Hype over Bad Beyonce Super Bowl Pictures Spawns Hilarious Derp Meme

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 7, 2013

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed
Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

Beyonce's publicist understands a great deal about publicity, but knows little about the Internet. 

Much has been made over pictures Beyonce's publicist wanted to keep hidden. One brief whiff of the hubbub and the Internets were off and running. 

Now, we have a Beyonce Derp Meme to pique the interest of you would-be wise guys. 

For those uninitiated, Beyonce performed at the Super Bowl halftime show, a fact that is more than likely greeted with the response of, "no duh."

The pop star killed it in New Orleans and was well received by critics and yours truly, who pretty much gushed for a couple hundred words over the show. 

Alas, some of the pictures from that show were less than flattering, according to Beyonce's own publicist. It seems the pictures posted by BuzzFeed weren't well received and the website was asked to take them down. 

Well, the website who wanted to break down the fiercest moments from the show received a letter from the singer's camp to take it all down, and then promptly printed the letter

From there, it was on and popping, the Internet is creating memes and there ain't no stopping. 

Here is but a taste of what is to come, via Beyonce Derp Meme

You see, one does not simply erase a photo from the Internet. Once you hit publish, tweet or upload, it is there for eternity, solidified like Han Solo in carbonite.

Oh, you can ask for the Internet to forget, but they never forget. I certainly hope Beyonce's publicist knew this, and was counting on the mere mention causing an even bigger wave of hype for what was a fantastic halftime show. 

Aside from that, let's go ahead and say that the pop star is obviously one of the most gorgeous people in the world. The "bad" photos were obviously cherry-picked from moments when her dance moves caused some awkward faces.


The best course of action would have been to say, we can all make silly faces and move on.

But if you ask the crazy Interwebz not to do something, they are going to push back the other way. You only have to take a gander at places like Imgur and Reddit to know that you must brace yourselves, Beyonce memes are coming.

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