The Funniest Fan-Changed Jerseys

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistAugust 29, 2013

The Funniest Fan-Changed Jerseys

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    While it's absolutely crucial for every fan to own their favorite team's jersey, it can get to be a little tiresome purchasing new ones each time the guy whose jersey you're repping gets traded or signs with another team.

    But instead of throwing that outdated piece of mesh away, why not just make some slight modifications and reuse it?

    Some might think this is silly, but those aren't the people who made this list, as these are the funniest fan-changed jerseys.

Lamar Odom (Kardashian) Jersey

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    Lamar Odom and wife Khloe Kardashian may have run into recent problems with their marriage, but back when the lanky power forward played for the Mavericks, one fan just had to poke fun at the fact the baller was balling off the popularity of his wife's last name.

    Odom is a two-time NBA champ and former Sixth Man of the Year, but even that wasn't enough to get respect from some people.

    I have to admit, this one was a low blow.

Michael Vick (Ron Mexico) Jersey

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    It appears that Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has cleaned up his act in the past few years, but before getting back on track, he had some serious baggage going on.

    We all know about the major one—the prison sentence for dogfighting back in 2007—but don't forget about the whole Ron Mexico alias either, as Vick used the name during a complaint in which a lady accused him of giving her herpes back in 2003.

    This Virginia Tech fan certainly didn't forget, customizing a No. 7 Vick jersey into the hilarious name.

Jeremy Lin Jersey

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    Man, how big was Linsanity?

    The unexpected breakout of former Knicks (and current Rockets) guard Jeremy Lin hit not just New York but the entire country like a resounding brick wall, as the guy single-handedly made the Knicks must-see TV.

    As this fan showed, he actually preferred Lin over superstar Carmelo Anthony, as he made a few adjustments to his No. 7 jersey to show his love.

    This thing got so big that they actually made a movie about it.

Tim Tebow Sabres Jersey

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    Most of us know what trolling is.

    If not, it's the act of one person basically trying their best to punk out somebody else.

    And thanks to fans doing it ever so often these days, one Sabres fan took the ultimate plunge by showing up at Madison Square Garden during a Sabres-Rangers game in 2012, attempting to crap on all Jets fans with his "Tebow, LOL" jersey.

    The jersey was probably taken with a smirk from New York fans—though the Rangers did lose 4-1, so who knows if this guy then got a beatdown?

Dwight Howard Jersey

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    After acting like a prom date who couldn't make up her mind on who to go with, former Magic (and current Rockets) center Dwight Howard really led on the fans of Orlando.

    Flip-flopping between wanting to stay or go, clashing with his then coach—and ultimately leading to his dismissal—and then finally accepting a trade to the Lakers kind of left a sour taste in diehards' mouths.

    This young fan decided to show just how sour it was to see Dwight leave, as he felt obligated to call the guy a "Coward" with his old jersey.

Colby Rasmus Jersey

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    If I had a guess, I'd say that this Cardinals fan wasn't to keen of the trade that sent the team's former center fielder Colby Rasmus to the Blue Jays in 2011.

    Why would I make such a claim?

    Well, the fact that he changed the name on the shirsey he has on from Rasmus' last name to "Run out of town," was a pretty clear indicator of his feelings.

Sam Bradford Jersey

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    Who cares how it actually looks, this female Rams fan wasn't about to drop another $75 on a jersey that just had a different name on back.

    Instead, she just grabbed the duct tape to alter the jersey of former Rams receiver Torry Holt, keeping the number eight and putting Sam Bradford's last name on the nameplate.

    Looks fine if you ask me.

Johnny Damon Jersey

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    As one of the self-proclaimed "idiots" on the 2004 Red Sox that won the World Series, former outfielder Johnny Damon became one of the most popular players in Boston during his time in Fenway.

    So when he left for the Yankees through free agency in 2005, Sox fans had a tough predicament, confused on whether to boo the guy or just feel sad that he left for the "Evil Empire."

    This fan seemed to just toss his hands up in sadness, simply changing his old Damon shirt to, "Damn".

    That about says it all.

Ryan Braun Jersey

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    Turns out that not every person in Milwaukee is just good at drinking beer.

    A ton of fans proved that after the announcement of former NL MVP—and beloved Brewers outfielder—Ryan Braun's suspension for using PEDs came last month.

    With fans changing the last name on back to read "Fraud" rather than Braun, it really looks like they felt screwed by the guy.

Masterb 8 Jersey

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    I don't think I've ever heard of a hockey player by the last name of "Masterb"?

    Oh wait, I see what this guy did now.

    Classic move by this dude who decided to have a little bit of fun with his customizable jersey, telling everyone just how much fun he has on his weekend nights—especially after actually wearing a jersey that proudly displays this in public.

Mark Sanchez Jersey

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    Sure, you may know some random facts about Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, but there's definitely one thing every sports fan associates him with—the butt fumble.

    After fumbling the football from a head-on collision with his offensive lineman during a game last year, Sanchez's gaffe has become both Internet and TV gold, with it still atop SportsCenter's "Not Top-10" list since the day it happened.

    This fan just wanted to show his appreciation—or snarkiness—for it.

Browns Quarterback Jersey

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    This one hits painfully close to home, as I've personally had to endure each and every one of these quarterbacks actually starting a game for the Browns since their "rebirth" in 1999.

    As you can tell by the list of names on this fan's jersey, the rebirth has been on life support for quite some time now thanks to a mix of first-round busts/question marks (Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden), washed-up vets (Ty Detmer, Jeff Garcia, Trent Dilfer, Jake Delhomme) and of course, the absolute unknowns (Spergon Wynn, Luke McCown, Bruce Gradkowski).

    OK, I need to stop and go grab a six-pack to down before sitting through another Browns season kicks off.

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