5-Star Miami Commit Kc McDermott Talks Recruiting, and Turning Down Urban Meyer

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIJune 6, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Kc McDermott, a 5-star offensive tackle, has been committed to Miami since April of 2013, but he's been a Hurricanes fan his whole life.

McDermott is one of Miami's marquee 2014 commitments, and he has star potential. He checks in at 6'6'', 285 pounds and is ranked as the No. 3 offensive tackle in the 2014 class, according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings. 

The 247Sports Composite also ranks him as the No. 5 player from the state of Florida, so he's without a doubt an important recruit for Al Golden and his staff.

Fortunately for Golden and Co., McDermott seems to be 100 percent committed to the Miami program. 

McDermott talked all things Miami in a recent phone interview with Bleacher Report. Here's how it went down:

Andrew Kulha: First off, why exactly did you choose to commit to Miami?

Kc McDermott: Overall, it's the best fit for me. Coach [Al] Golden is a great coach and he's bringing that team back to what it was. Coach [Art] Kehoe is a living legend, probably the best offensive line coach in all of college football. I grew up loving that school. That was my school growing up.

My room was painted Hurricane colors, I had a Hurricane bed cover. Everything that I loved was Miami Hurricanes. It also helps being close to home, being able to see my family on the weekends. It's only an hour away from home.

The academics are out of control—one of the best engineering programs in the country.

AK: What's Coach Golden like?

KM: He's a laid-back guy. He's definitely a players' coach. If you ever have a problem, just go straight to him—you don't have to go to your position coach.

At Notre Dame, they had a specific coach that you went to, to talk to. They came and said, 'We want this for the team', and he would relay that to the head coach.

No, Golden says 'I'm the guy, if you need anything come to me, my door's open.'

He's just one of those coaches that's all about the players and he does everything that they ask him to.


AK: What are your thoughts on star Miami running back Duke Johnson?

KM: Un-believable. He's absolutely, unbelievably phenomenal. He does everything 110 percent all the time. He does everything he can for his team and for his coaches.

Asked about the recruiting process and the tendency fans have to take things above and beyond acceptable and respond negatively to recruits, McDermott talked about a time when a fake Urban Meyer account tweeted at him. That story led to this story about the time he turned down Coach Meyer in person...

AK: What's the Urban Meyer story?

KM: The Urban Meyer thing was just funny to me. He came to my school a week after I told his assistant that I wasn't even interested in them. I told him no to his face, and it's got to be one of the top five reactions of someone ever. His facial expression was just so funny. My coach was tearing up and had to go in his office to laugh.

AK: Talk more about coach Meyer's face when you told him no. Was he mad, upset? 

KM: More like the state of shock where the guy has literally never been told no in his life. It literally looked like a kid the first time you tell him 'no, you can't do something.' It looked like he was a baby about to cry. It was so funny.

The future of Miami football is bright, and McDermott projects to be one of the key players for the program. He's a talented recruit, but he also seems to have the right mindset. 

His answer to this last question is sure to leave Miami fans smiling.

AK: What's your favorite part about being an offensive lineman?

KM: Putting people on the ground. Being able to lock up on someone with perfect form and putting them on their ass in the ground, in front of everybody.

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