Beyonce Sings National Anthem, Says She Won't Lip Sync Super Bowl Halftime Show

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 31, 2013

NEW ORLEANS, LA - JANUARY 31:  Singer Beyonce addresses the media during the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show press conference at the media center on January 31, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Beyonce will perform at halftime as the San Francisco 49ers will take on the Baltimore Ravens on February 3, 2013 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
Scott Halleran/Getty Images

We can now settle one of the bigger mysteries surrounding the peripheral festivities at the Super Bowl. According to reports, Beyonce will not lip sync her Super Bowl halftime show

Sure, you still have other conundrums to bog down your head on the way into the big game, like what color Beyonce will be wearing or whether Jay-Z will feature in the show. 

Both are prop bets you can make now, via Bovada.lv. 

According to a tweet from CBS Sports' Josh Katzowitz, the popular singer will perform live for the New Orleans crowd and those watching around the world. 

Josh Katzowitz @joshkatzowitz

Beyonce confirms she will be singing live at the SB.

For those uninitiated, you might wonder why all the hype and hoopla surrounding the halftime show and whether it will be Beyonce's live voice being delivered. 

We take you back to the pomp and grandeur that was President Barack Obama's Inauguration. At that time, Beyonce sang a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem, only for reports to uncover that she was lip syncing the entire song. 

People treated this like she had desecrated the nation by simply mouthing words. Neither the fact that she lip synced nor the fact that so many overreacted to it surprised me. 

Well, the 31-year-old pop star made good on a live performance at a recent press conference which covered her upcoming gig for the Super Bowl halftime show. 

According to Fox News, she kindly asked reporters to stand and then belted out an impromptu rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner. 

She also explained why she went with a recording for the President's big day. 

I am a perfectionist. And one thing about me: I practice 'till my feet bleed. I did not have time to rehearse with the orchestra. It was a live television show... Due to the weather, due to the delay, due to no proper sound check... I did not feel comfortable singing live.

You can see the performance below: 

A beautiful moment was still very much that, regardless of whether it was live or not. Now, because you demanded it, we will get a live recording of the Super Bowl, one that will no doubt feature the loud crowd in the background and every last sound the mics will pick up. 

You all get what you want, America. 

Please enjoy every last second of it, because we know that you like that sort of thing. For those who aren't into lip syncing scandals or halftime shows that always disappoint, there is always the Puppy Bowl. 

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