Fun with the Bleacher Creatures in the Bronx

Colin GallagherContributor IApril 17, 2008

Yesterday I experienced my first Red Sox-Yankees game with my roommate. We took what we could get and grabbed a couple of bleacher seats.

As a Boston fan, I wore my Curt Schilling jersey, my roommate wearing a Sox t-shirt. But even though Boston lost 15-9, I can't imagine having more fun at a baseball game.

We were fortunate enough to be seated behind a big guy in a bright red David Ortiz jersey, who reveled in the boos and "as*hole" chants thrown his way.

Of course, all the attention was centered around us.

One...er, tipsy...Yankees fan saw fit to stand up on the bench every five minutes and yell something along the lines of, "WAIT WAIT! I'VE GOT ONE! WHO'S GAYER? LANCE BASS, OR DAVID ORTIZ?!"

The crowd would scream in unison "DAVID ORTIZ!"

After about five or six of these, I took it as my responsibility to stand up and yell, "WAIT WAIT! I'VE GOT ONE! WHO'S BETTER IN OCTOBER? A-ROD, OR DAVID ORTIZ?!"

The crown screamed in unison "AS*HOLE! AS*HOLE! AS*HOLE!" (The Yankees fan got booted from the game.)

The middle of the sixth inning brought even more fun our way.

We knew something bad was coming when everyone stood up around us and started pointing and clapping to the beat of "YMCA." We realized what we had coming to us when they proceeded to sing, "Why are you gay?"

It was an exciting game until the eighth inning. The lead went back and forth.

But even when the Yankees sealed the game with four runs that inning, I was still thankful I had gotten my hands on those tickets.

I may hate the Yankees, but their fans lived up to their reputation. I know that if I saw them at Fenway, they would get the same treatment they gave me.

And the Yankees fans also took pride in the past, as they have nothing to be proud of in the present.

Someone said to me, "In a thousand years, people will still be talking about how great Derek Jeter was." I replied, "And in a thousand years, Yankees fans will still be screaming '26 baby! 26!'" With nothing to say back, he said "Yeah? And uh, you guys will still be behind!"

In any event, I'd like to thank the Yankees fans around us who gave us one hell of a time. In the meantime, enjoy your A-Rod homeruns while April lasts...


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