Gatorade Shower Fails

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterNovember 26, 2013

Gatorade Shower Fails

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    The Gatorade shower is a time-honored tradition in American sports. When a team wins a huge game on a huge stage, more often than not, it's going to end with someone being drenched with the drink. 

    It's a simple operation that usually goes down without a hitch. Except for when it…well…doesn't go down without a hitch. 

    Quite simply: Not all Gatorade showers are created equal.

    Seeing the coach of the winning team doused with a sports drink by his players is entertaining. Seeing the Gatorade end up anywhere else is even more entertaining. 

    Here are some of the greatest Gatorade shower fails to date!

Sooners Players Can't Outrun Bob Stoops

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    There are a lot of ways in which a Gatorade shower can go wrong, but missing the mark entirely has to be the biggest fail of them all. Seriously…coaches are old…players are young. 

    College coaches are pretty busy during a game while players have a bit of free time on their hands. There's only one head coach but there can be as many as 100 players. That all adds up to a very decided advantage for the players...which is why there is no excuse for the Oklahoma players completely whiffing on the Bob Stoops Gatorade shower back in 2011.

    Stoops certainly isn't old old, but old enough that college athletes should be able to outrun him. FAIL.

Erin Andrews Shares a Shower with RG3

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    A Gatorade shower is a tradition meant for players and coaches, not unsuspecting sideline reporters just trying to do their job. Poor Erin Andrews got doused with the blue stuff following Baylor's upset of Oklahoma in November 2011. 

    Always the professional, Andrews surely wrote the whole incident off as one of the costs of doing business. But still…coming in with the late shower seemed like a blatant attempt to get some additional ESPN airtime. 


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    A few years ago Ohio beat Temple in a game that was, apparently, a pretty big deal. The players started plotting the Gatorade shower in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter.

    They were decisive in picking up the bucket, but then things really broke down. They couldn't seem to agree on the logistics, started to get confused and eventually just abandoned the whole damn thing. 

    "Meh…screw it."

Way to Go, Rookie

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    The traditional Gatorade shower is usually reserved for coaches (and sometimes star players) after winning a particularly big game. In March 2012, Detroit Pistons rookie Brandon Knight bucked the tradition. 

    Knight attempted to leap out of bounds late in the fourth quarter of a game against the Washington Wizards, but obviously failed to think through his trajectory and slow his roll to account for it. That is why he ended up in the second row and on the receiving end of a very unexpected Gatorade shower.

    Rookie follies...

Natties Start Their Celebrating a Little Early

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    I'm including this knowing full well that many people are going to disagree with it being a "fail." There seems to be a prevailing sentiment that an attractive female reporter + Gatorade shower = awesome. 

    It's a misguided sentiment.

    "Hot reporter" Julie Alexandria's job is to report on the Washington Nationals; not to compete in a wet t-shirt contest. Yet she was doused with the drink by players twice last April. 

    Looks like the "World Series or bust" Natties started their celebrating a little early in 2013. Maybe next year they'll remember to make the playoffs first. 

Sour Saban

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    Nick Saban and a Gatorade shower.  Yeah…that'll end well. Can you think of any coach in sports who would be more adverse to this kind of thing than The Nicktator?

    I imagine the entire Alabama team gathers for a solemn meeting before every major game, drawing lots to decide which two players are going to do the deed.

    After securing victory in the 2010 BCS Championship game, Saban was treated to a big bucket of the red stuff (as opposed to the purple stuff). His reaction was…as expected. 

    Saban reacts to Gatorade showers with the contained, yet palpable, rage of Bill Belichick after a Patriots loss. The Gatorade shower is literally the only thing Saban has failed at in Tuscaloosa. 

Rob Ford: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

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    In November 2012, Rob Ford (the crack smoking mayor of Toronto) took a break from his usual activities to attend a Don Boscoe Eagles football game. And they won! 

    The team appreciated the mayor's presence so much that they hit him (totally off guard) with the Gatorade shower after the victory.

    Ford's reaction is as gloriously amazing a fail as everything he does. It's over-the-top hilarious, totally awkward and pretty much outta control. 

    He truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Ole Miss Linemen Get Lost

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    In October 2013, Ole Miss stunned No. 6 ranked LSU, defeating their first Top 10 team since November 2009. It was still early in the season, but the occasion definitely called for a Gatorade shower. 

    So, a couple of Rebel linemen grabbed the bucket and set off in search of their head coach—his head had a date with a giant jug of yellow, electrolyte infused, sugar water and a whole boatload of ice cubes...Or so they thought.

    In all the commotion, the players had trouble locating Hugh Freeze in the crowd.  So, they just kinda wandered around aimlessly.

    They never did find him. 

Pirates Pitcher Celebrates Alone

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    In August 2011, the Pirates were on the verge of wrapping up yet another decade's worth of losing seasons. With a streak of futility like that, you've got to learn how to take joy in the small things. 

    That is why pitcher James McDonald decided to celebrate the first time he pitched a full seven innings with a little Gatorade shower…that he gave to himself…by carefully pouring a couple of cups of the drink on his head.

    Hopefully, he really enjoyed his moment, because the Buccos went on to lose the game. 

Coach Ends Up on the Drink, Not Under It

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    In March 2013, the North Platte Community College girl's basketball team won their district championship. Naturally, their first thought was to treat the ol' coach to a Gatorade shower. 

    Unfortunately, their plan hit a bit of a snag. Turns out the girls weren't nearly tall enough to get the bucket over his head, so they just kinda rammed into him awkwardly and slammed against his chest. 

    The drink did spill on him…but then he took a spill in the drink.