Videos Proving Rugby Is the Most Violent Sport Ever

Sean Evans@@seanseaevansContributor IIIApril 6, 2014

Videos Proving Rugby Is the Most Violent Sport Ever

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    Sure, hockey and football are physical, but rugby is a sport that more closely resembles a scene out of Gangs of New York than a competitive activity.

    Adding to the insanity is the fact that these guys don't wear pads. So, these athletes are just smashing against one another like bloodthirsty lunatics. 

    In sum, rugby—with the exception of The Hunger Gamesis the most violent sport ever. 

    To support my claim, I submit to you video evidence.

    I hope you're not eating lunch.

Fighting Begets More Fighting on the Rugby Field

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    Stay with this clip because it's a video that keeps on giving.

    After a relatively minor spat, these two teams meet on the opposite side of the field for a confrontation that's equal parts bar brawl and Revolutionary War-style close combat.

    While it has nothing on your local Wal-Mart during a Black Friday sale, this is an intense battle.

Clothesline Leads to Brawl

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    During a match between the Brisbane Broncos and Parramatta Eels, Brisbane's Peter Wallace is clotheslined, leading to a melee on the field.

    When the benches clear in baseball, you see a few shoves and some name-calling.

    But when a problem breaks out on the rugby field, it's omnipresent chokeholds and haymakers.

    If these guys had beer bottles to smash over one another's heads, they would.

Sebastien Chabal Plays How He Looks

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    Sebastien Chabal looks like he's a half-barbarian, half-viking who was raised by a family of ravenous hyenas.

    This guy probably wrestles musk-oxen for sport. 

    This clip begins with Chabal staring menacingly at his opponents, as they do some sort of hybrid step routine/mating dance.

    Then, during the match, he flattens a rival player like a rolling pin to dough.

    Godspeed if you encounter this behemoth in a dark alley.

Amateur Rugby Match Gets Heated

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    Like the weekend warrior who plays basketball at the health club with kneepads and a shooting sleeve, amateur rugby players are also capable of becoming laughably awesome caricatures of the real deal.

    Only in rugby, that means bodyslamming fools instead of wearing ostentatious accessories.

Jonah Lomu Runs Through Opponent

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    Yes, you see a play like this every NFL Sunday.

    The main difference being (and it's significant) that the only thing rugby players use for pads are pronounced trap muscles.

    Let's also give No. 14 credit for popping up after that Mack truck collision as if it were a spring breeze.

Danielle Waterman Doesn't Play

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    In this clip, English Rugby Union player Danielle Waterman drops an opposing player.

    Then, as if she's channeling her inner Muhammad Ali, Waterman stands over her fallen rival and shrugs casually.

    If we've learned anything from this clip, it's that Danielle Waterman is not someone to mess with.

Well, That's One Way to Celebrate a Score

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    After an intense fight to the goal line, these two teams start mixing it up like Rocky Mountain rams during mating season.

    These guys literally fight for the extra yard.

Manu Tuilagi Swings on Chris Ashton

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    This clip looks mundane at first. 

    But, at the 2:30 mark, you get a slow motion look at what transpired between Manu Tuilagi and Chris Ashton, and it's brutal.

    Tuliagi lands three brutal punches and, to his credit, Ashton keeps his feet.

"He's Down and He's in a Lot of Discomfort"

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    If you've ever wondered what it would be like to ride a unicycle downhill into a brick wall, play rugby.

    In this clip, Ben Foden gets hit with the force of a refrigerator dropped from a third-story window.

    PSA: Keep your head on a swivel out there.

Closing Argument: Three Uninterrupted Minutes of Brutal Rugby Hits

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    If you had any doubt about rugby as it relates to brutality, here is a video of three straight minutes of bleeding faces and bone-jarring hits.

    You're welcome.