Smokin' Jay Cutler Is Newest Brilliant Meme Taking Aim at Moping Bears QB

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 19, 2012

Photo Credit: Smokin' Jay Cutler
Photo Credit: Smokin' Jay Cutler

Sound the alarms, ring the bells. Do whatever it is you do when a new brilliant meme hits the Internet, because that is exactly what we have here with Smokin' Jay Cutler

Making light of Jay Cuter is fairly easy. Even the most caring person wouldn't mind taking jabs at a man who cares this little. 

Think of a tasty cocktail of apathy which also has a dash of nonchalance and drop of entitlement, and you get Jay Cutler

Thanks to Smokin' Jay Cutler (h/t BuzzFeed), you have the perfect images to encapsulate all that the Bears quarterback embodies. 

Check just a few of these bad boys out. 

Yup, that is just a Tumblr of Jay Cutler with a lit cigarette added to his image. The brilliance is carried over to the Tumblr's mantra which reads, "This site is dedicated to the most apathetic looking athlete in the history of sports."

Granted, Cutler may just look like he doesn't give two flying Fonzies about anything and everything, but when you consider a report posted by Kissing Suzy Kolber via an anonymous fan, you have to flirt with the possibility he is actually the most apathetic athlete ever. 

Friend is in a bar in Chicago during the off-season. He goes to the bathroom and sees Jay Cutler, hat on backwards, taking a piss at the urinal. So the guy starts going to the bathroom and says, “Hey, I’m a huge fan, also went to Vanderbilt… ”

Jay throws his head back, still pissing, eyes half-closed because he’s drunk, interrupts him with, “DOOOONNNNTTTTTT CAAAAAARRRREEEEEE.”

So now I can’t stop yelling, “DOOOOONNNNTTTTT CAAAARRRREEEEE.”

I can imagine a visibly annoyed Cutler letting loose with a "Don't Care!" blast. Like the fan who sent in that story to KSK, I too have to shout this all day. 

If you ever thought being a professional quarterback in the NFL would be a good time, consider life as Jay Cutler. 

It looks like one tiresome existence. 

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