TNA's Zema Ion Posts Update on His Health, Indie Holding Benefit Show to Help

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJune 3, 2013

Zema with the X Division title (from ImpactWrestling.com)
Zema with the X Division title (from ImpactWrestling.com)

On his official Twitter account, TNA wrestler Zema Ion has posted an update on his health.

Ion, a former X Division champion who has been with TNA for two years, was rushed to the hospital two weeks ago and underwent an emergency appendectomy. Worryingly, the doctors also found a tumor in his colon, which may or may not be benign (tests are ongoing).

Ion recounted the story here.

With Ion lacking health insurance, the star's girlfriend has set up an official fund to raise money for his expensive medical bills. The fund has so far garnered a little over $6,000 (the target is $30,000).

Little-known indie Chicago group GALLI, which Ion has wrestled for in the past, is also hosting a benefit show for the wrestler next week.

Interestingly, TNA has remained silent on the issue. As PWInsider's Mike Johnson noted when reporting the GALLI news, "As of yet, TNA has not publicly acknowledged they would be assisting Ion, a former X-Division champion."

Other wrestling critics have also slammed the company for its inaction.

Even the biggest fan of American's No. 2 promotion would be hard-pressed to defend the company over this matter.

Come on, could you imagine a WWE guy under contract ever resorting to asking fans for money? Of course not.

Even the now-defunct WCW, for all its flaws, never had a situation like this.

TNA likes to promote itself as a viable competitor to WWE and a big-league promotion, but it is embarrassing situations like this that remind people just why it is a distant No. 2.

Thankfully, there is a positive update on Ion at last, as the star tweeted earlier today that he finally feels well enough to hit the gym.

Hopefully, Ion will get the all-clear and return to in-ring action soon. At a time when TNA's X Division needs all the help it can get (sadly, Kenny King does not have what it takes to carry the division), the talented and charismatic Ion is desperately needed.


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