Beliebers Defend Justin Bieber by Trashing Eric Dickerson on Twitter

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 30, 2013

You mess with Justin Bieber, you mess with the Belieber Army, a ragtag outfit of motivated individuals with far too much time on their hands and access to Twitter. 

They are like the A-Team except they have zits and live at their mom's house. 

Fox Sports brings us word that Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson was bombarded with Belieber venom after his hilarious quip on Twitter that was directed toward the pop star. 

For those uninitiated or just into reruns, here is the post that sparked a flood of tweets fueled by an undying love for all things Bieber. 

Fox Sports did a great job of capturing a healthy smattering of the vitriol with some of the nasty bits edited out, so we bring that to you here. 

If you feel a tad discombobulated, you just haven't been keeping up. TMZ reported that over the weekend, Bieber's erratic driving caught the eye and the ire of former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson. 

Johnson attempted to confront the singer at his house to no avail. Police have subsequently investigated the matter, one that has caused many around the Calabasas community to sound off with their frustration over Bieber and his desire to drive at unsafe speeds. 

So you can understand that a story that is just one level above crazy has now entered a whole new echelon of nuts. 

Every last Bieber fan seems to have trouble aptly expressing themselves towards an NFL legend who doesn't want to get run over by a Ferrari while heading to the store, so let us help them out. 

As for the tweets, I particularly enjoy BELIEBER, who tells Dickerson to shut his mouth before calling him a name, following that up by telling Dickerson to mind his own business. It has a nice, well-rounded audaciousness to it. 

The rest seem to resort to old jokes, which is the final throes of boredom before you go check what mom has in the freezer. 

Every great franchise comes in threes, so we wait with eager anticipation for the next chapter of Bieber vs. The World

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