Is Kurt Angle The Next Wrestler To Go Crazy?

Walker DanielsCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2009

NEW YORK - MARCH 6:  WWE wrestler Kurt Angle attends the 6th Annual T.J. Martell 'Family' Day' Indoor Carnival Benefit at Cipriani's Fifth Avenue March 6, 2005 in New York City. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

It hasn't been a good generation for wrestlers. It seems like every time I look up there's another one that's found dead in a Florida hotel room.

By now, wrestling fans know that Test tapped out recently, Lex Luger can barely walk and 'Macho Man' Randy Savage looks to 57-years-old what Greg Oden looks to 21.

Is Kurt Angle in that boat? Those who bet sports wouldn't say that odds heavily favor him being a 'roids user, but maybe he has been pegged wrong. He does appear to have 'roids rage at times and now has revealed a very bizarre side of himself.

He recently appeared on Howard Stern's radio show in a promo interview, but he was fairly creepy on the show.

Angle professed his love for the newly single Robin Quivers, which was slightly odd. But that's not as crazy as what came after, as Angle got on one knee and read the following poem that he had written prior to the show (courtesy 411mania):

"To my love Robin,
I am a bachelor
and true love is hard to find
I maybe a wrestler
but you may love me for my mind
you are living the single life again
and are ready for the next phase
and just like Dr. Roni (Keith note: Robin's diet doctor)
I will make you a new woman in 21 days.
I won a gold metal in the Olympics
they say I never have been beat
I am also a gold medallist in the sack
much better than vegetables and meat (Keith note: Robin has talked about using vegetables before)
TNA pays me millions
to wrestle and cross the line
I will never ever bitch
even about an $800 bottle of wine (Keith note: show joke about Robin spending 800 dollars on a bottle a wine at dinner)
We can go to the theater
we can roll around in the grass
we an get coffee at starbucks
but don't try to squirt it up my ass (Keith note: Robin's is a enema nut)
Robin please give me a chance
for a love like you've never seen
and I'm much more well hung
than that damn Jim Florintine (Keith note: Robin's ex-boyfriend)
I will look past your shortcomings
and unlike Howard I don't snore
I don't even care that you scored a fucking 34 (Keith note: Robin's score on a narcissism test)
any man who disrespects you
I will certainly strangle
so how does this sound my sweetheart
oh Robin Ophelia Angle
I can make love to you all night
and I'll make you squeal
I'll have you screaming
its real, damn real"

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Right...that's not weird at all. Is Angle mixing up Robin with Meagan Fox? Because I don't know many guys that dream of Robin. Blogs like Dirty Harry's Backyard or web sites like Askmen don't seem to have her highly ranked.

Robin is a great down to earth woman, but this Angle stuff is very bizarre. Are steroids in play here at all?

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