WWE Ice Cream Bars and the Best and Worst of Wrestling-Related Food

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJanuary 18, 2013

WWE Ice Cream Bars and the Best and Worst of Wrestling-Related Food

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    When a fan's hunger for WWE and pro wrestling can't be satisfied by what happens between the ropes, there's always wrestling-related food to turn to.

    From breakfast cereal to ice cream bars, WWE and other wrestling companies have spent years trying to get more money out of their fans via their hunger.

    In the end, wrestling-themed restaurants fail for the most part and many of these WWE food products get discontinued. It seems that slapping a wrestler's face on a snack product or restaurant isn't enough to maintain a profit.

    This is a collection of the most delicious and most bizarre wrestling-related food items and eateries.

WWF Cereal

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    Kids, wrestling and sugary breakfast was an inevitable three-way marriage.

    Years before Stone Cold Steve Austin found his way onto a Wheaties box, WWE put its stars on their own cereal. Ralston, makers of Urkel-os and Gremlins cereal, put out WWF Superstars cereal in 1991.

    Legion of Doom/Road Warriors, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and The Bushwhackers posed on the now-collective boxes.

    The star-shaped cereal was a cross between Alpha-Bits and Cap'n Crunch, with the subtle flavor of the former and the mouth-scraping texture of the latter.

    During a time when just about every cartoon and TV show had its own cereal, WWF Superstars' novelty couldn't hold it up.

    Alan Donahue of Yahoo! Sports aptly labeled it "nothing special."

Pizza Prints

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    When pepperoni on your pizza just isn't exciting anymore, why not reach for a more original topping?

    Might I suggest putting a shirtless Sheamus on your favorite pie?

    Though it looks like a WWE sticker, a WWE Pizza Print is actually an edible photograph of your favorite superstars. Food coloring technology has apparently come a long way.

    WWE apparently believes that a kid obsessed with John Cena isn't going to settle for a party with WWE napkins, balloons, paper plates and cups. The young fan is going to want to actually ingest Cena as well.

    Pizza Prints is not only a great way to give WWE more of your money, it's a subtle way to prepare children for a life of cannibalism.

    For those with dietary restrictions, WWEShop.com says, "The images are gluten free and Orthodox Union Kosher certified."

Hulk Hogan’s Pastamania

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    Hulk Hogan's venture into the world of Italian-like dishes now sits abandoned and spray painted, the punch line of jokes and a place for drunk folks to lean.

    Don't confuse it with the still-operational restaurant called PastaMania! in southeast Asia.

    In 1995, Hogan opened his pasta joint in the Mall of America among other locations, hoping to serve all his little Hulkamaniacs dishes like Hulk-U's and Hulk-a-Roos. How on Earth did those names get past the planning stages?

    Hulk-a-Roos sounds like a type of kid's underwear.

    Fans didn't flock to eat Hogan's grub. The establishment closed after just a year.

    Like in his matches, Hogan refuses to stay down. He opened a new restaurant in Tampa at the tail end of 2012. It's called Hogan's Beach, a place which Hogan claims is "Hooters times 10," whatever that may mean.

Energy Drinks

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    For fans who wanted to stay up late into the night watching WrestleMania DVDs and episodes of Botchamania, Socko Energy and WWE teamed up in 2007 to create a line of energy drinks sold at Wal-Mart,

    The liquid sparkplugs came in regular and Slammin' Citrus flavors.

    Not as intense as some energy drinks, Raw Attitude Energy seemed to aim for a lighter, more refreshing taste. The Slammin' Citrus had a fruity tone and tasted like an orange soda with a touch of chemicals.

    There are several tasty alternatives to getting your B vitamins for the day, but where else exactly is a WWE fan going to get their horny goat weed extract?

    Hulk Hogan was not to be left out of the fun. Socko also put out Hogan Energy.

Fruity Pebbles with John Cena

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    Of every check that Post cereal sends to John Cena, he needs to send a bit of it The Rock's way.

    In early 2012, The Rock said on Raw that Cena "looked like a big, fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles." Cut to January 2013 and Cena has replaced Fred Flintstone on the cover of the Fruity Pebbles box.

    It's one of the most brilliant WWE and food marketing decisions.

    For one, the move brought about some mainstream media attention. ESPN was one of many media outlets covering the switch from Flintstone to Cena.

    Secondly, this isn't some trash product; it tastes awesome.

    If one can ignore the high sugar content and the creep factor of colors cooked up in a lab, then a taste carnival is ready to be had. 

Jim Ross BBQ Sauce

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    The most famous condiment in WWE history is brought to you by Hall of Fame announcer, Jim Ross.

