Incredible Plays by Everyday Athletes

Josh Schoch@JoshSchochAnalyst IIIAugust 28, 2013

Incredible Plays by Everyday Athletes

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    Believe it or not, ordinary people can do extraordinary things in sports.

    Not every top-10 play has to come from superstars like Yasiel Puig, LeBron James and Adrian Peterson, with the evidence being these 10 everyday athletes.

    These guys and gals leave hope that even we sports fans and wannabe athletes can make some spectacular plays of our own. Heck, they make me think my out-of-shape self can do something cool.

    Let's take a look at the top plays by everyday athletes.

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    To make this list, the "athletes" in question must be average at best and the play has to be the highlight of an otherwise-pedestrian career.

    No, LeBron, you're not allowed on this list!

10. Sneaky QB

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    This high school quarterback knows how to confuse a defense.

    By taking the ball and walking five yards before taking off for the end zone, he buys enough time to create space and run in for a 68-yard touchdown run.

    Watch him get leveled as he celebrates too!

9. Sam Gordon Destroys All-Male Football League

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    From a young age, Sam Gordon decided that she preferred pigskins and touchdowns over dresses and dolls, and the nine-year-old female football phenom has received national attention.

    Not only has Gordon broken the gender barrier in peewee football and shown up all the boys around her, but she has also achieved every kid's dream of being on a box of Wheaties!

8. 8-Year-Old Girl Has Mad Skills!

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    Camdyn Cole made her first YouTube appearance at the age of seven, and even then she was showing off dribbling skills that most adults don't have.

    Now eight years old, Cole keeps getting better and better, and while this isn't necessarily a play, it's still darn impressive.

    I wish I could do that.

7. 9-Year-Old Hockey Player Has Sickest Penalty Shot Ever

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    I can't even find this kid's name anywhere on the Internet, but by God, he does things no hockey player should be able to do...and he's nine.

    Yup, this kid just schooled all of us on how to take a penalty shot. This is probably the greatest penalty ever taken on the Bruins' home ice—and it wasn't by an NHL player.

    If you can share any details on who this kid is, I'll be your best friend forever.

6. Hamit Altintop's Insane Volley

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    You may not have heard of Hamit Altintop, but he made a play against Kazakhstan that would make Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi jealous.

    The Turkish football player let loose one of the greatest volleys you'll ever see, scoring from outside the box on a rocket of a kick.

5. The Greatest Rugby Hit You'll Ever See

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    Ruslan Casey delivered quite possibly the greatest hit in the history of rugby, if not the greatest hit in the history of sports.

    It takes a lot for a rugby player to get noticed in America, but laying one of these bone-crushing hits will get anyone noticed.

    It's a miracle the guy could get up after. I wouldn't have moved for about a week.

4. Angelo Sharpless Did What?!?!

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    Angelo Sharpless is a complete unknown outside of his family and friends and perhaps a few diehard D-II basketball fans, but this dunk is just sick.

    Sharpless doesn't put his defender on a poster, but he sure makes him look stupid when he slams the ball over his head.

3. Baby Titus

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    We've all seen baby Titus sinking shots, but that doesn't mean it's any less impressive.

    "Trick Shot Titus" has been all over the Internet, becoming a YouTube star and even appearing on several daily talk shows.

    Unfortunately he was hit in the face by a pass from Brian Kilmeade on one of his shows, but Trick Shot Titus is still way above average for his age group.

2. Ravenna's Ridiculous Pass

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    If you're a fan of new and creative ways to throw a football, you'll love this play by Ravenna to win a high school football game.

    The school's quarterback flips the ball over his shoulder as he is tackled, and one of his receivers has the presence of mind to leap over and catch it in the end zone to win the game.

    Anyone else think they can do that?

1. New Rochelle's Crazy Finish

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    In a high school game between New Rochelle and Mount Vernon, the former pulled off one of the greatest buzzer-beaters in the history of basketball.

    After losing the long in-bounds pass, the team stole the ball back and heaved up a prayer, only to find out that prayer was answered.

    Also, watch the ref try to control the crowd at 0:35 but get hit and cower in fear.

    What's your favorite play by an everyday athlete? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!