Marian Hossa: Another Failed Attempt

chris saccoContributor IJune 13, 2009

DETROIT - JUNE 06:  Marian Hossa #81 of the Detroit Red Wings against the Pittsburgh Penguins during Game Five of the 2009 NHL Stanley Cup Finals at Joe Louis Arena on June 6, 2009 in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)

For Marian Hossa it's the same story in a new city.

Another disappointing season and another failed Stanley Cup Final performance by the high-priced winger.

Marian Hossa, who decided to leave the Pittsburgh Penguins after losing in the Finals to the Detroit Red Wings last season, put up a poor performance against his old team this year in the finals. Going to the Wings in hopes of having a better chance of winning the Stanley Cup, he refused a lucrative contract offered by the Pens and went to Detroit on a one-year contract.

Well, Hossa is now eating his words and reflecting on the bad decision he made. Though the Wings put up quite a fight and the series went seven games, Hossa was pretty much a ghost.

Recording only one point in the last five games, and only three points in the series against Pittsburgh, Hossa was shut down by his former teammates. Hossa, who was a dominant player in last year's playoffs with the Penguins, wasn't the same player this year.

Last season with the Penguins, Marian Hossa finished with twenty six points in twenty games. This year, he finished with only fifteen points in twenty three games with the Wings. He was obviously, a better player with Pittsburgh.

I guess it's fitting that Hossa would face his former team and go on to lose in Game Seven of the finals, leaving him to ponder if he made the right decision, or which team he will play for next season.

Along with teammate Ty Conklin, who also decided to leave the Pens after last season and go to the Wings, Hossa will have to wait at least another year to win the cup. Or he may jinx another team making a run for it.

All I can say is, and I think other Pens fans will agree, Detroit, you can keep him.


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