It's Time to Fire Up 'Temple Run 2' Because Usain Bolt Is a Playable Character

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 2, 2013

Photo Credit: Imangi Studios (via Temple Run 2 gameplay)
Photo Credit: Imangi Studios (via Temple Run 2 gameplay)

We didn't ask for it, but the makers of Temple Run 2 are allowing fans to use Usain Bolt to zip line, sprint and leap over ridiculous obstacles in the popular game. 

BuzzFeed reports Imangi Studios is giving you the option to now play as the fastest man on the planet, capturing power-ups with world-renowned speed. 

As noted, the app available for iOS and Android devices is free. However, unlocking Bolt will mandate parting with 99 cents. 

In the name of research, I did just that and took Bolt for a spin. 

As you can see, the already addicting game is made all the more enjoyable with Bolt as your avatar. Sadly, the shriek you hear as you plummet off the cliff remains the same. 

Still, having Bolt was enough to steal some time from ongoing Dots gaming, so our initial thought is this was a genius move—at least as far as this writer's smartphone is concerned. 

USA Today actually received word from Bolt via email on his involvement and how he came to be the first real-life personality to offer his likeness to the game. 

Apparently, we have your incessant tweets to thank: "People always tweeted at me and told me what a great fit my character would be in Temple Run, so finally seeing myself in the game is epic."

Bolt goes on to say he is a huge Call of Duty gamer, but Temple Run is on heavy rotation on all of his devices. 

Q: How did you get connected with the Temple Run developers?
A: Imangi contacted my team about being a unique character in the game. My response: make it happen ASAP!

Q: What's it about Temple Run that makes it addictive?
A: For me I think its just simple, fun and energetic. And it makes you feel you can run forever while skipping over and under all the various obstacles.

Q: Do you play the game and on what device(s)?
A: I have a few different types of mobile handsets and Temple Run is on them all.

Now, you might be thinking that Bolt in this particular game would be akin to Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl: An unstoppable force that makes the game a breeze. 

It seems that the character is just as fast as any other; with the obvious addition of multiple power-ups you can gain along the way. 

Really, the charm is just seeing Bolt tackle a ridiculous obstacle course, and we will take it. 

The app is one of many "endless running" type games like Rail Rush and Pitfall, but Temple Run now has the edge with the swift-footed superstar who is apparently well adept at leaping over flames and diving under arbitrarily placed tree limbs. 

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