20 Strangest and Ugliest Jersey Sponsorships in Hockey History

Tom Urtz Jr.@@TomUrtzJrContributor IOctober 18, 2012

20 Strangest and Ugliest Jersey Sponsorships in Hockey History

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    The NHL features some of the nicest jerseys in professional sports, but other leagues have featured threads that are not so desirable.

    During the lockout, players are lacing up their skates overseas, and they are wearing some interesting jerseys.

    If you are tired of hearing about CBA agreements or lockout news, this silly slideshow should brighten up your day.

    In the words of Heath Ledger as The Joker, "Don't take things too seriously, now."

    This slideshow will look at 20 of the strangest jersey sponsorships in hockey history. 

    For the purposes of this slideshow, strange will encompass jerseys that are weird, ugly and just out-of-the-ordinary.

    Additionally, if there is a wacky, zany, ugly, putrid or other unacceptable offering on this list, feel free to point it out so the congregation can laugh. This is also just my opinion, so don't take offense if you are in love with some of the featured jerseys.


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    While this jersey does not have a bad design by any means, the Snickers logo at the bottom is a bit odd. When you think of jersey sponsorships for teams, you would think that bigger corporations would take precedent over a candy bar.

    I personally expected more, but I guess beggars can't be choosers when it comes to sponsorships.

This Jersey Had Enough Ads

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    This European hockey jersey was full of ads on the front torso portion. The inclusion of a Ramada add not only makes the jersey look a little cluttered, but it is a strange placement for an ad because of how some players tuck in their jerseys.

Infusion of National and Local Ads

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    This offering just screams ugly European hockey jersey because of the clutter of logos. The team's main logo is surrounded by adds for a city market—"TOTO"—and a logo representing "EUROMASTER."

    The arrangement of logos makes this a very strange hockey jersey. I know that European jerseys are known for their vibrancy, but I am not feeling this jersey.

This Jersey Is 'Punny' If You Can Make the Connection

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    Take a long look at this jersey and see if you can spot the pun when you make a connection between the two sponsorship on this jersey. The advertisers are Soda Club and Gaz Naturel (natural gas).

    Growing up, didn't your parents tell you something about drinking too much soda? 

Bad Arrangement of Logos

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    When taking a glance at this ugly hockey sweater, it would be assumed by a non-fan that the team's name involved Samsung in some fashion. This is another jersey that really illustrates the ugliness of non-NHL sweaters.

Ronald McDonald Is a Goaltender?

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    Don't look now, Hamburglar, but Ronald McDonald is in net! This jersey is wrong on so many levels. Simply put, I'm not lovin' it. 

    I understand that McDonalds has a tradition in advertising with hockey, but that doesn't mean players should adorn the wardrobe of Ronald McDonald.

Playstation-Themed Jersey

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    This could be just my inner Microsoft fan boy coming out, but I am not digging the Playstation logo on the back of this sweater.

    I am a firm believer that the only thing on the back of a jersey should be a player's name and number, but they do things differently overseas.

    Additionally, the lion head should be more prominent on this jersey, but Arcor maintains prominence on this interesting Euro sweater.

Even the Refs Are Billboards

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    The zebra stripes are one of the most identifiable traits about professional sports, but this jersey is corrupted with a bunch of ads and logos.

    I know there are a lot of fans who can't stand referees, but is nothing sacred anymore? It is one thing to have signs on the boards, ice, jumbotron and, in European hockey's case the players, but leave the refs alone.

Adidas and Coca Cola

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    Maybe it is the fact that as an American hockey fan, I am conditioned to seeing Reebok or Nike sponsoring a jersey, but the placement of this ad is a bit peculiar.

    Maybe if Coca Cola wasn't taking up a ton of room on the bottom of this sweater, Adidas could have negotiated a better product placement deal.

Too Hard to Read

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    When you consider the fact that hockey players are some of the world's fastest athletes, it adds some perspective to the absurdity of some of these jerseys.

    This sweater is cluttered with so many ads, it is hard to read one of them, let alone all of them as a player is tearing it up on the ice.

HC Davos

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    Here is to hoping that the lockout ends soon enough that Rick Nash can return to the United States and wear a proper New York Rangers sweater.

    I am also pretty sure that both Nash and Jumbo Joe are not thrilled about being human billboards every single night for HC Davos.

This Jersey Is Not Brooks Brothers Approved

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    This jersey is not only ugly but very strange and ironic. Isn't it a bit strange that Brooks Brothers, a fine men's clothier, would put their name and logo on this piece of filth?

    I mean, blue and yellow works for a Swedish national jersey, but adding a demented bunny makes this a hideous sweater.

Anchorage Aces' Interesting Design

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    This jersey is another interesting offering from the ECHL. The Anchorage Aces, now known as the Alaska Aces, wore this millennium jersey a few years ago.

    The combination of color scheme, fireworks and an out-of-place Car Quest logo make it a weird jersey. I bet Scott Gomez and Brandon Dubinsky are glad they never would have to wear something like this.

*Gorton's Fisherman

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    You can not look at this jersey and say that it is only a coincidence that the logo draws a very close resemblance to the Gorton's Fisherman. 

    Although this jersey may not technically fit the criteria of this list, you can't deny that you think there is a connection between the two every time this jersey surfaces.

In 2011-12, the L.A. Kings Had It Their Way

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    The same logic from the previous slide applies to this offering by the Los Angeles Kings. Out of all the regal images in the entire world, the Kings had to pick something that looked enough like the BK King.

    You could say the Kings eventually had the last laugh because in 2011-12, they "had it their way."

I Think There Is Room for One More Ad

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    I don't know about you, but I think there is room for one more ad on this jersey. It is a jersey that has a bunch of different advertisements, but one lucky company could ante up the cash to get their company highlighted on this "amazing" sweater.

    Local businesses must be thrilled to have their name on this, but this jersey reminds me of when the Cleveland Indians sold ad space in the outfield in Major League 2.

HNIC-Themed Jersey

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    The opinion on Don Cherry varies based on you allegiances, but he has been a staple for Hockey Night in Canada for years. He is a smart hockey man who may have his preferences when it comes to players, but nevertheless is an NHL legend.

    However, this jersey to represent "Grapes" and HNIC is jut awful. 

    This jersey sponsorship makes sense given the connection, but the idea was a major jersey foul.

McDonald's Strikes Again!

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    The mega conglomerate that is McDonald's is spreading their name all over the place. This jersey features the trademark "M" throughout the entire uniform, and it almost feels like you are subliminally being told to go buy a Big Mac.

    McDonald's, you can sponsor hockey jerseys, but please be a little more tasteful in the future.


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    As a general rule of thumb, if your team's jersey makes a fan think of a NASCAR jumpsuit, odds are that the jersey is extremely hideous.

    Jerseys like this make NHL fans long for the lockout to come to a quick end. Maybe it is just the orange base color that makes this jersey odd, but for those readers who played little league baseball, this style of uniform should bring back memories.

Nobody Wants to Copy This Jersey

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    Excuse the puns, the lockout has drained a lot out of the players, owners and all the people who like covering the sport.

    Nonetheless, Xerox is a world wide leader in business products, including their famous copy machine.

    However, when you factor in the absurd assortment of logos on this sweater, no team in their right mind would want to "copy" this sweater.