Jurgen Klopp's 7 Angriest Moments

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistApril 3, 2014

Jurgen Klopp's 7 Angriest Moments

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    Andres Kudacki

    Jurgen Klopp seems like a very affable chap. He's always flashing his pearly whites in press conferences and this is his permanent expression while driving. 

    However, sometimes the Borussia Dortmund manager lets the red mist descend, and there is no controlling his rage. It doesn't take much for Dr. Jekyll to become Mr. Hyde.

    Here are Klopp's angriest moments, starting with an interview he walked out of following this week's Champions League loss to Real Madrid.

Klopp Drops the Mic Live on ZDF

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    In the aftermath of BvB's 3-0 defeat to Real Madrid on Wednesday, Klopp was interviewed on German channel ZDF.

    Presenter Jochen Breyer provoked the manager by reminding him that a 4-1 result like last year's famous meeting at the Westfalenstadion would not be sufficient to progress this time.

    He then suggested the tie is already over, at which point Klopp lowered his microphone in disbelief before asking why he would even get paid if he thought the tie was over.

    The irritated manager added he could no longer continue answering "stupid questions" without giving "stupid answers," at which point he left Oliver Kahn to pick up the pieces.

    A great deal of nervous laughter from Breyer failed to diffuse the embarrassment. 

Klopp Pulls the Angriest Face You've Ever Seen

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    During Dortmund's Champions League group stage encounter with Napoli last summer, Klopp was very unhappy with an incident involving Neven Subotic.

    He was so displeased, in fact, that he turned to the fourth official and pulled the most terrifying face ever seen outside of a horror film.

    Understandably, he was sent to the stands. 

    After the match, Klopp's blood pressure returned to safe levels and he apologised to the officials and his team, according to the Daily Mail.

Klopp Berates a Fourth Official

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    Claude Paris

    During a 2-0 win over Hamburger SV in November 2010, Klopp was incensed when a foul went uncalled in the first half.

    He proceeded to scream in the face of fourth official Stefan Trautmann in a very similar manner to his Napoli outburst. 

    Straight after the game, Klopp apologised for the incident. "I'm an idiot," he said, according to Bild.

    Oh, Jurgen. With that kind of humility, it's impossible to stay mad at you.

Klopp Kicks a Ball at a Fourth Official's Head

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    What is it with this guy and fourth officials? 

    During the Ruhr derby with Schalke in October 2013, Klopp stuck out a foot and "accidentally" nailed the official in the head with the ball.

    If it was anyone else, we'd be sure there was no malice intended.

Klopp Shouts Something Very Angrily

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    We don't know when this was or exactly what Klopp was shouting, but we wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of it.

Klopp Slaps Marian Sarr

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    BvB qualified for the knockout stages of last season's Champions League thanks to a dramatic late winner over Marseille. 

    Klopp had so much pent-up aggression from the tense game that he celebrated by slapping 18-year-old defender Marian Sarr across the face.

    Legend has it Sarr needed counselling for six months afterward.

Klopp Falls out of a Canoe

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    Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

    Before the 2010-11 season, Borussia Dortmund went to a training camp in Austria, where they took an afternoon off to go canoeing. 

    Klopp was sharing a boat with BvB general manager Michael Zorc when they hit some overhanging branches and capsized

    Just look at Jurgen's face as he stands waist-deep in dirty Austrian river water. He is not happy.

    Afterwards, Klopp took the bad workman approach by blaming his tools. "Michael Schumacher doesn't become world champion in a s----y car," he reasoned, according to Bild (via Yahoo! Sports' Dirty Tackle). 

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