Skateboarder Runs into Child, Angry Mom Punches Him in the Face

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterAugust 20, 2013

Skateboarding is a dangerous sport.

You can eat it and shatter your wrist. You can land awkwardly and roll an ankle. Heck, landing tricks even puts your nether region at risk.

Of all the dangers facing skateboarders, however, “Mom Attack” has never been a top concern for professionals—until now.

Reggie Noble of BroBible recently spotted a video of a skateboarder being attacked by a seething mother, and the incident is full of all the questionable parenting and poor communication you'd expect from a runaway toddler situation at the skatepark.

Professional skateboarder Leland Goldberg was at a skatepark shooting a segment for “Warm Gravy”—a pro skateboarding mixtape—when a child running through the area ended up directly in his path.

Concentrating on his tricks, Goldberg didn’t notice the child until the last instant, and the two collided. The child began crying and was scooped up by a woman.

“I’m sorry, man,” Goldberg tells the child.

“Did you not see him?” the woman asks.  

“I did not see him. I was looking down,” he says.

The situation is awkward but nonviolent—that is, until the boy’s mother finally shows up on the scene.

“Did you run into my son?” the boy’s mother yells. “On his birthday?!”

With nary a look at her son, the boy’s mother goes straight for Goldberg, shoving him in the chest.

“You didn’t see him?” she yells. 

Goldberg is baffled by the shove, considering the collision was accidental. The child and skater were not aware of each other. The incident was not a deliberate attack, despite what the boy’s mother appears to believe.

Before he can explain the situation, however, the woman clocks Goldberg in the mouth. Dumbstruck from the assault, the skater beats a hasty retreat, and the video cuts off.

Walking away was the smart move on Goldberg's part. Right or wrong, this mother couldn't be reasoned with at the time, and further conversation likely would've only provoked her more.

Let it be known that allowing your toddler to run amok at the skatepark without a helmet, pads or supervision is probably not a winning proposition.

By nature, these areas tend to have—ya know—a lot of skaters flying around at high speeds, and they’re not all going to be able to hardflip over your five-year-old.

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