Top 20 Worst Baseball Card Photos of All Time

Jeremy Sickel@ IIIJune 7, 2012

Top 20 Worst Baseball Card Photos of All Time

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    There weren’t a whole lot of guarantees in life as a kid, other than school, fun summers and boring winters. If you were anything like me though, there was one thing that translated to year-round amusement: collecting trading cards (specifically baseball).

    A lot of the money I earned mowing lawns, raking leaves and shoveling snow quickly changed form into packs of cardboard-backed photos and a stick of stiff chewing gum wrapped in a wax wrapper.

    It was all about the name on the front and the stats on the back (can’t forget the fun facts either) when I hoarding my favorite cards, so the actual picture didn’t really matter all that much.

    But as the years go by, and I dig my collection out of the boxes and binders to reminisce, I can’t help but laugh at some of the players of old and how goofy they looked. Whether the photo was staged or impromptu, some are just plain awful.

    Obviously, these are up for debate, so please leave comments with your suggestions.

    In no particular order, here are the 20 worst baseball card photos of all-time.

Bill Pecota

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    There has to be an infield full of kids out there screaming “hey batter, batter, batter, batter…swing”. And as the highlight shows up on SportsCenter, you hear Dan Patrick mutter “with the whiff.”

Wally Moon

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    This provokes mass curiosity in anticipation of Kentucky freshman Anthony Davis’ debut on a trading card. Holy unibrow!

Brian Harper

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    Hey Brian, Zack Morris called. He wants his phone back.

Glenn Hubbard

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    Who knew that Britney Spears would draw inspiration from a portly, backwoodsman-like middle infielder?

Jeff Bagwell

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    Jeff Bagwell played a long, productive career for the Houston Astros, but who knew they brought in Glamour Shots to take photos of their players.

Rex Hudler

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    Rex Hudler must be bracing himself for his future broadcasting career.

Lowell Palmer

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    Found this headshot that Lowell Palmer sent in for a part in Men in Black.

Ken Phelps

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    “Hi, my name is Ken. Of what assistance can I be to you today at Office Max?”

Oscar Gamble

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    “Flies in the sugar bowl, shoo shoo shoo! Flies in the sugar bowl, shoo shoo shoo! Flies in the sugar bowl, shoo shoo shoo! Skip to my Lou, my darling.”

Mike Armstrong

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    “Hi, I’m Mike. Is this your first time doing speed dating?”

Keith Comstock

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    What can be said here, other than to just keep your eyes on the ball?

Jay Johnstone

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    How many of you are thinking what I’m thinking?

    Where can I find this umbrella hat?

Doug Drabek

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    What an awesome promotion!

    Doug Drabek showed up on babushka doll night at Comiskey and performed the river dance on the mound for everyone.

Warren Brusstar

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    “Seriously, give me back my lucky pencil or I’m telling coach.”

Lenn Sakata

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    "Just let your soul glo baby, feelin’ oh so silky smooth. Just let it shine through yeah, just let your soul glo."

Al Hrabosky

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    If there was ever a movie made about the life of the Mad Hungarian, Will Ferrell is a shoe-in for lead role.

Sammy Sosa

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    Sammy, please say it ain’t so(sa)!

Rodney Craig

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    “I know it doesn’t expire for one more year, but can I please take another?”

Pete Ladd

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    Weird Al Yankovic leaves a lot to the imagination, but the fact that he played baseball never crossed my mind.

Randy McCament

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    “Hey, hey…that chick in the green tank top is totally checking me out.”

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