The 15 Ugliest Throwback Uniforms in Sports

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistAugust 6, 2013

The 15 Ugliest Throwback Uniforms in Sports

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    History has a way of repeating itself, doesn't it?

    While people thought that snapbacks, track jackets and nerdy frames were just a fad 20-plus years ago, they've made their way back into the mainstream thanks to our athletes.

    And just like those styles, throwback jerseys have become one of the most popular fads for teams to start wearing.

    I've ranked the sickest ones we've ever seen before, but now I'm focusing on the ones that are a little less than desirable on the eyes, so hopefully you avoid ever wearing one of these things.

Honorable Mention: MLB Futures Uniforms

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    I know that these haven't been worn after MLB (thankfully) came to its senses and realized that the entire pairing of color scheme and design didn't appeal to anyone's, well, senses.

    One of the ugliest sports uniforms to ever grace any level of competition, several teams wore these things back during the 1999 season to show what uniforms in the new millennium might look like.

    MLB already has a PED problem; it doesn't need a fashion problem.

1995-99 Atlanta Hawks

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    I've never liked anything about these Hawks uniforms—even back when Dikembe Mutombo was finger wagging fools after a block in the '90s.

    With way too many different things going on with the numbers over the heart, the different colors fading in and out on the shorts and, of course, that terrible, unfinished hawk in the middle of the jersey, these are a real eyesore.

1914-15 Vancouver Millionaires (Canucks)

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    Did the 2013 version of the Canucks just earn their letterman jackets, or are those actually throwbacks they wore earlier last season?

    Though you may have guessed the former, it was unfortunately the latter that happened, as the Canucks showed that even their ugly jersey from the '70s and '80s could be outdone.

    Maroon with a bunch of stripes pretty much anywhere is bad, but then the giant V with the word "Vancouver" written in it is just epically bad.

1912-13 Montreal Canadiens

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    The Montreal Canadiens might be one of the most famous NHL teams in history, boasting a league record 23 Stanley Cup titles, but that doesn't mean they know good fashion.

    They busted out these striped disasters to rep the 1912 team from the first few years that the organization was established, playing in the NHA before joining the NHL in 1917 as one of the original six teams.

    I can give you all the history about the team as humanly possible, but all I know is that these jerseys should have been history a long time ago.

1983 Chicago White Sox

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    In most cases, it's pretty hard for a team to mess up any uniform with the red, white and blue color combo on it.

    Maybe it's just because those are the colors of the USA, but they're pretty dominant and pair well together—just not in the way the White Sox made them on these 1983 uniforms.

    The jersey itself just looks like a cool t-shirt more than anything (except for the stripes extending to the arms), and the numbers on the pants are always a bad look.

    The team may have done well in these digs 30 years ago, but the dust should not have been swept off them earlier this year.

1934 Philadelphia Eagles

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    The Eagles are identified by most fans by their green and white colors.

    But that wasn't the case when the team donned these baby blue and bright yellow uni's back in 2007 to show respect to the 1934 team.

    The jersey itself might be pretty catchy, but when tossing in the helmet to pair with it, it's just unacceptable.

1968-72 Pittsburgh Penguins

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    I admit that the colors on these uniforms are sick—can't go wrong with the classic navy and power blue teaming up.

    But the way they're designed is what makes them so gross.

    The normal Penguins logo is centered on front and the numbers are a cool font, but that giant stripe that extends from the bottom of the jersey to the sleeves ruin the whole thing for me.

    At least the team won't have to wear these any longer, as they're getting new ones next season.

1936 Washington Senators (Nationals)

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    Yep, these really did happen.

    Back in 2011, the Nationals thought that wearing an all gray, boringly plain uniform was the best idea to honor the city's baseball team in 1936, the Senators.

    As you can probably see, they were absolutely disgusting, and looked like they were actually unfinished.

    Didn't matter, the Nats wore them anyway.

1995-99 Milwaukee Bucks

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    I'm not really sure what compelled the Bucks to decide that putting an actual buck drawing on their jersey would be a good idea, but they did it.

    Milwaukee does have its fair share of great breweries, so maybe the idea came from drinking a few too many of those.

    Either way, these things are just awful, thanks to that buck and the purple and forest green color combo.

1976-94 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    One of the most famous jerseys in all of sports, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' creamsicle look is one that fans either love or really hate.

    Worn for an astonishing 20-plus seasons, there had to be something in the Florida sun that prevented the team from changing things up for that long, because, while these might be hip now, they really are pretty disgusting.

    Where does one wear that other than in pads and a helmet, or more importantly, why would anyone want to?

1972 Memphis Tams (Grizzlies)

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    It's always weird to me when a team takes on the identity of a completely different franchise's history other than their own.

    That's what happened back in 2012 when the Grizzlies found themselves in the Memphis Tams uniforms, a former ABA franchise.

    I've never been a big fan of the green and yellow color combo, but what makes these so awful are the mismatched jersey and shorts.

    What, did these guys just make their middle school basketball team or something?

1929 Green Bay Packers

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    If you've ever checked the prices on a football jersey, you probably know they'll set you back anywhere between $60 and $75.

    Knowing that, I'm actually concerned with anyone who would actually spend that type of money on a jersey like this when they could easily make at home with some sewing equipment or a hot iron?

    Throwbacks are supposed to be hip, not dull, like these versions that the 1929 Packers had.

    With no matching colors from the helmet down to the socks, we must ask that Green Bay never wear these again.

1978 San Diego Padres

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    While there can be a serious argument that any of the throwbacks the team has worn before have been a major strikeout, I still think that the 1978 version are by far the worst.

    Honestly, the color combo makes me think of two things: either a 1970s porn set with shag carpet all over the place, or my grandparents' basement.

    Seeing that pro baseball players are wearing them, that's probably not a good thing.

1975-86 Houston Astros

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    Everything about these uniforms is just wrong.

    From the bright orange helmet, to the extremely loud color mixture going across the front and finally, to the numbers on the thigh, the Astros should have just retired these a long time ago.

    I know they're a popular sell amongst fans, but wow, why players are OK playing in them is beyond me.

    Even worse, how the hell did the team wear these for 11 seasons?

    The disco era truly was a time for experimentation.

1960 Denver Broncos

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    The only thing that's kind of cool about these uniforms are the numbers on the helmet—but even that's a stretch given how the rest of the things look.

    With a terrible combination of colors that brings yellow with a puke brown, the Broncos may have actually offended their 1960 squad by wearing these again.

    And those socks. Don't even get me started on those.

1933 Pittsburgh Steelers

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    As a Cleveland fan, I've been raised ever since I was born to hate everything about the Steelers.

    But I admit that their 1933 throwback is No. 1 here because it truly is hideous, not because of my allegiance to the Browns.

    Hell, even the biggest Pittsburgh fan would have to admit that these uniforms are a major mistake, making the team look more like bumblebees than professional football players.

    And just when you thought the team would forget about these and never wear them again, they announced they'd don them at least once this season in a Nov. 17 game against the Lions.

    That's one game no one should want to watch.

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