Stanley Cup Finals Going By Too Fast

Marc-Andrew BezbatchenkoContributor IJune 2, 2009

DETROIT - MAY 31:  Chris Osgood #30, and Brad Stuart #23 of the Detroit Red Wings defend the net against Bill Guerin #13 of the Pittsburgh Penguins during Game Two of the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals at Joe Louis Arena on May 31, 2009 in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

With Game Three of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals heading to Pittsburgh, and a two to nothing series lead for the Cup reigning Detroit Red Wings, could this year's championship be going by way too fast?

The first two games of the Stanley Cup were played last weekend, Saturday and Sunday night, back-to-back, and both were in Detroit.

Could it have hurt the Penguins the most that the games were played back-to-back?

Possibly, but the Red Wings showed they were the better team, winning both games by a score of 3-1.

Now, no matter what the scores be, so far, this final series has gone by way too fast. It seems as the NHL is trying to get this out of the way. I

It also seems a little unfair, as I said before, to have two straight games in front of your home crowd in Detroit, and then a break in between the games in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh should have gotten their home games on the June 2 and 3, instead of June 2 and 4.

The way this series is going, I see the championship going to Detroit in either a clean sweep, or in five.

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With that being said, we are looking at two to three more games. To me, the series all ready seems boring. It features almost all the same players from last year, with the addition of a few big guys like Hossa for the Wings, and Guerin for the Penguins. 

Another reason this series has felt so short is due to the energetic playoff race in the NBA. We just saw the Cavaliers get taken down in a good battle against the Magic for a trip to the Championship against the Lakers and Kobe Bryant.

The NBA has received more views via the television ratings, and it only continues, as game one of the NBA Finals start Thursday.

Now should the NHL and this series pull some fun and excitement out, then possibly the ratings will go up, but right now, for non hockey fans, it isn't helping that the Stanley Cup Finals is featuring the same teams from just a year ago.