Kitten Bowl 2014: Date, TV Schedule, Starting Lineup and More

Timothy Rapp@@TRappaRTFeatured ColumnistJanuary 30, 2014

Kitten walking near goldfish bowl (PhotoAlto via AP Images)
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We all know the Super Bowl brings with it a slew of events, wacky commercials and a whole lot of hype. Plus, there are plenty of other bowls to enjoy in the two weeks before the game, including the Pro Bowl, Puppy Bowl and, for Philadelphia residents, the annual Wing Bowl.

You can now add another bowl to that list, folks, because the Kitten Bowl is here!

That's correct, the Kitten Bowl—the cat lovers' answer to the Puppy Bowl and a virtual guarantee that #Adorbs will be trending on Twitter. 

The kittens have been split into four teams, the North Shore Bengals, Last Hope Lions, Home and Family Felines and the Cedar Cove Cougars. Let's preview the furball showdown below. 

When: Sunday, February 2 at noon ET

Watch: Hallmark Channel

Streaming: Kitten cam and training camp (yes, you read that right)

Starting, Lineups

You can view the entire starting lineups, including their positions, demeanors, what the kittens enjoy and their adoption statuses here.

You'll want to check that out, it's pretty adorable.


Kitten bowl... get it?
Kitten bowl... get it?Associated Press

All of the weather concerns for the actual Super Bowl don't apply to the Kitten Bowl. Mostly because the latter will be held inside, but also because any chilly cats can don kitten mittens.

In all seriousness, the event will feature a playoff round before the championship match. According to the Kitten Bowl website, the competition will consist of "basic obstacle courses of hurdles, tunnels, hoops, jumps, weave poles, lasers, lures and toys on strings."

There's no word on whether hair balls will be tolerated. Hopefully, they'll be testing the athletes for any catnip use before the proceedings as well.

Here's more information from the site:

This inaugural three-hour special event, in Association with North Shore Animal League America, will be hosted by TV personality and activist Beth Stern, and emceed by John Sterling, the legendary radio voice of the New York Yankees.

All of the kittens participating in the competition are guaranteed forever homes through Hallmark Channel’s partnership with North Shore Animal League America whose innovations in animal welfare have saved more than 1,000,000 pets—and counting!  “Kitten Bowl” guarantees the 60-70 kitten participants will join the list of pets adopted into loving homes and will significantly raise the awareness of the plight of shelter animals across the country.

Three hours of kitten goodness, folks—you might just die from all of the cute.

Of course, the fact this event assures that all of these kittens will end up in a good home—and perhaps many more kittens will find a home after the fact—is the biggest takeaway.


Something is telling me the Last Hope Lions are going to take this.

Maybe it's because they have a kitten named Brett Furve. Maybe it's because I'm looking past the fact they have a kitten named Tabby Romo. Maybe I'm just guessing, because I have no idea how this thing will be scored or judged in the first place.

So, yeahlook for the Last Hope Lions to win this thing. Hey, the Lions have to eventually win something, right?

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