    Ross also makes Main Event mustard and not to be outdone by Hillbilly Jim, beef jerky as well. He also owned a restaurant that closed in 2010.

    It's the barbecue sauce though that is Jim Ross’ focus. In fact, Ross' Twitter handle is simply @jrsbbq.

    When it's not being poured on Michael Cole, Ross' sauce is being slathered on meat and eaten by happy customers. Tweets like this one are quite common.


    @real_slimcraigy if you have any money buy @jrsbbq genuinely the best BBQ sauce I have ever tasted #SauceIt

    — Chris Lishman (@Chrislish24) January 16, 2013

    The question is, though, how much of that is fandom speaking? Are wrestling fans' taste buds enhanced by their adoration for the great announcer?

Mean Gene’s Burgers

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    What's better than a juicy hamburger? A burger with Gene Okerlund's face on the wrapper, of course.

    The longtime WWE announcer opened a line of burger joints across the country including locations at Duke and George Mason University.

    Okerlund attended openings for the franchise, cutting ribbons and watching customers compete in burger-eating contests. He later opened Mean Gene's Pizza as well.

    The burger and pizza story ended with a legal battle in 2006 with parent company, Orion Food Systems over use of the "Mean Gene" name.

WWE Mints and Gum

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    Both the WWE Championship Mints and the Slammin' Strong Gum are more about the tins than the actual product.

    The mints come in what look like mini-WWE title belts. The gum is slickly packaged as well, featuring WWE stars on the container.

    WWE clearly believes that kids care less about the quality of their chewing snacks than whether John Cena, Rey Mysterio or Undertaker are on the package.

    Who can argue with the company's logic?

    Bright colors and famous faces go a long away into getting a kid to beg their parents for a product.

WCW Nitro Grill

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    In 1999, Las Vegas' Excalibur Hotel Casino was the home of "where the big boys eat," WCW Nitro Grill.

    WCW, at its height in popularity, decided to partner with American Vantage Co. to offer fans a wrestling-themed restaurant complete with stage light effects, wrestling rings and WCW pay-per-view on TV.

    Why WCW chose Vegas' medieval-themed hotel casino for this venture is anyone's guess.  

    Not nearly enough patrons made the Booker T-Bone or Hogan Burger a part of their Vegas experience to keep the Nitro Grill open for long.

    The restaurant closed in 2000. WCW wasn't far behind.

WWE Ice Cream Bars

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    Cookie shell, vanilla ice cream, chocolate flavored coating, what's missing here?  Oh yeah, an imprint of a wrestler's body, now it's officially dessert.

    At least it was when Honky Tonk Man was around.

    WWE inexplicably refuses to bring back its best culinary invention ever.

    Even with CM Punk making them famous again, the delicious ice cream treats are still only available in memory form. Good Humor and WWE made a great tag team and fans want to see them reunite.

    Unfortunately as PWInsider reported (via Wrestlinginc.com) Good Humor responded to inquiries about the WWE ice cream bars by saying, "We apologize that this product is no longer available and hope you will continue to enjoy the other products we offer."

WWF New York

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    WWF New York would grab Planet Hollywood by the throat and chokeslam it through a table.

    The wrestling-themed nightclub and eatery sat in New York's Times Square from 1999-2003, serving drinks named after the Royal Rumble and King of the Ring as well as overpriced food.

    In a highly entertaining and brutally honest review on X-Entertainment.com by blogger Madd Matt, tales of WWF New York's terrible service is sure to make readers cringe.

    Matt writes, "a member of the team literally dragged a garbage pail through the middle of the eating area, hitting us with it repeatedly."

    It was neither the average food or the poor service that kept this place around for as long as it did, but the novelty of it.

    Sunday Night Heat aired from the restaurant. WWF New York also boasted a hearty merchandise section and occasional appearances by wrestlers.

    Judging by the restaurant's eventual closing, it seems that eventually customers didn't think it was worth to eat at an underwhelming, overpriced spot for the off chance one would run into Val Venis.

Abdullah the Butcher House of Ribs

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    A man famous for his bloodbath matches and for his affection for forks, Abdullah the Butcher perhaps has the best wrestling name for starting a restaurant.

    His soul food and Chinese joint serves wings, fried rice, catfish and something called the Butcher Burger.

    His kayfabe African heritage is played up in the restaurant's signMemorabilia from the Butcher's wrestling career fills glass cases and a large painting of him hangs behind the register.

    Should you be near Fairburn Road in southwest Atlanta with a hunger for ribs and Chinese food, Abdullah might be waiting for you.

    Abdullah apparently hangs around his House of Ribs and greets customers.

    Chicago.grubstreet.com wrote that "the former wrestler lets guests put quarters into his head."  See if you can get that kind of treatment at Chili's.