25 Most Awesome Fan Fights in the Stands

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterJuly 25, 2012

25 Most Awesome Fan Fights in the Stands

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    If you think things get intense on the field during a sporting event, that's nothing compared to what's going on in the stands sometimes. Sure most games pass without major incidents, but the little melees in the stands are so common that they don't even make news anymore. 

    But just because they aren't grabbing headlines doesn't mean they're not occurring. When you combine 50,000-plus intensely passionate fans, a close game and a whole bunch of booze, things can get out of hand in a hurry. And it often does. 

    Let's take a look at 25 of the most awesome fan fights caught on camera. 

25. Sharks Fan Tries to Instigate a Fight

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    At this Sharks/Canucks game in San Jose in 2011, a Sharks fan is doing all he can to start a fight with a visiting Canucks fan—he claps in his face, shoots him the double bird and even yells "F**K YOU!" at the guy. The Canucks fan is obviously agitated, but wisely decides not to engage in the end. 

24. Broncos Fan vs. the Dawg Pound

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    During a Monday night game in 2008, a combative Broncos fan picks a fight with several members of the Cleveland Browns Dawg Pound. It doesn't look like it ends well for him. 

23. Leafs Fans: Lamest Fight Ever

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    After a game against the Red Wings in October 2011, these two drunken Maple Leafs fans got into it in the concession area. The "fight" was embarrassing and consisted mostly of clutching and grabbing—don't they know that's out in the new NHL?

22. Yankees Couple Fights During the Game

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    In what is a stereotypical role-reversal, the guy in this video seems intent on ruining the game for his girlfriend. He starts nagging her and just doesn't let up despite the fact that she's obviously doing her best to ignore him and watch the game. 

21. Drunken Maple Leafs Fans vs. Drunken Ottawa Fans

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    I've been to my share of hockey games in Canada as a visitor, and let me just tell you this: It's always a very scary experience. Canadians have a reputation as being the friendly nice guys, but they are anything but when hockey is involved. Check out this crazy Leafs fan in his Ricky Fowler hat trying to start crap after the game. 

20. Seahawks 12th Man Takes on Niners Fans

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    At a Seahawks game in 2009, the 12th man was obviously in a fighting mood because fans got into it with a couple of 49ers fans. After the fight breaks out, the guy with the video camera advises everyone to "let them go at it," probably because he was the guy with the video camera. 

19. U.S.A. vs. Argentina Soccer Hooliganism

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    During a U.S. versus Argentina soccer match at New Meadowlands Stadium in 2011, a few fans decided it wasn't a soccer game unless some people were throwing punches. Listen to the guy taking the video declare "This is the best birthday ever!" as the fight breaks out. 

18. Post-Blackout Rage at Giants Stadium

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    After a blackout at Giants stadium in 2010, Giants fans and Cowboys fans get into it over a drink-throwing incident. There are a number of pockets of rage that erupt in the wake of the incident, and eventually, a number of people were ejected. 

17. Battle of the Bay Game Fight

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    Apparently the "Battle of the Bay" is a thing in San Francisco, which makes a lot of sense considering all of the Giants/A's, Raiders/Niners fan fights that I've seen. I don't know who won the game, but I do know that when a bunch of fat guys fight, we're all winners. 

16. Pens Fans vs. Flyers Fans

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    There is no love lost between residents of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and there is certainly no love lost between fans of the Penguins and Flyers. This brawl at the Wells Fargo Center in 2009 is just one of many brawls between fans of the two teams over the years. 

15. Sox vs. Yanks

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    Anyone surprised to see Red Sox and Yankees fans engage in an all-out brawl obviously has never been to a Yankees/Red Sox game. 

14. Eagles and Giants Fans Exchange 'Words'

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    This 2009 conversation between and  Eagles and Giants fan at Giants Stadium started off relatively civil, but quickly descended into a violent melee. It didn't take long for additional parties to get involved. 

13. Tennis Tussle

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    You don't normally associate the stands at a Grand Slam tennis event with fan violence, but anything can happen in the good ole U.S. of A! At the 2010 U.S. Open, some terrible Jersey Shore wannabe started a fight with an old man and eventually pushed him over a row of chairs. The broadcasters filling in the words of the fight is a nice touch. 

12. Ducks Fans Can't Play Nicely

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    In 2009, the great Scott Niedermayer passed his stick over the glass to a little girl in the crowd, and naturally, a grown man tries to steal it from her. Someone in the crowd then throws a punch at the guy who tried to take the stick, and a nasty fight ensues. 

11. Habs Fans Decide to Poke the Bear

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    After the Capitals' Game 7 loss to the Canadiens in the 2010 NHL playoffs, Habs fans were all too eager to harass Caps fans on the way out of the Verizon Center. After a Game 7 loss isn't usually the best time to engage with fans at their home arena, but Habs fans are generally insane. 

10. Fins Fans Are Feeling Fighty

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    First: Please ignore the ridiculous soundtrack that someone added, probably illegally, to the video. But even with the low-quality video and ridiculous song, this extended altercation between Dolphins fans and Bills fans in Miami is totally worth a watch. 

9. Manchester United Fans Fight Each Other

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    Usually when you have fights in the stands, it's fans of opposing teams fighting each other—not in this case. Emotions must have been running high at this 2007 Manchester United match, because every fan in this section seems to be scrapping. 

8. Fan Fights Tie Domi

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    Leave it to a Philadelphia Flyers fan to try to take on one of the most feared goons of all-time in Maple Leafs thug Tie Domi. Definitely gotta give the fan points for his balls of steal, but he loses most of the points by losing the fight. 

7. Giants Fan vs. Packers Fan

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    Things get heated in a hurry between this Giants and Packers fan. The guy in the Favre jersey seems to be the instigator; he even does the hilariously stupid lifting of his jersey to expose his unimpressive abs as an intimidation tactic. Unfortunately, it doesn't work, not even on a nearby lady Giants fan who responds by pouring her beer on his head. 

6. Bay Area Battle: Giants Fans vs. A's Fans

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    This fight between A's fans and Giants fans got ugly in a hurry. It starts off between two guys, but quickly devolves into a much uglier scene before the cops finally intervene and we get to see way too much skin of a rotund A's fan. 

5. Raider Nation Brawls

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    According to the YouTube poster, this 2008 brawl at a Raiders home game resulted in a guy falling down 20 stairs, the crowd being maced, people being tasseled and over two dozen arrests. That's a pretty impressive event. 

4. Swedish Hockey Fans Cause a Ruckus

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    During the Stockholm Derby in December 2010, Swedish fans brawled in the stands for circumstances that I cannot explain because I don't speak Swedish. One thing that doesn't need translating is the only guy in the stands that is literally stomping on someone and the dude that gets poked in the eye with a flag. Yikes.

3. Dude Gets Tasered, Fans Are Thrilled

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    This bizarre incident took place at Pittsburgh's PNC Park in April 2011. A fan fight quickly escalated into a police incident in which a fan ends up tasered. What makes it especially bizarre is that the Pirates fans on hand are all chanting "USA! USA! USA!" as the incident goes down.  

2. Ravens Fan vs. Chiefs Fan

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    This fight is actually pretty intense and isn't exactly "in the stands," but rather, in the stadium concession area. A Chiefs fan gets into it with a Ravens fan in Baltimore during a preseason game, and one of them ends up knocked out cold within seconds. 

1. Mets Fans vs. Phillies Fans: Best of Brawls

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    Apparently, Phillies fans fighting Mets fans is a relatively common event because there are enough videos of fan fights to create a compilation of the 'best of' moments. 


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