The Most Impressive Athlete Talents Ever

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIJune 11, 2012

The Most Impressive Athlete Talents Ever

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    When they're not chucking pigskins and hurling leather-covered spheres, professional athletes need a way to pass the time.

    Some always hoped to become lyrical geniuses, questionable comedians and flamboyant dancers, while others yearned for a chance to complete masterful athletic stunts often seen as gravity-defying and unthinkable to the average Joe.

    But while the abilities vary, each performance presents further proof as to why these dudes are world-class talents on and off the field.

    Let's take a look at 20 professional ballers with the most intriguing off-the-field abilities.

    Diversity is no longer just an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era.

20. Dwight Howard Goes for Comedic Gold

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    Listen, listen, LeBron Jaaane...

    Nailed it big guy...absolutely, perfectly, genuinely. Sir Charles Barkley himself has got to be simultaneously snorting milk out of his nose and searching for doughnuts as he watches this prodigious performance.

    A blossoming legend on and off the court is Dwight Howard.

19. Jason Pierre-Paul's Beast Mode

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    Anyone who can escape 13 backflips unscathed and unsweaty deserves some necessary lovin'.

    If Giants brass was on the fence about drafting monstrous South Florida defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, this performance put them over the cusp.

    Pure greatness.

18. Clint Dempsey's Grammy Award

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    Flow: With a fresh beat and mysterious demeanor, footballer Clint Dempsey (also known as Deuce) gets the crowd jumping, the cameras bouncing and the streets humming.

    Lyrics: Atrocious, but somehow inspirational.

    Comparison: A poor man's Fort Minor.

17. Chris Ferguson Turns Water into Wine

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    Five World Series of Poker victories aren't the only accomplishments poker star Chris Ferguson has under his belt.

    For those who believe he's nicknamed Jesus because of his long mane and epic beard, think again.

    The man can slice fruit...with playing cards.

16. Clinton Portis Introduces His Friends

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    A ferocious tailback on the gridiron, CP has never been one to shy away from eccentricity.

    While Dr. Do Itch Big, Prime Minister Yah Mon and Electra all give us reasons to smile and stare in awe, ultimate fighter Bud Foxx is the winning character.

    Despite weighing 220 pounds, Foxx somehow fights in the 115 weight class. And aside from losing all his fights, Foxx's specialty is still "Crankin Fingaz".

15. LeBron James Gets the Fever

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    It's hard to hate on "Lebra Jane" (thank you Charles Barkley) with performances like this.

    Although this Bee Gees rendition is eerily reminiscent of Ving Rhames' "I'm Every Woman" rendition in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.

    Bravo, bravo.

14. Steve Nash Does It All

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    It's hard to envision Steve Nash a jokester when he's breaking hardwood ankles, but this man is a legend in all facets of life.

    Captain Canada's ability to donate 10 percent of his 110 percent effort makes him the purest distributor in the history of the NBA.

    Stay crazy my friends.

13. Carlos Arroyo Grabs the Mic

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    Appearing like the next Pitbull, Puerto Rican-baller Carlos Arroyo has the background-head-bobbing-with-an-occasional-punchline-thrown-in-for-effect mastered.

    Just wait for the chorus...wait for it...uh, uh,, turn my headphones up (content warning).

12. Gilbert Arenas Is an Achiever

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    Mandatory video game sessions during halftime? Sold.

    There's little Gilbert Arenas can't do. Weatherman, President of the United States, Hibachi chef, hardwood superstar.

    Every moment with Agent Zero is memorable.

11. Chaz Hine Gets Vocal

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    After he's finished pounding 300-pound gargantuan men on the professional gridiron, new Buccaneer and former USF stud Chaz Hine should probably consider a career on Broadway.

    We can only hope this vocal phenom soothes his teammates with his rhythmic prowess before and after every battle.

10. Chris Bosh Changes Careers

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    He may have been better off as a snarling velociraptor, but either way we appreciate Chris Bosh's wide array of talents.

    The quintessential used car salesman may have just earned our vote for the 2008 All-Star Game.

    Oh wait.

9. Danilo Gallinari Makes Beyonce Proud

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    Al Harrington's added credits mesh perfectly with Danilo Gallinari's worldly vocals. It's musical mastery.

    It's easy to see why Gallo quickly became a fan favorite during his time in the Big Apple.

    Yeah, it's time for a return to New York.

8. Pacman Jones Packs Them in

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    This pro bowl-caliber cornerback has rubbed many the wrong way during his short stint in the NFL.

    But Adam Jones' returning ability and overall talent can never be questioned. He's currently rebuilding his reputation in Cincinnati.

7. Alex Tanney Forces the NFL to Believe

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    With a NCAA-record 157 touchdown passes, few would expect former Monmouth College signal caller Alex Tanney to not get a shot on the professional gridiron.

    But evidently it took Alex Tanney's viral super-human-accuracy video to impress scouts, before the beleaguered Chiefs gave him a shot.

    The sky is the limit, now let's see what he can do after several hits from Patrick Willis.

6. Tiger Woods Kills Time

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    As if this is even a surprise.

    Tiger Woods is always one with his 9-iron.

5. Bronson Arroyo's Vocal Brilliance

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    He's even approached John Rzeznik's epic mane for extra effect it seems.

    After winning the World Series with the Red Sox in '04, Bronson Arroyo evidently felt it was time to release his debut album Covering the Bases (2005).

    The quirky hurler is known for his high leg kick and occasional corn rows on the mound, and his memorable song covers away from it.  

4. Tony Gonzalez Introduces His Little Friend

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    And you can bet he always tells the truth, even when he lies.

    This generation's best tight end is not only a master of Tony Montana impersonations, but he's also been seen paying tribute to a legendary anchorman.

    I'm Tony Gonzalez?

3. Josh Womack's Historic Bat Flip

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    Drafted in '02, released in '08, resurfaced in '09.

    Former Mariners second-round pick Josh Womack didn't quite find consistent success as an outfielder beyond Class A, but finally garnered some appreciation in 2009 when he found the ability to paint this epic masterpiece with his bat.

    The cookie-cutter smile completes the cheerful performance.

2. J.P. Arencibia Plays Analyst

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    Blue Jays catcher Jonathan Paul Arencibia may not usually garner much attention outside of the Toronto area, but this impersonation should keep him relevant for a long time.

    High-pitched squeak? Check. Awkward, yet friendly demeanor? Check. Stoic, yet somehow emotional tones? Super check.

    Even ESPN analyst Tim Kurkjian himself would lose to Arencibia in another Kurkjian impression contest.

1. Kevin-Prince Boateng's Two-Step

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    He sports a perfect culmination of Michael Jackson's loose feet and Ne-Yo's signature fedora. He is the legendary Ghanaian footballer Kevin-Prince Boateng.

    We haven't witnessed a moon walk like this since Neil Armstrong in '69. Epic.