The Most Disgraceful Moments in NHL History Caught on Camera

Tom Urtz Jr.@@TomUrtzJrContributor INovember 16, 2012

The Most Disgraceful Moments in NHL History Caught on Camera

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    The NHL is full of great players, moments and games, but there have been some incidents throughout the league's history that have been downright disgraceful.

    These moment include cheap shots, dirty hits and other moments that give the NHL a black eye.

    Here are the most disgraceful moments in NHL history that have been caught on camera.

Chris Simon

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    Chris Simon was one of the dirtiest players in NHL history. He was involved in multiple moments that disgraced the game.

    This incident was among his worst offenses, but a simple YouTube search of "Chris Simon cheap shot" will yield tons of results.

Pierre Turgeon Taken Out by Dale Hunter

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    Pierre Turgeon was one of the most talented players during his time in the NHL, but his season was ended early during a New York Islanders playoff run because of this incident.

    After Turgeon scored a clutch goal to win the game in overtime, Washington Capitals forward Dale Hunter took him out with a brutal cheap shot.

    Turgeon's shoulder was separated during the hit. Hunter received a 21-game suspension for his terrible actions.

Raffi Torres' Blatantly Late Hit on Marian Hossa

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    During the 2011-12 playoffs, Raffi Torres sunk to an all-time low with his cheap shot on Marian Hossa.

    What makes this incident even more disgraceful was that the referees were oblivious to this egregious hit.

    Hossa was only attempting to move the puck, and Torres launched himself into the prone forward by leaving his feet.

    There is no need for these types of hits in hockey. It was another talking point in a season marred by concussions.

Tony Granato Cheap Shot from 1993-94 Season

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    This incident wasn't as bad as the Marty McSorley incident, but it is still another disgraceful moment that gave the league a bad reputation.

    Tony Granato took a gutless cheap shot, using his stick in a way that is not related to the game of hockey.

    It's understandable that hockey is a sport that is full of violence, but this could have been prevented.

The Infamous Swing by Marty McSorley

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    This moment was so disgraceful that it ended Marty McSorley's career. His hit on Donald Brashear even led to criminal charges.

    When all was said and done, McSorley was sentenced to 18 months probation for assault with a weapon. He was also suspended for one year by the NHL, which led to the end of McSorley's career.

Steve Moore Incident

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    The Steve Moore incident has been well-documented over the years, and it is something that Colorado Avalanche fans still hold against Todd Bertuzzi to this day.

    The all-out assault on Moore by Bertuzzi was downright disturbing, and a disgraceful action taken by a professional hockey player.

    As a result of this incident, Moore's career and life were forever altered, and Bertuzzi ended up with a lengthy 20-game suspension.

The Max Pacioretty/Zdeno Chara Incident

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    This moment has been singled out as one of the most disgraceful moments in recent history.

    According to TSN, Montreal authorities got involved to the point where legal action could have been exacted against Zdeno Chara.

    This was one of the most brutal hits of the 2010-11 season, and it was unnecessary. Chara is so much bigger than the prone Pacioretty, and there was no need to drive him into the stanchion holding the glass.

    The silver lining to the story was the addition of padding near the benches to improve player safety.

    In today's media world, whenever the NHL is in the news, it's usually for something bad. This event got a lot of media play during that season.

Marc Savard Taken Out by Matt Cooke

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    Marc Savard has no NHL comeback in sight, and it is a true shame. The 35-year-old was one of the league's most talented two-way centers.

    When Savard was carrying the puck into the zone, Matt Cooke blatantly took him out with a cheap shot. It was a vicious hit, and one that shook Savard to his core.

    It was an unnecessary and disgraceful act that gave Cooke a bad reputation for late hitting. Savard is still sidelined, and it appears that his career is over.

Mike Milbury Takes Things Too Far

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    This moment is often looked at as one of the funniest player and fan interactions in the history of hockey, but it was a very disgraceful incident.

    This moment involved NHL professionals, notably Mike Milbury, going into the stands and lashing out against fans.

    As members of the NHL, players need to show restraint, even in moments like this.