10 Worst NHL Logos of All Time

Bobby Kittleberger@robertwilliam9Correspondent IJune 4, 2012

10 Worst NHL Logos of All Time

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    If you ignore the history and heritage behind some of hockey's artwork, you might not be left with much to appreciate. The NHL has gone through a lot of logos over the years, and while some of them have sentimental value, they aren't all great to look at.

    While I don't seek to undermine the classic appeal some of these teams are trying to maintain, I will seek to ignore it. This article is meant to examine some of the worst logo designs of all time regardless of how the logo may be connected to their respective team's history.

    Thus, the hockey logos in this article are considered to be completely autonomous.

    Deciding what exactly makes a good logo is pretty subjective, although there have been plenty of designs over the years that most people can agree are downright atrocious. I've sifted out what I believe to be the ten worst of the bunch.

    Enjoy, and please feel free to offer your own thoughts and commentary, since it has already been stated that this topic is highly subjective.

10. Pittsburgh Penguins: 1992-2002

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    Besides just being a strange, lifeless triangular penguin, the worst thing about this logo is that it gives the eerie suspicion that the Penguins were trying to model their logo after that of their in-state rival, the Philadelphia Flyers.

    Also, if you're going to name your team after an animal and make that animal's face a part of the logo, you have to give it more personality then this.

    Pittsburgh could not have made this Penguin less threatening if they tried.

9. LA Kings: 2011-2012

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    The appeal of the jersey around this logo might give it some staying power. However the logo taken by itself is just incredibly strange.

    Why the two separated shapes? Would a solid shield have looked even worse? It's also a bit odd to see the Kings' old logo used in the center of this conglomerate.

    If you're going to design a new logo, than come full circle. Don't just take your old one and put it inside of a box with slightly different lettering around it.

8: Nashville Predators: 2004-2007

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    The jersey that housed this awful image often gets labeled as one of the worst of the modern era. I would argue that the blame is to be cast at the feet of the logo and not the jersey itself.

    What makes this even more painful is how good Nashville's other logos are. Every logo the team has deployed has actually been very appealing. Throwing this one in the middle of it just seemed very strange. It's a more cartoon-looking, less sophisticated version of Nashville's original saber-toothed cat crest.

    It stuck around for awhile on the Predator's third jersey but hasn't been seen since the 2006-2007 season.

7. Ottawa Senators: 1992-2007

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    Despite its convenient circular shape, this logo doesn't have much going for it. The actual Senator's face in the middle of the logo, though a brave attempt, falls flat.

    With little personality and almost completely nonthreatening, this logo has a lot to learn from the one that eventually replaced it.

6: Anaheim Ducks: 2007-2012

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    The problem here is more symmetrical than anything else. The Ducks would have a logo with the webbed "D" all on its own. However they chose to finish out the word "Ducks" and ended up making their logo just too wide.

    The result is a crest that actually looks too small on their jersey, If they wanted to go this route, they should have simplified it like the Dallas Stars did and just gone with a baseball-style city or name across the front of their sweater.

    They obviously did not; therefore, the "D" should eventually become their primary logo, dropping the rest of the lettering, similar to how they used it on their current third jersey.

5: Boston Bruins: 1995-2006

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    It should be abundantly clear by now that animal logos are a tough sell. Even if the idea is good, it's rare to get a design that can be taken seriously while still maintaining the imagery of the animal being represented.

    This one is no exception.

    Here we have, perhaps, the opposite of the problem had by the 90s Penguin logo. This is just, plain and simple, a bear. No hockey or Boston necessary, just a bear.

    He kind of reminds me of Smokey the Bear, and for some reason, I can't look at this picture without thinking that this guy looks like he might be able to smell a pic-a-nic basket.

4: Dallas Stars: 2003-2006

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    All you need to know about this logo is that to find it, I went to Google images and typed in "Dallas Stars uterus logo."

    Obviously the designer never thought of this, and you know what, that's no fault of the designer. Who thinks about that anyway? As if that's some sort of a best-practices step to take when designing logos: "Make sure it doesn't resemble a uterus".

    Either way, once it's pointed out, it's hard to ignore.The idea itself is kind of cool, although next time, they should consider using a different constellation.

3: California Golden Seals: 1967-1970

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    While this logo was designed many years ago, without much of the technology that graphic designers have at their disposal today, it's still horrendous by almost any standard.

    Perhaps it's difficult to work with a seal concept to begin with. They have no real shape or definition of their own, which is certainly reflected in this logo. At first glance it's hard to tell whether you're looking at a fish, or a half-peeled banana.

    At the end of the day, at least the "C" and hockey stick clear things up. We know it's hockey, and we know it's based in California.

2: Chicago Blackhawks: Early Years and 2009-2012

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    This is probably where the heritage debate may come in to play, but again, I'm judging these logos based on their own merit and ignoring the jersey, team and history surrounding them.

    With that fresh in our minds, this logo is basically a 2nd grade kid's drawing. If my child brought this home, I would be thrilled to tack it onto my refrigerator and admire it for years on end.

    Needless to say, my desire and willingness to plaster it onto a professional hockey jersey would be less than zero. How it was ever considered a good idea to bring this back for the Winter Classic is beyond me.

1: LA Kings: 1995

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    It's hard to believe that anyone ever looked at this Burger King-worthy piece of art and decided to put it on an NHL team's uniform. Nevertheless, someone did, which lands this logo the number one spot on my list.

    It almost looks like a 2D graphic from an old video game. It's flat, far too purple and failing in its attempt to look tough and threatening. Perhaps a little more work and detail could have saved this concept, but in all honesty, it looks like someone spent about 15 minutes designing this or that they just pulled it off a clip art website.

    Thankfully, this logo only lasted one season, though most would agree it was one season too many.


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