Fans Who Are More Entertaining Than the Game

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterApril 10, 2014

Fans Who Are More Entertaining Than the Game

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    For the most part, seeing a sporting event live is not an inexpensive event. Fans fork over money for tickets, parking, food, booze and souvenirs—all of which add up quickly. 

    That’s why, for the most part, the game tends to be the main focus for fans in the stands. That is unless, of course, a scene-stealing fan is conspiring to divert their attention. 

    They may be drunk, dancing or scantily clad—or a fantastic combination of all three—but they all have a way of becoming the center of attention. This applies to them at the game and probably in their own real lives. 

    Here are some fans who are more entertaining than the game.

The Drunkest Yankees Fan

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    As far as drunk fans at stadiums go, they’re a dime a dozen. Some are entertaining, while others are either dangerous or just plain sad. I think this Yankees fan falls into the entertaining category, at least at the time that the video was recorded. 

    He’s obviously drunk, hilariously red-faced and whatever he’s yelling is completely unintelligible. Then, just to make things interesting, he somehow manages to stumble over the person in front of him from a sitting position. 

    You know all eyes were on that dude all game long. Or at least until he was comically ejected by security. 

Half-Court Shot

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    In January 2013, a Heat fan was lining up at halftime with everyone on hand (including himself) expecting him to become the latest schmo to miss the shot. Then he…didn’t miss. 

    When the man sunk the shot, he stunned everyone in the arena—including LeBron James, who tackled him in a glorious fashion. Definitely more entertaining than any NBA game in January. 

'Bama Mom Goes Nuts

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    You may recall that Alabama completely crapped the bed against Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl this year. Watching A.J. McCarron bumble his way down the field was just painful for me—and I’m not even a fan. 

    Obviously, it was much harder on now infamous “'Bama Mom,” who absolutely stole the show by going bananas on an Oklahoma bro in the stands. If the Tide had half of her passion, perhaps they would’ve had a better showing.  

    I guarantee you this is the only Alabama highlight from that game that anyone has cared enough to go back and watch again. 

Gyrating Giants Fan

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    Very large shirtless dudes have the power to ruin a game for those around them, especially if we’re talking about sitting in close quarters during the summer heat. 

    This Giants fan bucks that trend. Not only is he not ruining the game, he’s enhancing it. And if the G-Men were losing, then he suddenly became the main attraction. 

All-Star Field Crasher

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    Crashing the field during a baseball game is almost always going to be, at least in the moment, more entertaining than the game. The sport has its moments, but nobody would describe it as “action packed.” 

    That being said, crasher Dylan Masone really took it to another level when he promised to storm the field at the 2013 MLB All-Star Game if he got 1,000 retweets on Twitter. He got his RTs, and he absolutely delivered. 

    Masone even live tweeted his concerns as the number ticked up. He wasn't just the most entertaining part of the game—he was the most entertaining part of the whole All-Star event. 

Clipper Darrell Dance-off

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    Clippers super fan Clipper Darrell was entertaining the crowd at Staples Center long before they actually had a good team to cheer for.

    Although Chris Paul and Co. put on a pretty good show these days, Clipper Darrell is always there for cheerleader dance-offs—just in case. 

Yankee Doodle Dandy

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    This Yankees fan doesn’t have the most current hairstyle, and his dance moves sure aren’t likely to make him the winner of any reality shows. 

    That being said, it’s hard to get super motivated for a baseball game in April, which is when this video was taken. You gotta appreciate that enthusiasm. 

Ryder Cup Runner

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    As a golf fan myself, I don't subscribe to the notion that the sport is inherently boring. That being said, it does have a much slower pace than most other sports and might be a little too stuffy for its own good.

    Which is why this ridiculous streaker—who invaded the Ryder Cup singles matches in 2010, wearing a red cap and not much else—was such a hilarious spectacle. Look at the onlookers—they all look thrilled. 

Ryder Cup Swimmer

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    Andrew Redington/Getty Images

    As far as golf tournaments go, it seems like the Ryder Cup attracts the fans looking to make a…splash. See what I did there? 

    On the final day of play in 2006, this fun-loving fan stripped down to his g-string and had to be pulled from the drink.

Disoriented Denver Fan

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    Although the playoff game between the Lakers and Nuggets in 2012 was pretty important for all parties involved, one female Denver fan did manage to steal the show for a hot second. 

    The female fan, who was described as “disoriented,” wandered onto the court asking, “Where’s Kenyon?”—a reference to former Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin. 

    The next day she was discussed as much as—if not more than—the outcome of the game.

Green Men Goofing

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    The Canucks super fans known as the Green Men are among the most recognizable of any sport. Not only do they attract attention with their wacky hijinks, they also know that there’s something disturbingly transfixing about men in spandex bodysuits.

    The Green Men have always been more entertaining than the game at some points, but this year fans in Vancouver need them more than ever. The Canucks are coming off of their worst season in over a decade and have no chance of making the playoffs. These guys are all they have. 

Steelers Fan Takes a Shower

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    It’s pretty tough to upstage the Steelers in Pittsburgh come December, but one shirtless fan did just that back in 2008 when he gave himself a Gatorade shower in the stands. 

    Now, in September, this wouldn’t be particularly entertaining. But we’re talking about Pittsburgh…in December. Look at how bundled up the fans all around that guy are! 

    And where'd he even get that bucket of Gatorade anyway?

NBA's Best of Scene-Stealing Fans

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    The NBA puts together great compilation videos that are available on YouTube, and this best of “crazy fans” from the 2012 season is one of their greatest. 

    The girl in the still may be a bit of a distraction to the men around her, but she’s got nothing on most of the freaky fellas featured in the video.

Green Bay Bikini Girls

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    Everyone knows that pretty girls often attract the attention of fans and the lenses of lusty cameramen at sporting events. While they are a pleasant distraction, it’s rare that they actually upstage the game. 

    The Packers bikini girls definitely have a hook that works for them. They’ve taken a formula that works for large shirtless men in freezing cold temperatures and adjusted it appropriately.

Jeremy Fry's Fantastic Performance

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    Back in 2009, Celtics fan Jeremy Fry delighted the home crowd at a Celtics game with—what looks to be—an impromptu performance of Bon Jovi’s “Livin' on a Prayer.” 

    So entertaining was Fry, that four years later it found renewed life after some blogger posted it somewhere and the viral video went viral all over again. 

    It went so viral that “Livin' on a Prayer” actually landed at 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 that week.