Rex Ryan's Wife Is Most Assuredly Wearing Mark Sanchez Jersey in New Tattoo

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 4, 2013

Photo Credit: NY Daily News
Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Rex Ryan is into some weird stuff.

The world woke Friday to news of Rex Ryan's tattoo, a glorious sketch of the head coach's wife, Michelle, in a sexy pose. Of course, the best part is she is wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey in this particular skin art.

Let's throw some epic coverage in your face so you can see what we are talking about.

Here is the New York Daily News front page, courtesy of Newseum.

ESPN had to chime in as well, albeit with a far less hilarious headline than "Kinky Inky." However, that particular report notices the sexy pose may be some variation of the once popular "Tebowing."

If there is another comedic layer to this onion, I am going to cry all over my keyboard.

Everyone has that one buddy for whom normal just doesn't cut it anymore. They are the ones you seek out at barbecues so you can live vicariously through their bizarre nature.

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Well, America's sick puppy is Rex Ryan, but we still love him. Perhaps more so?

Let's take you back in time to a 2010 Deadspin article that issued Rex Ryan was very much into his wife's feet, something peculiar but hardly wrong.

Ryan, as the Daily News report issued, came out at the time and called those reports a personal matter. Well, now we get another personal matter to consider, a rather bizarre one at that.

Granted, Michelle can't wear something typically Rex Ryan in the tattoo. Is she going to hold a clipboard and Jets hat? That's no fun. I guess she could have worn a bib they hand out at restaurants.

Anyway, we have gone far too long without seeing this tattoo again.

This led us to wonder, does Jason Garrett have a tattoo of his wife wearing a Tony Romo jersey? How about Mike D'Antoni? His wife is probably rocking a Robert Sacre jersey while waving vicariously from the bench.

I am now thinking very seriously about getting my first tattoo. It will be of my wife in a sexy pose wearing a Ryan Lochte thinking cap.

I never thought I would write this and take no pleasure in it whatsoever, but we must know from a comedic point of view: Someone explore the rest of Rex Ryan's body to find out what other ridiculous treasures he has hiding.

On second thought, don't.

I can't deal with a tattoo of Greg McElroy getting sacked with his wife shaking pom-poms in the background, at least not right now.

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