Is It Time to Trade Vernon Wells ?

Peter BojarinovAnalyst IJune 16, 2009

TORONTO - APRIL 6:  Vernon Wells #10 of the Toronto Blue Jays hits an RBI single against the Detroit Tigers in the 8th inning during their MLB game at the Rogers Centre April 6, 2009 in Toronto, Ontario.(Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

Mired in a huge four out of 45 at-bats to hit ratio is Mr.Vernon Wells, or as most of us Torontonians call him, V-dub.

Still currently hitting out of that four spot, the slugger position, Wells has earned it with his on and off talented bat and defensive seasons. He currently hits .238, with a measly five home runs, and a high left on base total. Comparing our slugger to our small ball second basemen, Aaron Hill, who has 14 home runs tells you something.

Yes, he's always been an up and down player, but it's getting worse. Yes we know this is an awful year, which means last year should have been a great one; well he did eclipse the .300 mark, yet barely eclipsed 20 home runs. The year before that in '07, V-dub hit a low .245 average and only 16 home runs.

Is it time to trade our franchise slugger ? NO. Well, at least not yet. We're in no way sure about the full direction on this year's Toronto Blue Jays; things could easily turn around for Wells, Rios, and some of our pitching. We do have many great pros surrounding this team, while still struggling with a full load of starters on the DL.

But with the salary of Wells, it doesn't compare to his output on the field, though I do love his intangibles.

Is Cito Gaston helping wells along? Has he pushed him in the right direction?

I love Gaston, but I haven't been a big fan of many of his moves: taking out strong starting pitching a bit too early, leaving some relievers in a bit too long, not playing small ball in some vital games in the interleague play games (come on...that's what they do there, when in rome...).

Maybe Wells needs just a bit of a break. Put him in where he can succeed and not be overshadowed by Lind and Hill. Rios and Wells are starting to look like the Laurel and Hardy show at the plate.

Give him a rest versus some strong lefties, maybe a game or two off at night or at home. Might I say it, take him out of the fourth spot. Oh no. Baseball is very much a numbers game. Cito please follow that rule.

P.S. V-dub, stop chasing those breaking balls


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