Things a Jacksonville Jaguars Fan Says

Jon Shumake@@JonShu89Contributor IIIJune 28, 2013

Things a Jacksonville Jaguars Fan Says

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    The Jacksonville Jaguars have had a lot of ups and downs throughout their short 18-year history.

    The organization spoiled its fans through its first several years in the league. The Jaguars won two AFC Central division titles and made the AFC Championship Game twice in their first five years of existence.

    But the good times didn't last forever and the franchise has struggled for the better part of the last decade. Wins have been hard to come by in recent years and the team has routinely found itself near the top of the draft.

    With the Jaguars becoming perennial losers, the fans became more negative about the team. The fans stuck by their team, but they had their hearts broken too many times by the Jaguars to talk positively about them.

    After years of disappointment, things are finally looking up for the franchise, and the fans are getting excited once again. Sure, there is still some negativity and bitterness left over from the ghosts of seasons past, but Jags fans are mostly upbeat when talking about their team.

    Here are some things Jaguars fans are likely to say.

"Because Jaguars."

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    2012 was a frustrating year for Jaguars fans. Not only were fans so embarrassed by the team's play they resorted to wearing bags over their heads and call themselves "Baguars," but they also ran out of ways to voice their displeasure.

    So they coined a new phrase: "Because Jaguars."

    What exactly does it mean?

    It's the perfect explanation for the situations the team found itself in last season. The Jaguars couldn't just be bad, the football gods often had to add salt to the wounds. Every week something new and more absurd would happen that could only happen to a team like the Jaguars, thus "Because Jaguars" was born.

    How could a team having more transactions than points scored at home, according to Jaguars Blog? Because Jaguars.

    How could Michael Spurlock have two of the best performances of his career, per Matt Calkins of, just weeks after Jacksonville released him? Because Jaguars.

    How could Deji Karim return a kick 101 yards for a touchdown for the Indianapolis Colts after Jacksonville cut him following two poor seasons? Because Jaguars.

    It became such a common saying, it was even put on a shirt.

    Thankfully with new general manager David Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley, "Because Jaguars" seems to be a thing of the past. Or, at the very least, take a more positive meaning.


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    Calling Jacksonville by the county it rests in, Duval, was popularized by rappers in the 1990s, and it has slowly crept its way into game day at EverBank Field.

    "Duuuval!" became a rallying cry for Jags since beginning in the early '00s. The chant became synonymous with former Jaguars players such as Mike Peterson and Paul Spicer, and was just another aspect of the dominant and physical defense that defined the team during the decade.

    Even though those tough Jacksonville teams are becoming a distant memory, the shouts of "Duuuval!" still echo throughout the stadium on game day. Whether it's before the game, during a big defensive stand, or after a big win, fans will scream it as loud as they can.

    Sure, the argument could be made it's about county pride, but in all honestly, it's just a lot of fun to say. I can't deny I shout "Duuuval!" at the top of my lungs at least a few times a week.

"He's a Weapon!"

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    Those were the words spoken by NFL Network's Rich Eisen moments after the Jaguars selected punter Bryan Anger with the 70th pick of the 2012 draft.

    Sure, it was a sarcastic comment, but Anger turned out to be just that. Well, as much of a weapon as a punter be.

    Anger had an outstanding rookie season. He broke rookie punting records for gross average (47.8) and net yards (40.8) per punt. His play led to him earning a spot on Pro Football Weekly's All-Rookie Team alongside teammate Justin Blackmon.

    As Jaguars fans watched him play, they began saying it, too; only minus the sarcasm. He is a special player and someone who is well on his way to becoming the best punter in the NFL.

    Fans will have the chance to say that about another player, as the Jags weren't content by having just one weapon. They added another to the arsenal during the 2013 draft by selecting Denard Robinson in the fifth round.

    Robinson isn't just a weapon in theory; he is listed on the team's roster as the NFL's first ever "OW:" offensive weapon.

    Fox Sports' Alex Marvez reports the Jaguars are going to try to get Robinson the ball 10-15 times a game from a variety of positions.

    With two weapons on the roster, the Jaguars could potentially be the most dangerous team in the league.

"We Khan Do It!"

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    It's more than just a horrible pun; it's a tribute to Jacksonville's mustachioed owner Shad Khan.

    Fans have fallen in love with Khan since he bought the team from Wayne Weaver in November 2011. Sure, Jags fans have become obsessed with his 'stache, but who could blame them? It's a marvelous mustache, and has been described as "two lightning bolts of cool" shooting from under his nose by Matt Crossman of Sporting News.

    But his incredible facial hair isn't the only thing Jaguars fans love about him. They also love his passion for the team and his commitment to keeping the Jaguars in Jacksonville.

    He has been investing money into the stadium since taking over the team. Last year, he put about $10 million in renovating the locker rooms and training rooms, according to Vito Stellino of The Florida Times-Union.

    Khan's latest plans are a bit more ambitious. The city and the Jaguars agreed on a $63 million makeover of EverBank Field, which includes installation of the world's largest scoreboards, Alfie Crow of Big Cat Country reports. The team will be responsible for $20 million of the initial cost and any overrun the project may have, per the report.

    The second-year owner isn't just looking to improve the Jaguars, but he could have ideas to improve the city of Jacksonville itself. Catherin Varnum of Action News reports that Khan is interested in buying prime unused real estate that could bring more jobs and revenue to the city.

    Khan's commitment to Jacksonville has been obvious from the start. It's impossible to not be excited about what the future holds in store for the Jaguars with him as the owner.

"At Least Our Mascot Rules."

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    Jaguars fans know their team sucks. Jacksonville has had just three winning seasons since the year 2000 and have finished in the bottom half of the AFC South seven times since the realignment.

    While the team has struggled for the majority of the past decade, there is one thing Jaguars fans can be proud of: Jaxson de Ville.

    Considered one of the best mascots in the league by Bleacher Report's Chris Dela Rosa, de Ville has been one of the lone consistent bright spots for the organization in recent years.

    Whether he's risking his life for our entertainment, streaking or picking fights with national writers, the big cat is always finding new ways to bring happiness to people.

    Happiness to everyone but the visiting teams; de Ville has been been known to get under the skin of Jacksonville's opponents. His antics have caused the league to enforce rules against mascots not once, per, but twice, according to Michael David Smith of

    De Ville is easily one of the best mascots in the league. Now if only the team would catch up.

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