5 Websites Every Boston Bruins Fan Should Have Bookmarked

Michael Smith@@smithmichael8 Contributor IIIAugust 1, 2013

5 Websites Every Boston Bruins Fan Should Have Bookmarked

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    If you're a fan who craves constant availability of sports coverage, this is a great age in which to live.

    Fans looking to quench their thirst for updates and analysis of their favorite teams can simply pull out their iPhones or log onto their computers or tablets any time of day to get their fix.

    For Boston Bruins fans wanting to read daily about Julien, Bergeron and Rask, there are plenty of options from which to choose.

    But which ones are the best?

    Well, it depends on what you're looking for. There are certain sites to go to if you want stats, analysis and tickets; other sites are better resources for humor, blogs and videos.

    Here are the top five websites that every Bruins fans should have bookmarked.


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    It's not the most exciting choice, but it has all of the information a Bruins fan needs.

    Because it's the official website of the club, you will find links to tickets, apparel, stats and most importantly, the team's schedule.

    The best part about the website is the design. On the right-hand side, the official Twitter of the team is streaming, and below that is the calendar, which shows the team's slate of games. It's not a surprise if you go to the site and find everything you need without having to leave the home page.

    Bruins.nhl.com will provide stats, photos and video of press conferences from players and coaches from after every game and practice. It also has links to other official organizations associated with the club, like foundations and charities.

    If you're looking for unbiased coverage, this is the place. You won't find humor or commentary arguing for a certain player to step up. (I'll show you where you can go for that later.)


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    The Boston Globe has long been considered one the country's best newspapers for sports coverage. With past writers like Bob Ryan, Peter Gammons, Jackie MacMullan, Will McDonough and Leigh Montville, the Globe has always provided outstanding coverage of Boston sports.

    In 2009, Sports Illustrated called the paper's staff of the 1970s and '80s the greatest ever.

    And that trend continues today, with the sports section of Bostonglobe.com.

    Fluto Shinzawa is the Bruins beat reporter for the paper, and he provides readers with great information and daily insight into the happenings inside the locker room. He's a great follow on Twitter, especially during games. He will tweet about line combinations, injuries and other tidbits he sees from the press box.

    Kevin Paul Dumont, a longtime Globe columnist, has been covering the NHL since the 1970s and is one of the best in the business.

    This isn't the place for stats, photos or highlights. But if you want superb writing about your favorite team, bostonglobe.com/sports is exactly what you're looking for.

    Longtime sports columnist Dan Shaughnessy covers the Bruins too, and even if you're one of many who don't like his work, you can't deny that he has great access to the club and is knowledgeable about the history of the franchise.

    This is the place for old-school readers who want to get their Bruins coverage from some of the best writers in the country.


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    The New England Hockey Journal is anyone's go-to source for all things hockey in the Northeast, and it can be found at hockeyjournal.com.

    There is extensive coverage of pro, college, junior and high school hockey in the New England area. For the professional ranks, there is coverage dedicated to the NHL as a whole, as well as a tab covering only the Bruins.

    This site is great because it provides news about the B's, as well as two blogs: the black and gold blog and one written by Kirk Leudeke.

    The black and gold blog provides analysis and insight and is especially good for game recaps. It's biased in favor of Boston which is great for die-hard fans but will annoy traditionalists.

    Kirk Leudeke is fantastic, and every Bruins fan should check out his work. He's been covering the NHL since 2000, and his coverage of this year's draft was extensive and provided great detail on all of Boston's newest draftees.

    It's not the most exciting source for Bruins news, but it's one that every fan should check regularly.


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    The No. 2 website every Bruins fans should have bookmarked is stanleycupofchowder.com, part of SB Nation.

    The articles are written by Bruins fans, and it's evident how much they care about their team in their work. The content is good, and when fans are reading, they will feel as if they're listening to a buddy talking about the B's at a bar—rather than a reporter who doesn't inject enough enthusiasm into his or her work.

    You can feel the passion in each piece.

    On the site, there are articles, videos, pictures and polls to vote on. You will find topics that fans care about and there are offseason "report cards" written about players, which is great when there isn't anything breaking during the slow months leading up to training camp.

    The report cards also give fans a chance to slurp their favorite skaters or rip them if they had a bad season.

    The "fanpost" section where readers can pose questions and topics for others to comment on is great, too. It brings lively discussion and debate about the Bruins and the NHL as a whole.

    An excellent blog to check out on stanleycupofchowder.com is "Old Tymey Boston Hockey." OTBH, which also features stories about Bruins players and coaches from the last several decades, is one of the best blogs to cover the history of a sports team that I've ever seen.

    The site describes itself as a Boston Bruins community. Every fan should want to be a part of it.


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    The No. 1 website to have bookmarked is daysofyorr.com.

    It's biased as hell, and that's why it's the best.

    It's funny. It's brash. It's written by fans who get it.

    Here is how the website describes itself:

    Days of Y’Orr is a completely, 100% biased blog about the NHL and the Boston Bruins. We think Shawn Thornton is the third greatest NHL player of all time (behind Lemieux and Orr), sympathize with Joe Thornton and do Renee Rancourt fistpumps during even the most pedestrian of accomplishments. We are still bitter towards Ulf Samuellson and have shrines to Cam Neely. We love Ray Bourque, but refuse to support those half Bruins, half Avalanche jerseys people wear.

    How great is that?

    Hockey knowledge with humor and loyalty to the club? It doesn't get any better.

    Days of Y'Orr won the 2012 Best Sports Blogger and Best Boston Blogger awards from the Boston A-List.

    Perhaps the best aspect of the site is its hilarious use of photoshop on various pictures, including Jaromir Jagr as Samuel Adams and Patrice Bergeron riding a horse. There are posts for players' birthdays, and the devotion the site has to "Mr. Perfect" (Bergeron) is comparable to that which a tween girl exhibits toward Justin Bieber.

    The content isn't as good as the Bruins' official website through the NHL, but it does have videos of interviews and good coverage of games.

    This is the place to go to bash the Montreal Canadiens and players like Matt Cooke and Aaron Rome.

    You'll always be entertained at Days of Y'orr. I promise.

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