Southern Utah Football: Interview with 2013 NFL Draft Prospect Brad Sorensen

Colan Lamont@clamontsportAnalyst IIAugust 13, 2012

Brad Sorensen may be the most underrated quarterback in college football.

Dane Brugler of NFLDraftScout.com rates Sorensen as the second-best small-school prospect; only outstanding Elon receiver Aaron Mellette is ranked above him.

Sorensen has a very interesting background story. He played one season at San Bernardino Valley College and also had a redshirt season at BYU before settling with Southern Utah in 2010.

"Settling" may be a massive understatement. "Excelling" may be more appropriate because he has thrown for over 6,300 yards and 38 touchdowns in only two years as a starter.

At 6'5" and 235 lbs, Sorensen has great NFL size and could the next non-Division I quarterback to make an impact at the next level.

If so, he would be following in the footsteps of the likes of Joe Flacco and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Under-the-radar quarterback prospects like Sorensen usually become more recognized during their senior seasons, and I believe Sorensen is in store for a great one.

He is also going to be playing in the Big Sky Conference, thus allowing him to test himself against better secondaries.

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If interested in a good scouting report of him, check out this piece by Gil Alcatraz on draftbreakdown.com

Here is my interview with the promising quarterback:

Colan Lamont: After having two highly productive seasons in a row, do you think there are other things you have to improve on. If so, what are they?

Brad Sorensen: Everything! I sat down with my OC this offseason and studied every single play that I did from last season, and I quickly found out all the things I had to work on. Eyes, footwork, pre-snap reads, audibles.

CL: You have had a pretty hectic college career in that you have played for three teams. Do you think moving around has improved you as a player in any way?

BS: Yes, of course. Having different coaches and people in different locker rooms, you can take the good from each situation and try to incorporate it into your personality as a player and a leader. Playing in many different offenses has helped me be balanced as a football player and I can do a lot of different things. 

CL: What makes Southern Utah a good fit for you?

BS: Everything. I love it down here. My teammates, coaches and my wife. 

CL: Many consider you the best small-school quarterback prospect in college football. Do you take pride in that?

BS: I never paid much attention to it. I still feel like I have a lot to improve on and I'm just trying to get better every day.

CL: Was Ed Lamb the main reason you moved to Southern Utah, after he left BYU to coach the Thunderbirds?

BS: Yes, along with the players and QB coach I met while on my recruiting trip. Everything just felt right when I came down here. 

CL: Most people will say you have prototype size for a quarterback, but are there any other aspects of your game you feel may be undervalued?

BS: Athleticism. I feel like I can move pretty well for my size.

CL: Do you think playing in a spread offense will hinder your chances in the NFL at all?

BS: I don't know. I'm just trying to work at being the best QB I can be for our offense.

CL: Do you think it is just a matter of time before more and more NFL teams start incorporating it into their game plan?

BS: Yeah I can see that. You see some of it already in the NFL.

CL: Are you excited about playing your senior season in the Big Sky Conference?

BS: Absolutely! It's a great conference with a lot of talent from top to bottom.

CL: Do you think the secondaries of the Big Sky will be more difficult to pick apart than in the Great Western Conference?

BS: I think every defense we go against is hard to pick apart. It takes a lot of practice and preparation to be able to have success in the passing game on Saturdays.

CL: Why do you think your 2011 stats didn't quite match up to your 2010 campaign?

BS: I think teams for were game planning for us so much better, and we were seeing the best from our opponents each and every week. We didn't sneak up on anybody last year.

CL: You were sacked 31 times last year. Did you ever feel the effects of that beating?

BS: Only in the games we lost. You feel so good after a win that you can't even feel the bumps and bruises. 

CL: Just how much preparation do you need to get ready for every game?

BS: The whole week. We try to see as much film on them as we can and go out and practice how to attack them all week.

CL: Do you feel any extra pressure to be great every week because you play for a smaller school?

BS: No, not at all. I play my best football when I just go out and play and not get too caught up in the hype surrounding the game.

CL: Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton and many other stars have taken the JUCO route. How do you think it prepared you for bigger things?

BS: I think it's made me have to work that much harder to get to where I am today.

CL: Joe Flacco and Ryan Fitzpatrick are just two former non-Division I quarterbacks who are NFL starters. Do you feel that you can be the next in line?

BS: I have no idea. It seems like so far away, and I've got so much stuff to work on and get better at before I can even think about that.

CL: What defense has been the toughest you have faced and why?

BS: Northern Iowa. They had a good D-line and mixed things up in coverage.

CL: Which college/NFL quarterbacks do you most admire and why?

BS: Tom Brady. He's so competitive, so calm under pressure. So good.

CL: Which round do you expect to be drafted in?

BS: I haven't thought about it.

CL: What are your overall expectations for yourself and the team for the upcoming season?

BS: To win a Big Sky championship. It has been our goal since the end of last season, and we have been working towards it all year long.

Thanks to Neil Gardner for helping me get in touch with Brad. Also to Brad, himself, for taking the time to provide these great responses.

All quotes in this interview were obtained firsthand unless otherwise noted.


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