25 of the Most Unappealing Nicknames in NHL History

Tom Urtz Jr.@@TomUrtzJrContributor IJuly 26, 2012

25 of the Most Unappealing Nicknames in NHL History

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    NHL players are often referred to by some of their nicknames. Teemu Selanne is often called "The Finnish Flash" and that is a nickname that suits him and his skills.

    However, there are players that have had some very unappealing nicknames.

    Likewise, there have also been some NHL teams that have had nicknames that were unappealing at the time. These names can poke fun at a team's uniform or their overall identity.

    This slideshow will take a look at some of the most unappealing nicknames in NHL history.

Jose "Three or More" Theodore

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    Jose Theodore is a goaltender who has been known to get lit up on occasion over the past few years. His last name, Theodore, is easily converted into the mock nickname "Three or More" because it thoroughly describes what happens to him on occasion.

Steve "The Big Valley" Valiquette

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    This is another potshot nickname and it is one that New York Ranger fans should remember. Steve Valiquette was a goaltender who was very tall and clumsy at times. 

    One of Valiquette's biggest problems was his five-hole. Due to his size, he has a deeper five-hole than most goalies and it was usually in a big part of the net.

    Therefore he was sometimes referred to as "The Big Valley" because of the space between his pads.

Brent Gretzky: "The Other One"

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    It sometimes is a pain when you live in the shadow of someone else and it really is a pain if that person is your brother. Wayne Gretzky is regarded as the best player ever to play in the NHL and he is known as "The Great One"

    Brent Gretzky is his brother and he had a 14 game NHL career. The two brothers played against each other once and he was known as "The Other One" which was an obvious reference to Wayne's nickname.

James Reimer: "Busta Reim"

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    It is well known that James Reimer is known as "Optimus Reim" as a parody of the Transformer Optimus Prime, but there is another nickname associated with him that is quite unfortunate.

    The nick name "Busta Reim" is an obvious parody of the rapper, Busta Rhymes. 

Daren Puppa: "Puppa Scooper"

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    Sometimes a goaltender has a bad night in net and the fans feel like taking out their frustration. Daren Puppa was a goaltender who unfortunately had a lot of bad nights in net.

    He also had the unfortunate last name of Puppa which sounds close enough to _______ ( fill in the blank).

    When you put two and two together and get four you will understand why the nick name "Puppa Scooper" was very unappealing.

Buffalo Sabres: "The Buffaslugs"

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    The Buffalo Sabres used to have a uniform that was supposed to feature a Buffalo. However, this logo really looked like a Buffalo head on a slug's body.

    This "Buffaslug" nickname stuck and it wasn't so appealing.  Eventually the team reverted to a modernized version of an older logo.

Gary "Suitcase" Smith

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    Gary Smith was a goaltender for the Toronto Maple Leafs during their Stanley Cup-winning season back in 1967. He was one of five men who suited up that year.

    However, Smith got the unappealing nickname of "Suitcase" because he played for seven professional teams. During that time it was unheard of for a player to change teams that frequently.

Calgary Flames: "The Flaming Snot Donkeys"

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    This nickname is pretty funny for some and it was a way to nickname the Flames for this alternate jersey. The Flames wore this jersey for a while and it really didn't make sense.

    They have since reverted to more modern jerseys and they use a retro-colored jersey as an alternate. However, this nickname, while unappealing, eloquently describes the jersey and it was a nickname that stuck for quite sometime.

Atlanta Thrashers: "Trashers"

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    If you play around with the letters in the Atlanta Thrashers team name, you will find that is very easy to turn "Thrash" into "Trash." When opposing fans figured this out, they would use this nickname as a jeer.

    The Thrashers are now defunct and are known as the Winnipeg Jets so they no longer have to worry about this jeering.

Curtis McElhinney: "McHardtoSpell"

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    Curtis McElhinney doesn't have one of the easiest names in NHL history. He is a goaltender who has been on the move often and he has earned the nicknames of "McBackup" and "McHardtoSpell" from some fans on a hockey forum.

    This nickname is as unfortunate as it is hard to spell his name. 

Ilya Bryzgalov: "Cool Breeze"

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    A cool breeze is very comfortable during a hot summer day but it isn't so pleasant in this case. Just like a cool breeze blows by, so do pucks by Bryzgalov. The "cool breeze" name unfortunately described the ease in which pucks blew by Bryzgalov.

    Fortunately, Bryzgalov earned a better nickname on HBO's 24/7, and that name was "Mr Universe."

