Microsoft Woos Sports Fans with Extensive Fantasy Football Content for Xbox One

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 22, 2013

Photo Credit: Techno Buffalo
Photo Credit: Techno Buffalo

Microsoft, you have our attention. 

A video-game-mad world sat with eager anticipation Tuesday when Microsoft announced its next console, Xbox One. As we would soon learn, there is indeed a great deal involved to interest sports fans. 

Mashable brings what has to be amazing news for fantasy football owners who were already planning on plunking down a handsome sum to get the console whenever it releases. 

One of the most interesting developments is that the NFL will partner with Microsoft to bring exclusive content to the system as well as to an owner's "tablet and smartphone apps that ties the TV experience in with your fantasy league teams."

In the simplest of terms, users will be able to watch live games and get updates on their fantasy teams all on the same TV screen. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had this to say, via Mashable

From the use of instant replay to the yellow first-down line that has become an important element of the at-home television viewing experience, the NFL is committed to leveraging technology to improve our game for coaches, players and fans. We're thrilled to be teaming with a true innovator like Microsoft to shape the future of the NFL game experience, both on-field and in the living room.

The following video hints at what one might expect from the marriage of NFL coverage and Xbox One's software. 

That's not all, because it seems sports fans will be able to seamlessly go between video-game playing and sports watching. 

The following Wired video touches upon that very thing. 

Wired also reports on what Xbox One owners can expect from the system in what they call "Snapping in," which is "the Xbox One’s task-switching mechanism, and it’s made possible by some serious operating system kung fu. The Xbox One simultaneously runs three separate operating systems."

That "Snapping" allows users to instantly go from playing a game to watching SportsCenter. As it notes, it also helps fantasy sports owners. 

"Keeping an eye on your fantasy football team while you watch Monday Night Football? Done. It’s the second-screen experience—all on one screen."

So far, there is no word on whether the fantasy sports tool works across multiple website platforms like Yahoo! Sports or if this is simply isolated to leagues run by NFL.com. 

Either way, it's interesting to see where living room entertainment is headed for sports fans. 

I remember the days when dedicating time to playing Bases Loaded or Madden meant missing some vital sports programming. 

Microsoft may have inched us closer to having all we could ever want as far as sports entertainment. While I need to see it to actually believe this is a game changer, I cannot say that I am not extremely interested to see how it all works out. 

You had me at football, Microsoft. 

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