The NXT Report for September 11, 2013

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistSeptember 12, 2013

Photo Credit: WWE.com
Photo Credit: WWE.com

Last week on NXT, Sami Zayn continued his climb into NXT Championship contention with an impressive performance against former WWE World Heavyweight champion, Jack Swagger. Unfortunately for Zayn, a late-match distraction from Bo Dallas cost him the match.

What would NXT champion Dallas have to say about his actions from last week?

NXT Women's champion Paige has been the target of every developmental Diva but none more than Summer Rae.

Last week, the ballroom dancer attempted to manipulate young Sasha Banks, telling her to unleash her inner rage on Paige in a non-title match on this week's show.

Would Banks rise to the occasion and show a side of herself few knew she had or would Paige once again foil Summer Rae's plans?

Those two major storylines would be addressed on this week's show while Xavier Woods attempted to gain a measure of revenge against Leo Kruger for a backstage attack on last week's show.

Find out exactly what went down on this week's show with The NXT Report for September 11, 2013.

Quick Results

Xavier Woods def. Leo Kruger

Paige def. Sasha Banks

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy def. Alexander Rusev & Scott Dawson via disqualification

This week's main event was a grudge match that saw Xavier Woods avenge a backstage beat down at the hands of Leo Kruger. Kruger, on the other hand, was looking to rebound from a loss to NXT champion Bo Dallas a few weeks back.

Kruger, a submission specialist, worked over Wood's arm for the majority of the match but Woods would fight his way back into the contest, utilizing a series of kicks to the quadriceps area to give him an opening.

He would ultimately capitalize on that opening, delivering the Honor Roll followed by the Eat Defeat, a move made famous by current TNA Knockout Gail Kim.

Elsewhere on the card, Paige overcame the challenge of a very game Sasha Banks to pick up a win and once again prove why she is the NXT Women's champion, while Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy defeated Alexander Rusev and Scott Dawson in a less-than stellar tag team bout.

Angle Advancement

Bo Loves Sami...No, Really, He Swears

The NXT champion Bo Dallas addressed the fans this week regarding his appearance on last week's show, which ultimately distracted Sami Zayn and cost him a big match against WWE's Jack Swagger.

The fans rained down on him with a chorus of boos as he thanked them for their outpouring of support following the injury he suffered at SummerSlam Axxess a few weeks back.

He went on to discuss Zayn and how he is doing everything he can to be a mentor for the NXT newcomer. Dallas said he would have no problem giving Zayn a match when he gets back from injury, just not a title match because, he claimed, Zayn doesn't deserve it.

He ended the short promo by saying, "don't stop Bo-lieving" before flashing an extra-corny smile.

The recent heel turn for Dallas has been outstanding. The fans despise him so much but he has either not picked up on it or he is ignoring it to help boost his ego.

His angle with Sami Zayn is the perfect main event story for the developmental brand.

Zayn is the experienced independent star who has the unwavering support and respect of the fans, while Dallas was supposed to be NXT's breakout babyface star, but his smiling babyface act backfired.

It should be interesting to see the direction the story takes next as Zayn continues to develop and evolve en route to a main roster call up.

Summer Banks on Sasha

On last week's show, Summer Rae approached Sasha Banks and reminded the young NXT Diva of how irrelevant she had become and how she could change that by unleashing her inner rage on Paige.

This week, Banks met Paige one-on-one in non-title action and gave everything she had to upset the Women's champion. She repeatedly wore Paige down with a body scissors/sleeper hold combo but the resilient titleholder fought out of it and eventually used Banks' momentum against her, rolling through a cross body block and picking up the pinfall win.

After the match, Paige attempted to console a distraught Banks but the disappointed young lady shoved her away. The champion extended her hand to Banks in a show of great sportsmanship but was turned away.

Then Banks attacked from behind, knocking Paige off her feet. She followed with a hellish series of open-hand chops to the chest before leaving the champion lying following a neck breaker.

Following a quick break, Summer Rae approached Sasha and expressed just how proud she was of her. Banks said it felt awesome and thanked Summer, grabbing hold of her in a big hug. Meanwhile, Summer looked extremely pleased that her plan had come together.

Summer Rae feuded with Paige earlier in the year and blames the Anti-Diva for her ousting from the Women's title tournament over the summer. With the addition of Sasha as her pawn in her war with Paige, there is potential for an intriguing and layered storyline involving the ladies of NXT.

Tyler Breeze is Really, Really, Ridiculously Upset

In recent weeks, the very laid back CJ Parker has been a thorn in the side of the self-obsessed, self-loving Tyler Breeze.

Their rivalry began when Breeze was in the process of taking a "selfie" and Parker photo bombed. The prank infuriated Breeze, voiced his displeasure with Parker following a hard-fought win by the hippy Superstar.

The following week, Breeze would gain a measure of revenge over Parker, blasting him with his iPhone (ala Paul E. Dangerously) for a big pinfall victory.

On this week's show, Renee Young caught up with Parker for a backstage interview that was disrupted when Breeze attacked his rival from behind and added insult to injury by snapping another selfie, this time with Parker writhing in pain in the background.

One would assume this will lead to a big rematch between the two in the coming weeks.

Breeze has been outstanding as of late and his portrayal of the Zoolander-ish model-type has been one of the more entertaining aspects of NXT.

Parker's 1960s hippy character has not quite clicked as well as he and management had to have hoped it would.

His performance in the eventual rematch with Breeze could determine what kind of push he is in store for in the coming weeks and months.

The Jersey-French Connection EXPLODES!!!

A few weeks ago, Sylvester Lefort recruited Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy to help he and Scott Dawson in their vendetta against Mason Ryan. They agreed but the pairing proved futile as Ryan cleared all four men from the ring.

One week later, Lefort again tried to recruit Amore and Cassidy but they refused and a match between Amore and Dawson was scheduled. In that match, the massive Alexander Rusev took out Cassidy at ringside, allowing Dawson to score the win.

On this week's show, Amore and Cassidy met Dawson and Rusev in tag action and, as usual, Lefort made his presence felt at ringside.

Rusev and Dawson dominated Amore for the majority of the match and appeared poised to finish him off when the bell suddenly rang and the official awarded the win to Amore and Cassidy via disqualification.

Rusev and Dawson were both still in the ring by the time the referee reached his five count, which drew the DQ.

It was a confusing conclusion to a match that never really materialized.

Neither team is very likable, despite the entertaining talker Amore and the solid in-ring technician Dawson, which makes it difficult for fans to root for either side. The finish of the match would seemingly suggest continued involvement with one another, it may be in their best interests to blow off the feud as soon as possible.

Match of the Week: Paige vs. Sasha Banks

Paige and Sasha Banks demonstrate why the NXT Divas are infinitely more entertaining than the majority of the main roster girls with a solid match that showcased their skills, advanced a storyline and featured a heel turn for the lovely Ms. Banks.

Star of the Week: Sasha Banks

The former independent star had yet to really breakout on the developmental show heading into her match with Paige. She not only did that, she also managed to become an integral part of the Women's title angle.

Final Thoughts

This week's show suffered slightly from a noticeable lack of Sami Zayn but allowed several other developmental talents to shine.

Tyler Breeze is a bright spot for the brand while Women's champion Paige is a legitimate star in-waiting. Xavier Woods has been an exciting prospect dating all the way back to his TNA days and is about as main roster-ready as anyone in NXT.

Another solid show from a storyline standpoint but the wrestling, especially in the opening tag match, was unspectacular. 


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