Kimbo Slice: The Pete Rose of MMA?

Marco YanitelliAnalyst IJune 2, 2009

After much investigation, information relating to Kimbo Slice and his affiliation with EliteXC makes it clear that many of the fights were fixed.

The levels of corruption involving EliteXC are many and deep.

According to Seth Petruzelli, he was practically ordered to keep the fight standing. Even after the 14-second demolition, he was quoted on Florida radio stations saying that some of the fighters received special instructions before their fights.

Seth was told to keep it standing. Apparently they forgot to tell him not to punch either because it didn’t take long to expose the Internet curiosity.

Kimbo’s fight with James Thompson was also a fix. James forgot about this and almost submitted Kimbo in the second round. In fact, Kimbo CLEARLY taps out right in front of the referee, who does nothing.

The fight should have been over, with Thompson as the victor, but the management made sure a third round would happen. Thompson, ahead on points, winning the fight- is suddenly declared tko’d due to a busted ear. They knew if the fight went to the judges that Kimbo would lose. The whole affair has to make one question the integrity of the EliteXC Organization.

Kimbo likes to gamble also—in fact Kimbo likes to bet on himself. Several Las Vegas Sport Books allegedly reported large wagers placed on Kimbo by members of his “entourage.” Betting on yourself when you know the fight is fixed?*

Pete Rose has been dragged over hot coals by fans for decades now because of his gambling and other baseball violations.

Are we now to accept Kimbo into TUF with open arms? Is there to be no recompense for the fighters that were used up and ruined by the EliteXC organization?

Did not Dana White himself go on a tirade regarding the EliteXC organization and the corruption they brought to the sport of MMA.

Now Dana is going to market Kimbo? What is wrong with this equation?

If the fans of the MMA world were suddenly to discover that Brock Lesnar’s fight with Moo Su Kim was fixed, how would UFC fans react?

The UFC, the Fans of the UFC, the Fans of MMA, the Fans of a clean sport, and the UFC itself need to seriously consider the precedent that they are setting by allowing this man entry into the organization in any way, shape, or form.

If MMA Fans reacted in similar fashion to baseball fans then Kimbo would be stripped of his professional record and placed on probation until a full investigation by the FSBC (Florida State Boxing Commission) can be completed.

To this date there has been no conclusion to this investigation, and it seems strange that Kimbo would be allowed to compete while under investigation for fraud and fight fixing.

Fans are welcome to contact the FSBC on their own to voice opinions, get information, and keep up to date on the progress of the investigation.

Lies. Promises. Money. That’s what the promoters of EliteXC were about and nothing else. They make Dana White look like a humanitarian.

There is not much else to do now except wait and see. Many fans might chose to email protests against this event.

What do YOU think—Should Kimbo be allowed to fight in the UFC?

-Marco Yanitelli “The Italian Scallion”

*Source was a manager of a very large world famous hotel. If necessary I can disclose his name and contact information, but I will not do so publicly in order to avoid any hassles he might have to suffer as a result.