New York Rangers: "Rag$"

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    The New York Rangers are often referred to by detractors as the "Rag$." It is a name that demeans the team and uses a dollar sign to poke at the fact that the Rangers used to spend tons of money on key free agents.

    The team has done a good job drafting and procuring a youth movement and while they still sparingly add free agents, this nickname is very unappealing to the fans.

Rob "The Cocktail" Schremp

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    Rob Schremp is a former NHL player who had an unfortunate last name. His last name, Schremp, is very close to "shrimp," and considering that his former team (the New York Islanders) play on Long Island, it is easy to see why there was a seafood connection made with his name.

New York Islanders: "The Ice-Landers"

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    This is a nickname commonly used by Steve Somers of WFAN 660 to describe the franchise. He may be the only person to use it and it is a pretty unappealing nickname.

    The team plays out on Long Island and hockey is played on ice. The combination of the two words is pretty close in pronunciation to the team's official name 

    This nickname doesn't have the same ring to it like the when he calls the New York Mets "The Metropolitans," but it is still kinda unappealing if you're an Islander fan.

New York Islanders: "The Fish Sticks"

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    The New York Islanders earn a second team nickname slide because there is another unappealing nickname they go by. The islanders once sported this "Gorton's Fisherman" sweater and it received tons of criticism from detractors of the team.

Alexei Yashin: "Alexi Cashin"

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    This nickname is an unfortunate one for Ottawa Senators fans. It is unfortunate because it reminds them of the time that Alexei Yashin sat out the 1999-2000 because of a contract dispute.

    Yashin wanted to cash in from his previous season in which he recorded 94 points. Yashin returned in 2001-02 and was traded to the New York Islanders a year later.

    The nickname was stylized as Cashin to mock his name even though he wanted to "cash in."

Larry Kwong: "King Kwong"

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    Larry Kwong was the first Chinese-Canadian player in NHL history and he earned the nick name "King" partially because of the film King Kong.

    At the time there wasn't any uproar over it but it is a name that would not be acceptable today in society.

Roman Cechmanek: "The Bipolar Goaler"

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    Roman Cechmanek was an interesting goaltender for the Philadelphia Flyers. At times, he was on the top of his game and he really was an asset to the Flyers. On the flip-side, Cechmanek was sometimes terrible and the Flyers' biggest detriment.

    For that reason, he was often known as the "Bipolar Goaler," because you never knew what Cechmanek was going to show up in goal.

Steve Buzinski: "The Puck Goes Inski"

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    Steve Buzinski was a goaltender for the New York Rangers briefly during 1942. He was a very unsuccessful goaltender who finished with a 2-6-1 record with a 6.10 G.A.A. 

    It is quite obvious that when Buzinski was in net, "the puck would go inski."

Dustin Penner: "Penncakes"

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    This nickname is self explanatory for the famous pancake injury suffered by Dustin Penner. It is pretty unfortunate that his last name is close enough the the succulent and tasty breakfast dish but at least Penner took the nickname in stride.

    He ultimately had the last laugh because he ended up winning the Stanley Cup and that is something he will be always remembered for.

Philadelphia Flyers: "The Cheese Puffs"

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    This is another pot shot nickname coined by rival fans used in an attempt to create some heat and animosity. Rival fans used to call the Flyers "cheese puffs" because of the uniform color scheme featuring orange and white.

André Racicot: "Red Light Racicot"

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    Mr. Racicot is not the original owner of this nickname because that "honor" belongs to former Toronto Maple Leafs netminder, Ken Wregget. 

    However, André Racicot earned this name because he surrendered three goals on six shots during his first NHL game.

Sami Salo: "The Finnish MacInnis"

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    This nickname isn't unappealing in the conventional sense. Salo was called "The Finnish MacInnis" because his slap shot rivaled the blaster the former All-Star defenseman possessed.

    It is unappealing because a player of Salo's caliber was deserving of a nickname representing his own namesake. 

Florida Panthers: "The Kittens"

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    The Florida Panthers are an easy target because it is very easy to take their cat nickname and turn it into a negative. The Panthers have been called "The Kittens" by detractors in an attempt to rile up the fan base and to take a shot at the team.

    This sign brought to a Flyers-Panthers game was pretty hilarious—unless you happen to root for the Panthers.

Sean Avery: "Sloppy Seconds"

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    This nickname is self explanatory because of the controversial comments Mr Avery made during this interview.