Real Madrid 5-1 Real Sociedad: 6 Things We Learned

Tre' Atkinson@@TreAtkinsonFeatured ColumnistNovember 9, 2013

Real Madrid 5-1 Real Sociedad: 6 Things We Learned

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    Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

    Real Madrid saw off rivals Real Sociedad on Saturday by the score of 5-1. It was yet another statement game from Los Blancos, and the world is starting to take notice.

    La Real had their chances but were completely overrun by the talent at the disposal of Carlo Ancelotti. However, there are still plenty of takeaways from the match despite it being somewhat of a slaughter.

    In this article we will take a look at six things we learned from the match and what those lessons mean for both Spanish clubs.

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Karim Benzema Is Finally Finding Form

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    Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

    There is no denying just how poorly Karim Benzema began the season. The French striker missed countless chances and just looked like he didn’t belong on the pitch.

    Those days now look over for Benzema, and the victory over La Real was the perfect picture of just how far he has come.

    The 25-year-old has now scored four goals and given four assists in his last four matches. He played beautifully in between Ronaldo and Bale at the Santiago Bernabeu and linked up play better than any of the midfielders.

    It seems as though Benzema is finally starting to find his footing again and is becoming more comfortable in Carlo Ancelotti’s system.

Antoine Griezmann Can't Do It Alone

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    Antoine Griezmann scored La Real’s lone goal at the Bernabeu, which was very indicative of the Basque club’s season thus far. The French winger has now netted six times in the last five matches, but he cannot do it alone.

    He beat defenders and created chances, but in the match against Real Madrid, Griezmann was the only player that provided some form of danger for Los Blancos. 

    Real Sociedad has become very reliant on Griezmann to carry the scoring burden and create the majority of chances, and it's starting to hurt them.

    As long as the Basque club continues to rely heavily on Griezmann, it will struggle. He may be a phenomenal talent, but he cannot win games by himself. It is time for other scorers to step up.

Xabi Alonso Is as Important as Ever

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    Xabi Alonso is back for Real Madrid, and it is a beautiful thing. It was once believed that Alonso’s time at the club was up, but he is showing that he cannot be replaced.

    In the victory over Real Sociedad, the midfielder again showed why he is so important. His movement is wonderful, he builds up play and Alonso continues to link everything up together.

    Without Alonso, Real Madrid has looked speculative at times this season. However, in every match Alonso has played, Los Blancos have been at their absolute best.

    There is no telling what the future holds for Xabi Alonso. One thing is clear though: He is absolutely vital to Real Madrid’s success.

This Is Not the Real Sociedad of Last Year

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    Real Sociedad won the hearts of many when they shockingly earned their place in the Champions League after finishing fourth in the La Liga table last season. That is not the same team we see today.

    Last season, La Real was a machine. The defense was flawless, midfield play was as good as any and there was a plethora of scoring options up front.

    However, this season is a completely different story. The once formidable defense is leaking goals, while the midfield is struggling to keep possession. Scoring has become extremely difficult for the Basque club, and things seem to be getting worse.

    Manager Jagoba Arrasate is doing everything in his power to keep La Real one of the top teams in La Liga, but it just isn’t happening.

    La Real will most likely finish mid-table this year, and that will be a shame. The players must get back to their best now, or any dreams of playing in Europe next season will be gone.

Cristiano Ronaldo Will Not Stop

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    What else can be said about Cristiano Ronaldo at this point? With his hat-trick against La Real, the forward has now scored 15 goals in only nine matches. He has also given three assists during that time and doesn’t show signs of stopping.

    It is hard to speculate just what has brought on the ferocity in Ronaldo as of late.

    Maybe the arrival of Gareth Bale has brought out the best in Ronaldo. Maybe choice words by Sepp Blatter have fueled the fire, or he could just be trying to make sure the Ballon d’Or is his again.

    No matter what has spurred on Ronaldo, it is working wonders. The Real Madrid winger is on a war path now, and you can count on him not slowing down.

    This seems to be only the begging of what Ronaldo is going to do this season. Madridistas have to be pleased with what they are seeing. Ronaldo isn’t about to stop yet, folks.

La Liga Is Not Even Close to Being over

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    Real Madrid has been six points off the top of the La Liga table since their loss in the most recent installment of El Clasico. That may look like quite a bit in the Spanish league, but things are far from decided at this point.

    What the Madrid-based club has showed recently is very promising. Los Blancos are now looking very consistent and are winning matches with ease.

    Based on this form Real Madrid will not be dropping many points, and the pressure is now put on Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. We are far from deciding a champion at this point, and Los Blancos have now showed they aren’t going away.

    This is going to be a La Liga season for the ages. Three clubs could lift the trophy at the end of the season, and there is no way to tell who it is going to be.

    For now, let’s all just sit back and enjoy the competition.

    What did you learn from Real Madrid’s 5-1 victory? Are Los Blancos finally at their best? Will Ronaldo win the Ballon d’Or? Leave your thoughts and comments below!