MLB's Best Fan Catches Caught on Video

Mark MillerCorrespondent IJune 20, 2012

MLB's Best Fan Catches Caught on Video

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    Everyone has their own favorite when it comes to a day at the ballpark. Some people flock towards the food, beer, and giveaways, while others just like to spend a day under the summer sun.

    And then there's the souvenirs. We all have memories of heading to the ballpark with our gloves in hopes that a foul ball would find its way towards us.

    And while it's possible many of us haven't had the fortune of taking home a keepsake from the game, these people have, and did so in style.

Catching Ball While Carrying Food

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    No ballpark experience would be complete without a trip or two to the concession stands.

    In the case of this fan, he got a lot more than he bargained for as he made his way back to his seat.

Two Home Run Balls in a Row

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    Most fans will go a lifetime of games without having the fortune of snagging a home run ball, but that certainly wasn't the case for this Reds fan who actually managed to get his hands on two home run balls in Cincinnati earlier this season. 

The Baby Catch

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    A day at the ballpark is definitely something families can enjoy during the summer, with kids of all ages having fun with everything a stadium has to offer.

    Parents are oftentimes tasked with a fair amount of babysitting during the games, but that won't always discount them from being able to take home a free souvenir.

Popcorn Is the New Glove

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    Even though only a fraction of them will end up being used in the stadium, you'll always see a great deal of fans bring gloves in hopes of snagging their ball.

    If they don't bring one, there are still plenty of options at their disposal, as this fan illustrated with his bucket of popcorn.

Don't Let a Ball Ruin the Beer

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    As mentioned, not having a glove with you doesn't mean you can't have a chance at a ball.

    But if you're going to use a glass of beer, you can't let it go to waste.

Bat Catch

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    Baseballs leaving the field of play make for a great item to take home, but there's certainly some danger when line drives make their way into the stands.

    When bats head out of play, look out.

Broken Arm Doesn't Stop Man from Souvenier

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    It seems like half of the balls that head into the stands are dropped when people have clear shots at grabbing them.

    They'd really feel bad about their efforts if they saw this guy make the snag with one arm in a sling.

Diving Catch into the Pool

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    It's impressive enough that this guy was able to make a catch as he headed into the water, but the fact that he was able to keep his beer from getting submerged is perhaps even more awesome.


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    In the digital age it seems like everyone has to be connected at all times, even if it means taking your attention away from America's pastime.

    It looks like this guy can take on both tasks, however, as he's able to seamlessly make the grab while on a call.

The Baby Catch Fail

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    We saw earlier that some parents can multitask their way to grabbing a foul ball while still holding onto their little one.

    This guy unfortunately had to choose between the ball and his daughter.

    He chose wrong.

Souvenier Doesn't Last Long

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    It has to be a great feeling as a parent to be able to give your child a gift that they can treasure for a lifetime.

    Or treasure for five seconds.

    Although, she's spent the last few hours watching everyone on the field throw the ball once it's in their hand, so you can't really blame her for doing the same.

Ball Girl "Catch"

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    Computer graphics can make anything happen, and while this video isn't real, it's still entertaining to watch.

Such a Class Act

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    Some people will take the chance to grab a foul ball if it happens to come their way, others will do whatever it takes to bring home their souvenir.

    Even if it means taking it from a woman, which is pretty low. The announcers felt the same way and really didn't shy away from letting him have it.

What Wrigley Does with Home Run Balls

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    Fans at Wrigley Field hurl balls they catch back onto the field on a regular basis, but to my knowledge, they don't always get them back to home plate.

Making a Career of Catching Balls from the Stands

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    For most of us, catching a ball that leaves the field can be a once in a lifetime experience.

    That's not the case for Zack Hample, who has managed to snag thousands of balls during his attendance at games, at one point going to 454 consecutive games with at least one catch.

    With a book about the art of catching balls currently available, it appears you don't actually have to be a baseball player to make a career out of using your glove.

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