsak

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    AP Photo/Disneyland, Paul Hifmeyer

    Name, Athletic Endeavor: Jesse Csincak, Professional Snowboarder

    Season, Show: Season 4, The Bachelorette 

    Eliminated: Final Episode, WINNER!

    Stupid Bachelor Fact(s): Apparently Csincsak’s failed relationship with bachelorette DeAnna Pappas didn’t put him off the show entirely. Two years after they broke up, Csincsak married Ann Lueders, one of the loser “ladies” from Season 13 of The Bachelor

    In fact, Csincsak was so ridiculously still into the show for several years that he actually hosted a net series called Bachelorette Beatdown with Jess Csincsak and wrote an “insider” blog for the show in 2011. It looks like he has since given that stuff up, which is good because it was all very sad. 

Byron Velvick

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    AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill, AP Photo/Val Verde County Sheriff's Office

    Name, Athletic Endeavor: Byron Velvick, Professional Fisherman 

    Season, Show: Season 6, The Bachelor 

    Eliminated: N/A 

    Stupid Bachelor Fact(s): Velvick is the one bachelor to end up as The Bachelor after being selected by the women on the show. The “ladies” were introduced to two men, one of which was obviously Velvick, and they later voted between the two. Ah yes, democracy at work. 

    He picked Mary Delgado on the final episode and for awhile the two were actually one of the show’s few success stories. Velvick and Delgago even stayed together for awhile after she was arrested for assaulting him in 2007—she was also arrested in 2008 for public intoxication and in 2010 for DUI.

    They broke up in late 2009 when Velvick finally came to his senses. 

Josh Murray

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    Name, Athletic Endeavor: Josh Murray, Former Professional Baseball Player 

    Season, Show: Season 10, The Bachelorette 

    Eliminated: Still in the mix after three episodes.

    Stupid Bachelor Fact(s): The less talented brother of former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray, Josh Murray says he’s a former ballplayer on the current season of the show. 

    Going into the show Murray said his “biggest date fear” was “she won’t like me as much as I like her.” He also said his dream job is to be a professional golfer, “because [he] could do that until [he’s] 70 years old.” Murray probably said that because it does sound better than desperately aspiring actor—his current job.

Juan Pablo Galavis

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    AP Photo/ABC, Craig Sjodin

    Name, Athletic Endeavor: Juan Pablo Galavis, Former Professional Soccer Player 

    Season, Show: Season 9, The Bachelorette & Season 18, The Bachelor 

    Eliminated: Episode 6, N/A 

    Stupid Bachelor Fact(s): As the Internet tells it, Juan Pablo was one of the most popular contestants on his season of The Bachelorette before going on to become the most universally reviled bachelors in the show’s history. Which is really impressive, given some of the human dreck that’s been cast in the same loathsome role. 

    Galavis told ABC that in five years he expects to be “one of the most respected agents in sports and music.” Yeah, because that kind of success is always preceded by playing the ignorant, socially awkward, accidental villain on a terrible reality show...and then moving on to E!'s Couples Therapy shortly after with your stupid lady in tow. 

Jesse Palmer

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    AP Photo/Tom Strickland

    Name, Athletic Endeavor: Jesse Palmer, Former Professional Football Player

    Season, Show: Season 5, The Bachelor 

    Eliminated: N/A 

    Stupid Bachelor Fact(s): Palmer was just about as successful at finding “love” on The Bachelor as he was at being an NFL quarterback and as he currently is at being a hairdo on ESPN. Instead of proposing to the woman he picked, he basically hooked her up with a plane ticket to New York and a handshake. 

    The couple announced their breakup less than a month after the finale aired—likely following contractual rules because there’s no way a girl who is expecting a marriage proposal continues on in a “relationship” after being offered a plane ticket. Sadly, that whole spectacle was probably the highlight of his career. 


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