Power Ranking Randy Orton's Greatest Moments as a Heel

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 29, 2014

Power Ranking Randy Orton's Greatest Moments as a Heel

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    The career of Randy Orton has been filled with stellar moments, championships and downright shocking incidents.

    However, throughout the entirety of his stay with the WWE, his best moments have arguably come as a heel. In a time when he is (once again) without a doubt the top heel in the company, it seems appropriate to revisit some of his greatest moments.

    He has certainly been involved in plenty of controversial moments over the years, that is for sure.

    With that in mind, let's take a look at the five most shocking moments Randy Orton has produced as a heel.

5. Orton Takes out Stacy Keibler

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    We start with a moment from way back in 2005, when Orton was just starting out on the path to stardom.

    It was two weeks out from WrestleMania 21, and Orton was set to face The Undertaker, citing he would end the streak—like everyone has, in all fairness.

    But Orton was proclaiming himself the "Legend Killer" and was intent on sending a message out to Taker—and did so by turning heel.

    It came on his unsuspecting on-screen girlfriend, Stacy Keibler. Orton was cutting a promo on how he would end the streak and used Keibler as a puppet in his promo, delivering a wicked RKO on the Diva.

    It was one of his first serious heel turns—and set up the match between Orton and The Undertaker nicely.

4. Orton Becomes the Face of the Company

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    We now move all the way forward to the middle of 2013, a relatively lean period in Orton's career.

    Sure, he had the Money in the Bank briefcase in his possession, but his career really didn't look to be going anywhere.

    That was when the swerve occurred at SummerSlam. Everyone in the crowd was rejoicing as Triple H raised Daniel Bryan's hand and crowned him the WWE Champion.

    Then he hit Bryan with a Pedigree and out came Orton. The way Bryan was over at the time enabled Orton to instantly become a superb heel. He inevitably won the championship and has since gone on to be the WWE World Heavyweight champion.

    When Orton's career looked to have stalled, this top swerve reignited his career.

3. The Very First Punt on a Legend

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    When Orton really was the top heel in the WWE in the mid to latter part of the 2000s, he became famous for a wicked maneuver that became trademarked to Orton.

    It started when Orton had been drafted to SmackDown, leading him to continue his "Legend Killer" persona by going after one of the greats of the industry—Shawn Michaels.

    The two would engage in a bitter feud, but it was the actions of Orton during that rivalry that elevated his heel character once again.

    His wicked punt began with Shawn Michaels—as he became the first victim of it. Eventually, that rivalry would end when Michaels had to take time off due to concussion suffered at the hands of Orton (kayfabe, of course).

    But it is a stark reminder as to just how good Orton can be as a heel.

2. Orton Cleans Up the McMahons

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    You know you're pretty successful when you've been elevated into having a rivalry with the McMahon family.

    That is exactly the scenario Orton found himself in back in 2009, as he tussled with Vince, Shane and Stephanie in a rivalry that once again reminded us how successful Orton can be as a heel.

    Orton, with the help of his Legacy stable (in Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr.) put Shane down before mercilessly punting him in the head.

    Then attentions were turned to Stephanie. Orton teased his way around her before hitting her with an RKO.

    His reactions were priceless and befitting of a top, top heel.

1. Orton vs. Vince

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    Just a few weeks before that attack on the McMahon children came Orton's most revered moment as a heel.

    To be commissioned to lay out the boss by creative suggests you are pretty over with the guys backstage. That is exactly what happened in January of 2009, as Vince McMahon's return didn't exactly go to plan.

    Throughout the whole promo between Vince and Orton, the Legend Killer was in imperious form. He was demonic, had the look of a sadistic heel and was at his very best.

    Vince repeatedly insisted Orton apologize or he would "terminate" him, which ultimately turned out to be a bad move on Vince's part.

    The most famous punt of Orton's career came on the chairman of the company, and the reaction it got him was absolutely priceless.