WWE Raw Results from April 16, 2012

Vincent StephensContributor IIIApril 17, 2012

CM Punk vs. Mark Henry
CM Punk vs. Mark Henry

The show opened with Justin Roberts announcing the first match, CM Punk vs. Mark Henry. This is a title match with no disqualifications and no count-outs.

Match 1: CM Punk vs. Mark Henry

Before CM Punk came out, Mark Henry was in the ring and waiting to attack.

After the bell rang, CM Punk had the offense giving Mark Henry a series of kicks. Mark Henry stopped CM Punk and slammed him into the canvas. Mark began to stomp on CM Punk and kicked him out of the ring.

Mark exited the ring and CM Punk quickly got back into the ring. CM Punk started to run the ropes and hit Mark Henry with a suicide dive through the ropes, taking Mark down. Mark Henry picked CM Punk and threw him into the barricade like a rag doll.

CM Punk jumped on top of the barricade and ran across it before giving Mark Henry a clothesline. CM Punk gave Mark Henry a few kicks on the ground. CM Punk jumped from the apron but Mark Henry caught him and slung him back into the barricade.

After the commercial break, we saw Mark Henry stopping CM Punk from making a comeback. Mark Henry dropped CM Punk to the canvas for the second time and stood on CM Punk’s ribcage. CM Punk got out of the ring and brought a steel chair into play and beat Mark Henry with it. CM Punk covered for a two-count.

CM Punk grabbed the steel chair again and proceeded to hit Mark Henry with it, but Mark kicked Punk in the stomach. Mark Henry then grabbed the chair and hit CM Punk in the back. Mark then proceeded to put the chair in the corner and wedged it between the ropes.

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Mark Henry tried to ram CM Punk’s head into the chair, but CM Punk used his foot to stop Mark. He then proceeded to beat the crap out of Mark in the corner. Mark Henry stopped CM Punk from getting the offense yet again.

John Cena loses to Lord Tensai
John Cena loses to Lord Tensai

Mark Henry applied a bear hug, but CM Punk was able to break it. CM Punk hit Mark with a DDT and covered for a two-count. CM Punk jumped off the top rope, but Mark Henry caught him. Mark Henry went for the World’s Strongest Slam, but CM Punk quickly countered and kicked Mark Henry in the head. Mark Henry made it to the corner, and CM Punk gave him a high knee.

CM Punk went for the bulldog, but Mark shoved him across the ring. Mark Henry charged CM Punk but he moved out of the way and Mark Henry’s head slammed into the chair. CM Punk got the chair and climbed to the top rope. He jumped off and hit Mark with a steel-chair elbow drop that won the match.

Out of nowhere, Chris Jericho appeared on the JumboTron. It looked like Jericho was in a bar. He told CM Punk that he pulled some strings and was granted a WWE Championship match that would take place at Extreme Rules. He said that the match will be a Chicago Street Fight match.

CM Punk pointed out what he did to Mark Henry and said “It is no longer about being the best in the world, it’s about kicking your ass.” Chris Jericho then told CM Punk to show up to their Extreme Rules match sober. Chris showed footage from earlier in the day before the match. The footage showed CM Punk entering a pub and then leaving a short time later.

Chris Jericho then asked CM Punk if he was drunk. CM Punk told Jericho to come out to the ring and smell his breath to see if he smelled of alcohol. CM Punk stated that he was only eating fish and chips with a buddy of his at the pub.

Chris Jericho said that CM Punk was traveling down a path of alcoholism like his father and continued to run CM Punk down. Chris Jericho told CM Punk that he will lose the last thing he has, which is the WWE Championship.

Match 2: Santino Marella vs. David Otunga

David Otunga started the match by giving Santino Marella a power slam. David Otunga gave Santino Marella some forearm shots and an elbow shot. David covered for a two-count. Santino dropped down but David kicked him in the head.

Otunga hit Santino Marella with his finishing move and covered Santino for a three-count, however, the referee saw Santino’s foot on the rope. Santino Marella quickly jumped up and hit David Otunga with the cobra for the win.

When the show came back from the commercial break, they showed the Brock Lesnar promo. Brock Lesnar talked about his past and how he has always been dominant over his opponents. Brock Lesnar also talked about his first debut with WWE eight years ago and then going on to become a UFC Champion. We saw photos highlighting Brock Lesnar’s UFC career.

Brock Lesnar talked about his return and how he will legitimize the WWE. Brock said that they are tired of John Cena’s bullcrap. Brock said that John Cena only has the spot as the face of the company because he left eight years ago.

Brock Lesnar went on to say that if he had stayed in the WWE, John Cena would be carrying his bags. Brock said that John Cena is afraid and their Extreme Rules match will not be a wrestling match at all. Brock then said that he is not a WWE superstar, but an ass kicker. Brock said that beating the crap out of people makes him happy.

