2008 NCAA Basketball National Championship Match Ups

TK on ToastSenior Analyst IApril 8, 2008

Here is a quick look at the starting lineups and who might have the edge in each match up for tonight's NCAA basketball championship game.

Kansas vs. Memphis

PG – Derrick Rose (Memphis) vs. Mario Chalmers (Kansas)
Of course the edge goes to Rose since I believe he’s the best player on the court tonight.

But don’t give him to much of an edge because Mario Chalmers can flat out play. He’s by far the most talented player on KU’s roster and he’s got nuts the size of Sam Cassell. Any big shot will be his to take and I don’t look for him to be scared one bit tonight in the national spotlight.

Rose might have worked his way up to be the #1 player taken in next years NBA draft but he’ll have his hands full tonight.

SG – Antonio Anderson (Memphis) vs. Russell Robinson (Kansas)
Robinson is the most overrated player on the floor tonight but he might get the assignment to guard Rose when they are playing man-to-man. He’s not strong enough to cover Rose and his offensive game is basically non-existent.

Anderson usually knocks down a couple big threes throughout the game and I think he’ll be steady tonight.

Both are role players but I give the edge to Anderson

SF – Chris Doughlas-Roberts (Memphis) vs. Brandon Rush (Kansas)
This is the biggest match up of the night for me.

CDR is the better player but Rush is KU’s perimeter shooter and when he goes this team goes. He’ll need to score 15+ tonight for KU to be in this game and must contain CDR when they are playing man-to-man.

I don’t know what the scouting report on CDR has been throughout this tournament but the guy shoots like a sissy from outside 10 feet so give him some space and make him shoot jump shots. If you attempt to pressure him at all, you might as well call it a night because he’ll teach you things off the dribble.

I give the edge to CDR, but Rush has a chance to knock down some threes to keep KU in this game.

PF – Robert Dozier (Memphis) vs. Darrell Arthur (Kansas)
I think KU must exploit this match up because Dozier cannot stay with Arthur on the low block.

Arthur is much stronger and should be able to use that size for some easy buckets and on the offensive glass.

KU runs high-low about as good as any team in the country and must be looking to feed Arthur early and often.

Dozier has a tendency to get into foul trouble early and don’t see that changing tonight being overmatched by Arthur and rest of KU’s bigs. Edge goes to Arthur.

C – Joey Dorsey (Memphis) vs. Darnell Jackson (Kansas)
Darnell Jackson is close to being the most improved player in college basketball this year. He’s been consistent throughout the season scoring and rebounding, which must continue tonight.

Dorsey will be doing everything in his power to keep Jackson off the block on defense and hits the offensive glass as hard as any player in this tournament. Jackson better be ready to use some pump fakes otherwise most of his shots will be going into the seventh row.

Dorsey has been an unsung hero in this tournament, not getting much attention but he owns the lane defensively and has been a force on the offensive and defensive glass. KU better attempt to get Dorsey into foul trouble early otherwise points might be scarce.

Coach John Calipari (Memphis) vs. Coach Bill Self (Kansas)
I hate both these guys.

Self usually chokes in big games and Calipari saying his teams piss poor FT shooting doesn’t matter. It hasn’t yet, John, but if this game comes down to the last possession or two I would foul Joey Dorsey any day of the week because he’s worse than Shaq from the line.

Both these tools are big time sissies and to tell you the truth, I don’t want either to win a title.

Of course one will have to tonight so I’m going with Kansas in a mini-upset tonight over Memphis 77-74.

Tears will be in our eyes after the game when we listen to the greatest post-tournament song “One Shining Moment”.


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