Super Bowl Pepsi Halftime Show 2014: Grading Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 3, 2014

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They came. They saw. They put on one of the more energetic Super Bowl halftime shows in recent memory.

Bruno Mars drummed, danced and crooned his way into America's heart, while the Red Hot Chili Peppers rocked out in tandem.

With the Seahawks ahead of the Broncos 22-0 entering the half, fans across the nation were desperately in need of a boost. The halftime show delivered, replete with a great intro spot.

Here are our grades for the event:

Bruno Mars 

The singer is having a remarkable couple of weeks, winning the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album and now commanding the attention of what might be well over 100 million viewers

Mars started things off by working the drums, a perfect way to get the show started with some enthusiasm. 

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He then launched into a medley of his more memorable hits like "Locked out of Heaven" and "Treasure." It became evident right away that this wouldn't be a lackluster halftime performance. 

Mars' band was on point and tight throughout, infusing the show with the only thing we can ask for as fans: energy. 

After his performance with the Red Hot Chili Peppers finished, Mars finished up by tipping his hat to the military with a powerful rendition of "Just the Way You Are."

Despite the change of pace, it was essentially the perfect way to end the performance.

Grade: A

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Red Hot Chili Peppers 

Thanks to a request from Mars, who happens to be a big Peppers fan, the band from Los Angeles made a quick cameo at the Super Bowl.  

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Unfortunately, there was no surprise Led Zeppelin song, despite previous rumors

Based on the way the Peppers brought down the house, they deserve to host their own halftime show in the future. The short performance was really enough to have fans wanting more.



Mars/RHCP Combo

Of course, most were waiting to see how Mars would incorporate the legendary rock band into the mix. Well, the Peppers didn't disappoint, launching into a rousing rendition of "Give it Away." 

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You hardly think of the Chili Peppers when Bruno Mars is mentioned, so there was some obvious skepticism when news broke in mid-January that they would perform together.

No matter your opinion on their respective music, their inclusion into the show was utterly seamless. Neither missed a beat and the entire cameo was cohesive and energizing. 

Grade: A+ 



We have come to expect the random surprise, wardrobe malfunction or middle finger in the halftime show. Depending on how you like your entertainment, you either thought of this as relatively boring or one that came off beautifully without a hitch. 

Let's err on the side of the latter.

Grade: B+ 

Final Grade 

There was so much debate as to how Bruno Mars won the Super Bowl Halftime Show gig, as if he wasn't worthy of the honor. 

Well, he certainly did enough to silence most of his critics. 

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There was nothing all that polarizing, outrageous or controversial. He simply brought it and then some. 

Grade: A

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The overarching sentiment is that Bruno Mars essentially crushed it

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