Harry Reid Goes Bryce Harper with 'Clown Question, Bro' Blast

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJune 19, 2012

I think we can just about call the "Clown Question, Bro" meme good and dead now. 

Like too many people thinking they can carry Call Me Maybe to fame, we have one too many Bryce Harper impressions on the open market now. 

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid volleyed a question like a true bro recently, and it had the correspondents in stitches. 

USA Today reports Reid was asked about the DREAM Act and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell by Roll Call reporter Steven T. Dennis. 

Reid paused and let the twinkle in his eye shine for all. He thought to himself, this is it. This is the moment I have been waiting a lifetime for. 

Reid, for a moment, was the funny kid in class. 

The report says Reid is an avid fan of Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper, the outfielder who made the phrase, "clown question, bro" a sensation.

Now that the phrase is being used by 72-year-old senators, we can pretty much cease and desist form ever having to mutter the phrase. 

The moment was clever and funny. I chuckled along with the rest of you, but I am telling you all to stop right now. 

The virus that is Call Me Maybe parodies continues to spread; we don't need another epidemic. 

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