Pics of Athletes on Spring Break

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterApril 24, 2014

Pics of Athletes on Spring Break

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    Michael Spooneybarger

    Spring break is something generally associated with hard-partying, over-sexed, under-dressed college students, but it’s been embraced by professional athletes as well. 

    Athletes have similar amounts of free time to that of college students, allowing for regular getaways. They also tend to be older and have a lot more money, so wet T-shirt contests and binge drinking are replaced with sightseeing, planned activities and casual dinners.  

    Nonetheless, it’s still pretty much the same thing. Here are 20 pics of athletes on spring break in 2014.  

Reggie Bush

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    Lions running back Reggie Bush enjoyed some time with his very lovely lady friend in Rio de Janeiro recently. They were there for the annual Carnival celebration. 

Chad Johnson

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    It’s hard to tell if former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson is on vacation in this photo, or if he just lives somewhere ridiculously glorious. Either way, it looks like he and his lady are loving life. 

Kobe Bryant

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    The Lakers were so bad this year that Kobe Bryant, who missed all but six games of the season due to injury, actually skipped the country with wife Vanessa before it even concluded. The Bryants have been celebrating their anniversary in Paris and don’t seem particularly eager to make their way back to L.A. 

Vernon Davis

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    Even though he’s enjoying some offseason downtime in Hawaii, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis is still thinking football. Said Davis, “When I get this kind of time alone; I think about how I’m going to contribute to helping my teammates WIN!”

Adrian Clayborn

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    Bucs defensive end Adrian Clayborn has really been enjoying this past offseason. He and his wife spent some time in the Bahamas, where she graciously snapped this photo of him checking his pits in the ocean. But that’s not all…

Skylar Diggins

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    WNBA superstar Skylar Diggins took some time off this spring for a Mexican getaway. Diggins made an already impressive view all the more stunning with her bikini-clad presence on the beaches of Punta Cana. 

Antrel Rolle

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    Giants safety Antrel Rolle spends his offseasons in Miami jet skiing with his bros, one of which looks to be the Cardinals’ Darnell Dockett. If Dockett is jet skiing all the time, who’s watching all his alligators? 

Tony Hawk

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    For skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, it seems that spring break never really ends. Not that he doesn’t work hard and deserve what he’s got, but there’s no question he lives the most gloriously carefree existence of, perhaps, any athlete in the world.

    Hawk’s recent trip to Mexico is one of approximately a billion places he’s been in the last year alone. 

Justin Tuck

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    Right after the Giants finished their season, defensive end Justin Tuck, who is now with the Raiders, headed south for a much needed break from that crippling winter weather. It’s unclear where he went to escape the polar vortex hell, but it looks to be somewhere in the Caribbean. 

Vontae Davis

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    Colts cornerback Vontae Davis headed down to Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, for some rest and relaxation after this past NFL season. He certainly got plenty of rest in, but as you can see from this Instagram video, Davis also found time for fitness. 

C.J. Wilson

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    Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson actually got married in a destination wedding during the offseason. He and his new wife spent their honeymoon hamming it up for their own cameras in lovely Brazil. 

Tony Jefferson

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    Cardinals safety Tony Jefferson headed down to the Bahamas after the conclusion of his rookie season in the NFL. And as you can see, he introduced the locals to the Nae Nae. 

LaLa Anthony

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    The Knicks didn’t make the playoffs this year, and Carmelo Anthony and his wife LaLa didn’t waste anytime in escaping New York after the regular season. They were living it up in the Bahamas for at least a week. 

James Harrison

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    Former Steelers linebacker James Harrison spent his vacation in the Florida Keys this year doing exactly the sort of things you’d expect him to do off the field—things like shark fishing and posing for photos with bloody shark carcasses.

Scottie Upshall

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    Panthers forward Scottie Upshall didn’t waste any time kicking off the offseason this year. Since the Panthers are abysmal and didn’t even come close to making the playoffs, he headed straight for Coachella after cleaning out his locker. 

Sydney Leroux

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    Sexy American soccer star Sydney Leroux spent some time earlier this year in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Obviously, the sun and surf south of the border suits Miss Sydney because she has never looked better. 

Sydney Leroux

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    I was bouncing back and forth on which photo to use of Sydney Leroux on her vacation but found it impossible to make the choice. This girl does not have a bad side. 

Connor Barwin

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    Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin took a laid-back vacation with his lady to St. Bart’s early this offseason. The couple were low-key and spent much of their time lounging on the beach, reading and drinking beer. 

Chris Ogbonnaya

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    Browns running back Chris Ogbonnaya doesn’t post nearly enough to Instagram, but when he does, the photos are usually pretty entertaining. Right after the season ended early in Cleveland last year, as it does most years, Ogbonnaya headed to Mexico and is pictured here “thuggin w flipper.”