16 Sports Moments That Send Fans into a Rage

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJune 25, 2013

16 Sports Moments That Send Fans into a Rage

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    We all do it, but we have different reasons for it.

    Some might do it while at the bar—right Gronk?

    Others are forced into a rage after something bad happens to them.

    And, for better or worse, we all do it when it's our 21st birthday party.

    But whether you do it to celebrate something, or just out of absolute anger, sports fans are some of the most common ragers out there.

    These just happen to be the moments they tend to do it the most.

When All Hope Seems Lost

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    We've all had those moments watching a game when we just have that pit in our stomach, because we know it's over.

    Our team seems to be pissing themselves, seemingly doing everything in their power to lose.

    It's at that point we go nuts. We experience so many emotions that we want to throw something through the TV screen, or give them a pep talk to uplift them.

    Sometimes they overcome it, but most times they don't.

    Regardless of outcome, it's painful as hell to sit through.

After a Monster Play

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    You know the types of plays I'm talking about.

    They're the ones that make the entire arena or stadium jump out of their seats. The ones that make jaws drop and hands over fly their heads in amazement.

    These aren't your ordinary big-timers, but the ones where you brag to your friends that you were there in person, as they have to settle for watching it all over ESPN's Top 10.

Anytime the Jets Make a First-Round Pick

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    Assuming you've watched the NFL Draft on TV before, this probably isn't a major shocker to see on here because, well, Jets fans never like their team's first-round pick.

    It's the most anticipated selection each year, as the cameras, commentators and spectators watching at home await to see the stamp of disapproval from "Gang Green's" fateful.

After a Star Player's Bad Performance

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    Trust me, as someone who always seems to be the bridesmaid and never the bride—hey, I'm from Cleveland—there have been plenty of sports moments in my lifetime where I've felt enraged by a star player's lack of showing up.

    LeBron during the 2010 playoffs against the Celtics comes to mind for me personally.

    Many of us find ourselves defending a star no matter what. But when that athlete ruins an opportunity by tanking on the biggest stage, us fans take it personally, wondering what in the hell happened—and causing us to have a really long offseason when it's the last game or series.

After a Half-Court Shot or Buzzer Beater

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    There's almost nothing more exciting in sports than seeing your team possessing the ball with just a few seconds left on the clock, tension at its all-time highest and one play is left to decide the game.

    Most people sweat the chance to take the last shot, toss up a Hail Mary or swing at the final strike, but the most clutch come through to make fans erupt with positive rage—especially when it happens at home.

When Talking About an Athlete Who Was a Bust

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    Few things get fans more enraged than a player who ends up being a bust.

    Everyone can say what they want when given a second chance at drafting someone, but because it's unrealistic for it to happen, we're all forced to deal with years of misery and awful play when that certain player doesn't work out as expected.

    From Darko Milicic in the NBA, to JaMarcus Russell in the NFL, we've all had to endure pathetic picks that our front offices have pulled the trigger on.

Seeing the Star Player Benched

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    It's always a sight for sore eyes when the star of your team puts on his sweats and is reserved a spot on the bench, isn't it?

    For a variety of reasons, that player can be riding pine.

    They could be playing poorly and were pulled. The coach might be waving the white flag and saving him from injury. Or worse, it might be a coaching decision in a critical point in the game, driving fans nuts that their star isn't in there.

    Win or lose, fans want the best out there, so it's awful when the so-called leader isn't in there.

After Leaving a Game Too Early

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    You won't find much sympathy from me for anyone who leaves a sporting event early because, well, it should never even be in the stratosphere of thoughts while at a game.

    Regardless of score or potential outcome, it's a fans responsibility to cheer on their team until the final play—especially because you can miss something amazing.

    If you are one of those who try to "beat traffic" by bouncing early, you deserve a swift kick off the bandwagon. You shouldn't be upset when arena security doesn't let you back in after your awful decision.

Rushing the Floor

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    What better way to celebrate your team's victory than storming the playing surface and raging with the players and coaches who just won the damn thing?

    Though it's not really possible to do during a pro event, anyone at a college game should be prepped and ready to sprint once that clock ticks zero. Raging amidst other fans will be better than that house party you went to with the two girls mud wrestling.

During a Rivalry Game

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    Anyone who has ever been to a college football game knows what I'm talking about here.

    Once that rival bus rolls into town, the beer flows like water and the rage comes out in bunches.

    Starting at the tailgates and continuing into the stadium, fans will run their mouths and do whatever they can to get both the opposing team and opposing team's fans off their game.

    Unfortunately, the combo can result in some physical violence, but hey, that's what sports does to us sometimes.

When a Player Returns for the First Time

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    Once a beloved athlete on your favorite team agrees to take their greatness somewhere else, it's never a warm welcome when that person returns for the first time with their new team.

    It's a fan's right, if the player deserves it, to make hateful signs, print clever shirts and have the boo birds rain down in full force each time the traitor is in eyesight.

Another Team Runs Up the Score

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    Want to really get pissed off? Just watch how another team toys with the players you're rooting for by refusing to stop scoring.

    It's an unwritten rule in sports, but generally speaking, teams with a big lead are expected to take their foot off the gas and ease up a bit.

    But when an opposition rubs your team's faces in the mud by embarrassing them, you have every reason to rage.

When They End Up on Camera

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    This is absolutely the finest display of fanism I have ever seen in my life, and I actually regret not linking to it before today.

    The stunt this kid pulls off is nothing short of spectacular, as he shows every single sports fan how to really live up the moment when a cameraman actually finds you dancing in the aisles.

    There have been good ones in the past, but this is the gold standard, so I hope you're taking notes.

After a Missed or Bad Call

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    As we all know, refs carry a major responsibility in determining the outcome of a game.

    So when the zebras mess something up that's either clearly a missed call, or just one that we find to be in favor of the opponent, nothing short of vulgar words should be spilling from fans' mouths.

    Rushing the playing surface or using anything as a weapon should be resisted, but that's the type of anger one should have.

When a Star Athlete Leaves Town

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    Does "The Decision" ring a bell to anyone else?

    In one of the most miserable moments of my life—where I admit to a few tears falling after LeBron James took his talents to South Beach—anytime a star player packs their bags for another city, it's devastating.

    James is an extreme example, but guys like Dwight Howard and Josh Hamilton are just a few others where fans took their rage out on a guy for openly leaving.

After Winning a Championship

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    Just as athletes say that it's all about playing for titles, so too is the mentality for every single fan, hoping, praying and losing plenty of sleep (and hair) over that fateful championship celebration.

    So when your team finally does it, the one thing that goes through everyone's mind is—party.

    It's just how epic you really want to make it.

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