Star Athletes Making Pouty Faces

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Star Athletes Making Pouty Faces

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    Aw, come on, champ. What's wrong? 

    You missed your free throws and your team lost the championship? Oh, well...that's actually a really good reason to pout. It would probably be weird if you weren't dejected, actually.

    Indeed, no matter how many millions they make or victories they win, sports stars are like the rest of us—very human, and thus very capable of beating themselves to bits over their frustrations at work. However, unlike us, they work in front of thousands of people and their frustration is photographed and documented by paid professionals.

    The following is a rundown of some of the best pout faces in sports and the source of their anguish. While taking this all in, just remember: 

    Some days you're the Bieber, some days you're the mop bucket.

Lance Armstrong's Skeletor Face

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    Don't cry. You're so ugly when you cry.

    Gaunt and sad is a real double whammy of awkwardness, and Lance Armstrong hit us with two barrels of sawed-off ugliness with this candid photograph.

    Look at the curling at the edges of the mouth, the hard look in the eye. Those eyes have seen a lot of pain. Granted, they've also stared unflinchingly into a number of other eyes while he lied about doping. 

    So you can't feel too bad for him.

    The Cause: Incriminating evidence makes sad troll sad.

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Wanted: Loving Home for Sad Ronaldo, Housebroken and Good with Kids...

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    If there were a shelter for abandoned soccer stars, this picture of Cristiano Ronaldo would be featured in all its television commercials, accompanied by a Sarah McLachlan soundtrack.

    On the feet of the strikers, shoot awayyyy... 

    The Cause: There's literally no reason for Ronaldo not to be happy.

    He's one of the most talented soccer players in the world, makes millions playing for one of the best sides on Earth and could just become a male model if this whole professional sports thing doesn't pan out. 

    Things are looking up for Ronaldo, however. The five-year extension the striker inked with Real Madrid on Sunday will reportedly make him the most highly paid player in the history of the sport. Happy now, buddy?

'Not Impressed' Doesn't Even Cover It

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    The grimace that stamped a legend. 

    With one twist of the mouth, McKayla Maroney became the most beloved gymnast of the 2012 London Olympics. Losing gold in the vault competition was rough at the time, but Maroney has spun that disappointment into her own brand.

    The Cause: Whoops.

Cam Can't Pout Forever

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    He tried. He really did.

    Cam Newton put every fiber of his being into maintaining a pouty face during organized team activities this summer, but tackle Jordan Gross would not let his franchise quarterback sulk for long.

    Newton attempted to remain stoic as Gross photobombed and videobombed this May press conference, but he couldn't stay somber for long.

    The Cause: The root of Cam's sadness is unknown, but we do know he went from Toy Story 3 sad to cheesing in about five seconds.

    Image via GPTVdotcomv5

Sad Allen Iverson? Yup, That's a Sad Allen Iverson

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    Aw, buck up, Allen. Don't look at me like that. 

    The Cause: Allen Iverson wasn't upset about "practice" when this photograph was shot—he was sad about the score on the board.

    Iverson was the emotional leader of Team USA at the 2004 Athens Olympics, but he couldn't manage to stop the Dream Team from being knocked out of gold medal contention by a talented Argentina squad.

    The loss was a heartbreaker for Iverson, who looked on with sad, sad eyes as the game wound down.

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The Peter Crouch Pout

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    What's better in this picture—the pouty Pete Crouch face, or the high school photo album awkwardness written all over Cristiano Ronaldo's face?

    It's an impossible decision.

    The Cause: This shot of Crouch was taken at the 2006 World Cup quarterfinal between England and Portugal. The English lost the game in penalty kicks after several close attempts at a winner.

Lockouts Make Sidney Sad

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    More like SADNEY CROSBY, am I right, guys?

    I apologize for that one.

    The Cause: Crosby was attempting (and failing) to drum up optimism during the 2012 NHL Lockout when this picture was taken. As you can see from his face, the hockey press during a lockout is a hard sell.

The LeCrybaby

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    To the right NBA fan, "LeCrybaby" is worth more than a Cézanne.

    It's unclear when the LeCrybaby was taken, but the image has become a favorite meme of every LeBron James hater in the world.

    The Cause: It's not your fault, LeBron. Every Heat loss is not your fault.

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US Men's Swimming: The Rare Quadruple Pout

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    Not winning the 4x100 freestyle relay made the U.S. men's team the saddest pandas at the 2012 London Olympics.

    The Cause: If the freestyle relay were a contest between chain family restaurants, first place would be the Bone Fish grill, followed by Carraba's in second and Outback Steakhouse in third.

    Outback is cool with that—no rules, just glad to be here. Carraba's, however—GOD—they were so close to being great. They had it all going for a while, but someone got tied up with chicken entrees and overcooked your ribeye just a tad.

    A half-shade of burgundy is the difference between being a top chef and sobbing into a cigarette during breaks behind the Sizzler.

    In other words, second is just the first loser.

Roy Hibbert—the Big, Sad Bear

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    He worked long and hard for that honey, and watching it get taken away from him was almost more than Roy Hibbert could take.

    The Heat snuffed out the Pacers' in hopes for a chance at the Larry O'Brien trophy this summer, and Hibbert was left feeling tired and "stretched out" toward the end of the series.

    I'd also be sad if I lost $75,000 over dumb, flippant remarks during a press conference.

    The Cause: Playing well only to lose games and money makes Hibbie the Pooh bear sad. 

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They Call Him 'Tommy Tears'... No They Don't

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    Here's Tom Brady joking around on the sideline and pretending to pout with one of the Patriots' assistant coaches. 

    I believe he was messing around, but for the sake of conspiracy theory, this could just be Tom concealing a real cry within a fake cry, thus making it an Inception cry.

    The Cause: Brady's pouting is a joke. It's either that or he's suffering from a unique and significant loneliness only felt by the most powerful men on Earth, who must silently shoulder the burden that they will never be allowed to be less than perfect.

    Sorry. That kind of took a turn for the sad. 

Terrell Owens Is Not Happy

12 of 15 that sea salt? Or just plain old iodized salt?

    Judging by his facial expression, we can guess this photo of Terrell Owens was taken after a series where Donovan McNabb purposely neglected to pass the ball to him out of personal spite.

    Because that's how you think quarterbacks operate when you're a bipolar wideout with a God-complex. 

    The Cause: While playing for the Eagles, Owens constantly griped at his quarterback for not distributing the ball evenly—meaning he was upset any time McNabb threw to anyone besides him.

The LePout

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    If you could hire one person to ruin a child's birthday party (who isn't a registered clown), it's Joey Crawford. 

    Granted, the distinction between those two professions become blurred when Crawford starts doing his signature sock-it-to-me step.

    The Cause: Joey Crawford called a terrible foul, or didn't choose LeBron for his dodgeball team.

A-Rod's Textbook Pout Face

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    You'll find this picture in the dictionary, but it won't be under the word "pout."

    Granted, it's a textbook pout face, but this vintage moment of passive aggressiveness from A-Rod will be stamped under either "liar" or "botchalism." 

    The Cause: Take your pick, but I personally think Alex is still stewing over this grocery store changing its name.

    Image via New York Daily News

Tiger Woods' 'Welp' Face

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    "Welp...Big Gulps, eh?" 

    The Cause: Tiger Woods has elevated pouting to an art form in recent years, but this reaction to a missed putt in 2002 could very well be his magnum opus of dejection.  

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