Bern Baby Bern: Bernie Williams' Burning Desire for Baseball Relit

Stephen Meyer@@StephenMeyer_BRDeputy MLB EditorMarch 28, 2009

According to reporters, former Yankee outfielder Bernie Williams is mulling over a return to the game he once could not live without.

Apparently, he is finding it harder and harder to stay separated from baseball still to this day.

Claiming that he is in playing shape, Williams firmly believes in his heart that he can help a Major League contender as a role player.

At 40 years of age, Williams’s body and energy levels have clearly seen better days. However, his will and desire appear to be as strong as ever.

Williams originally intended to use the World Baseball Classic as a gauge for his condition and skill set.

Playing for team Puerto Rico would be an audition for his own ego, proving that he still had something left in the tank.

Though Williams was only able to collect two walks during an 0-5 tournament run, he felt increasingly confident each time he stepped foot onto the field.

Swinging a bat that appeared to be 5 oz. heavier than he once remembered, he looked every bit of 40 years old in the batter’s box.

Bat speed would slowly return as a result of increased repetitions and workouts, but there is a larger problem that Williams must face and accept.

The legs that once made him the most fluid first to third baserunner in a Yankee uniform have long since abandoned him.

While attempting to score from second on a base hit during the WBC, Williams was embarrassingly late sliding into home.

He simply looked like a man who belonged in a coach’s box next to first base as opposed to leading off of it.

Williams was a player any father would be proud to have his son or daughter look up to. He represented all that was right with the game of baseball, and seemed to never take a false step.

As clutch a playoff performer during the dynasty years as any player in pinstripes, Williams deserves a better finale than a failed comeback in his 40s.

Rumors of an abusive interaction with a female at a Puerto Rican nightclub should make his decision much easier.

Disappear from the bright lights of Major League Baseball. Disappear from the constant media scrutiny that has swallowed up countless of your teammates in the past.

Williams is a brilliant musician, and is anticipating the release of his new album on April 14th entitled Moving Forward.

Ironically, this is exactly what Williams himself needs to do with regards to his playing career.

Keep moving forward Bernie. Leave baseball in the past. Keep moving forward.