Fantasy Football: 5 Bills That Aren't on Your Radar, but Should Be

Michael Straw@TheMikeStrawContributor IIIAugust 22, 2013

Fantasy Football: 5 Bills That Aren't on Your Radar, but Should Be

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    The return of real football is just around the corner which means fans across the country are getting prepared for another season of fantasy football.

    Players have done their research and compiled countless big boards as they get ready to build a team that will take them all the way to the coveted league championship. But no matter how much someone has researched, or how well they think they prepared, there are some players that just may get overlooked when you finalize your draft plan heading into the big day.

    Take the Buffalo Bills for example.

    One may not look at the Bills as a team with many players that can be of use on a fantasy team. Aside from running back C.J. Spiller and wide receiver Stevie Johnson, people may not have any Bills players on their radar at all.

    Be that as it may, there are a few players on Buffalo’s roster that could very well become impact players that can be had later in a draft for a team looking to get a little added production. 

    But just who are those players?

Scott Chandler

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    Since coming to Buffalo as a waiver pickup in 2010, Scott Chandler has turned into the reliable tight end threat the team hadn't seen since Jay Riemersma was catching passes in the late 90s-early 00s. 

    Standing at 6’7”, Chandler is a large target for the quarterback down the middle of the field with hands that are as soft as a brand new pillow.

    What makes Chandler so helpful to someone looking for a second tight end is his ability to score in the red zone. Of his 12 career touchdown catches, 11 of them came in the red zone, which signifies the trust that his quarterback at the time—Ryan Fitzpatrick—had in him.

    He is coming off a torn ACL suffered against Miami in Week 16 of last season, but is expected to be full go come the time the regular season kicks off on September 8.

Fred Jackson

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    The starter for the better part of the last three seasons, Fred Jackson is finally seeing his role reduced a bit to the backup spot with the emergence of C.J. Spiller has the lead back.

    Despite the fact that Jackson won’t be getting as many carries as he has in previous seasons, fans looking for a third or fourth running back shouldn’t be scared off by Bills offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett’s comments about feeding Spiller the ball, as put it, “until he throws up.”

    Jackson will still get a solid amount of touches, and with the strength that he has, a number of them should come in goal-line situations. That potential for touchdowns makes Jackson a good pickup if there in the second half of a standard league draft.

EJ Manuel

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    The only quarterback taken in the first round in this past April’s draft, EJ Manuel has been a positive for the Bills through the first two preseason games.

    Although he will miss that last two games after having a “minor” procedure done to his knee last Sunday, Manuel should be back in action by Week 1 or Week 2 at the latest. When he returns, it’s expected that Manuel will be the man under center for the Bills as they begin a new era.

    What makes Manuel a valuable pick is that he could be of use as a backup QB to come in when someone’s starter is on his bye week.

    Manuel’s poise in the pocket, accuracy on throws and high completion percentage will make for a solid fill-in performance for any team, especially if it’s a PPR/C (point per reception/completion) league.

Robert Woods

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    The Bills finally have a solid No. 2 receiver opposite Stevie Johnson in rookie second round pick Robert Woods out of USC.

    At 6’1”, Woods provides the Bills with another bigger receiver who will be ready and willing to go over the middle for passes. He has big, strong hands that will catch almost everything thrown his way which could be a lot of passes this season.

    Teams are sure to focus in on Johnson, who has had three straight 1000-yard seasons going into this year, which will allow Woods more opportunities to have single-coverage routes.

    If your league allows it, or you have the roster space, Woods is a good option, who will likely go undrafted, if you want a fourth or fifth receiver on your squad.

Marquise Goodwin

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    Marquise Goodwin is the wild card of the group.

    He has undeniable speed and agility, and has already shown off his field vision in the kick return game with a touchdown against the Indianapolis Colts in Buffalo’s first preseason game.

    For someone simply known for his speed, Goodwin has a decent set of hands that have been on display at Bills training camp that could make him a common target for whoever lines up under center for Buffalo.

    His ability to break away from defenders because of his raw speed should give him ample opportunities to get quality receptions this season.

    Goodwin could very well be a breakout player on Buffalo’s offense, and could be a valuable waiver pick up in a deep league, especially if the league records kick return statistics toward the overall score.