Royal Rumble and WWE's 5 Best Concepts for Themed Pay-Per-View Events

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistSeptember 3, 2013

Royal Rumble and WWE's 5 Best Concepts for Themed Pay-Per-View Events

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    WWE is in the thick of its themed pay-per-view season.  Prior to WrestleMania, six of WWE's next seven pay-per-views will bring with it a concept, theme or gimmick. 

    Some will be more forced than others.  Events like Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank have been protected through prestige and success rate of previous winners. 

    Pay-per-views on this list will be active as of 2013.  Sorry King of the Ring. 

    Concept pay-per-views are always best when they provide a fitting resolution for current storylines, with some pay-per-views considered greater franchises than others. 

5. TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs

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    The TLC pay-per-view gives WWE another excuse to book this unique hardcore ladder match.  These matches are always popular with WWE fans and are relatively easy to book. 

    With the right superstars, the TLC match is an annual spectacle and a fitting send off to WWE's annual pay-per-view schedule. 

    Following a long feud, the TLC match presents finality with a climax that is almost guaranteed to deliver. 

4. WWE Survivor Series

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    Survivor Series has lost a considerable amount of steam over the years.  WWE has gotten away from its dedication to the Survivor Series elimination tag team matches, rendering the pay-per-view almost meaningless.  In 2009, it was almost extinct

    When WWE properly books these tag matches, few gimmicks are better. 

    Survivor Series could see a renaissance year of sorts given the onslaught of stables over the past year-plus.  Should the 2013 Corporation continue to remain a force over the next few months, this could be the most meaningful Survivor Series in years. 

3. Elimination Chamber

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    Elimination Chamber is one of the better concept pay-per-views.  WWE has added value to the franchise by awarding the winner of an Elimination Chamber match with either a world championship or a shot at a world championship. 

    These matches are perennially filled with the top stars, all of whom are competing for one last chance to go to WrestleMania.  Much like The Royal Rumble, The Elimination Chamber has a playoff feel to it leading up to the WWE's biggest show of the year.

2. WWE Money in the Bank

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    WWE Money in the Bank carries more value than most WWE titles.  Given the success rate of superstars who have cashed in the briefcase, it basically serves as an interim world championship. 

    From the Money in the Bank pay-per-view to the manner in which it is cashed, everything about the Money in the Bank brand feels new and exciting. 

1. WWE Royal Rumble

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    WWE Royal Rumble is still one of the most time-honored traditions on professional wrestling.  It is the second-most popular pay-per-view in WWE based on buyrates, and for good reason. 

    Royal Rumble represents the beginning of WrestleMania season, giving the event even more of an A-list feel. 

    The Royal Rumble match is always a crowd-pleasing event given the surprise appearances and feuds that are able to be spawned from eliminations. 

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