Match 3: Zack Ryder vs. Kane

Kane dominated the match. Kane attacked Zack Ryder and kicked him off the apron. Kane worked him over on the ground and brought Zack Ryder back into the ring for a chokeslam. Zack Ryder looked to be passed out but the bell never rang to end the match.

Kane got a microphone and started talking about Randy Orton and his dad laid out on Smackdown this past week. Kane said like father like son, Randy Orton and his father both went down without putting up a fight. Kane’s music started and he exited the ring.

After the show returned from commercial break, John Cena made his way out to the ring. They showed replays of John Cena’s recent encounters with Brock Lesnar. John Cena said that the footage was interesting.

John Cena then went on about how John Laurinaitis was there every time he was attacked by Brock Lesnar. John then goes on and on about Brock Lesnar and John Laurinaitis.

John Cena also stated that all Brock Lesnar stands for is destruction, domination and pain. John Cena said that Brock Lesnar does not care who he runs through. John Cena said that Brock Lesnar is not coming to Extreme Rules to win, because he has already won everything there is to win.

John Cena stated that Brock Lesnar was right about him being afraid. John Cena said that he will fight April 29, 2012. John Laurinaitis came out and interrupted John Cena.

John Laurinaitis told John Cena that he was going to have an Extreme Rules match later tonight but would not tell Cena who his opponent was.

Match 4: Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan hit a dropkick to Kofi Kingston in the corner. Daniel Bryan dropped a knee to Kofi Kingston’s head and held it there.

Daniel Bryan kept control over Kofi Kingston and took him back to the canvas to wear him down. Kofi Kingston fought out of a hold and hit Daniel Bryan with a high elbow to the face. Daniel Bryan dropped Kofi Kingston on the ground.

Daniel jumped off the apron, but Kingston moved. Kofi jumped up to the corner and took Daniel Bryan out on the ground with a crossbody.

Daniel Bryan dropped Kofi Kingston in the corner. The match went back and forth for a few minutes. Kofi went for the Trouble in Paradise but Daniel blocked it. Daniel went for the Yes Lock but Kofi blocked it.

Kofi connected with the SOS but could not get the win. Daniel Bryan went for a superplex off the top rope but Kofi knocked him to the canvas. Kofi came off the top rope with a crossbody but Daniel rolled out of the way. Daniel finally got Kofi with the Yes Lock (formerly the LeBell Lock) and Kofi tapped out.

Match 5: Dolph Ziggler vs. Brodus Clay

As soon as the bell rang, Dolph Ziggler tried for a dropkick. Brodus Clay grabbed Dolph Ziggler and tossed him across the ring. Jack Swagger tried to pull Dolph Ziggler to safety but Brodus Clay stopped him.

Jack Swagger got brought into the ring and Brodus Clay took care of both of them. Vickie got on the apron and argued with Brodus Clay.

Brodus Clay’s dancers got into it with Vickie. Vickie knocked one of them to the ground. Vickie decided to get into the ring and Brodus Clay started jiggling in front of her. Vickie turned around and got pushed down by Naomi. Vickie left the ring screaming. Brodus Clay and the dancers did a dance to end the match.

Match 6: The Great Khali & Big Show vs. Epico & Primo

This non-title match started with Abraham Washington watching the match from the entrance ramp. The Great Khali manhandled the tag team champions and chopped Primo with a big shot to the head and a big boot. Rosa grabbed the title belts and Epico and Primo went to leave the match.

Big Show grabbed them and brought them back into the ring with The Great Khali. Big Show hit a chokeslam while The Great Khali hit the Punjabi Plunge and they covered for a double pin and won the match.

Match 7: John Cena vs. Lord Tensai

When the bell rang, Lord Tensai went to work on John Cena. John managed to block a suplex twice. John Cena hit Lord Tensai with a suplex but it had no effect at all. Lord Tensai got back to his feet and hit John Cena with a clothesline.

Lord Tensai got control back and whipped John Cena into the opposite corner. Lord Tensai continued beating John Cena around the ring and hit a big splash in the corner.

John Cena got down on the ground and Lord Tensai followed. They fought and Lord Tensai whipped John Cena into the steel steps. Lord Tensai was looking to powerbomb John Cena but John Cena back-dropped Lord Tensai.

John Cena picked up the steel steps and hit Lord Tensai over the head. John Cena brought the fight back into the ring. Lord Tensai grabbed John Cena for a double-underhook suplex. Lord Tensai covered for a two-count. Lord Tensai continued the assault on John Cena.

John Cena finally made a comeback and took Lord Tensai down. John Cena went for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle but Lord Tensai got up and chopped John Cena down. Lord Tensai hit John Cena with the big back splash and covered for another two-count. Lord Tensai dropped down on John Cena’s arm and applied an arm bar.

John Cena broke free and applied the STF on Lord Tensai. David Otunga hit the ring so John Cena gave David Otunga an Attitude Adjustment. John Cena turned around to a green mist from Lord Tensai. Lord Tensai hit John Cena with the sit-down powerbomb for the victory.

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